Sunday, 17 January 2016

Romantic Suspense Perfection Released

I have just released Perfection, an 80,000 word Romantic Suspense/Thriller on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.  At the centre of the novel about a medical conspiracy is a relationship between two wealthy American male twins and a woman they share between them unknown to her. This story was the original version of The Rescue. I decided to release it because even though you might have read The Rescue you can also read this one because it is an original book in its own right. They are so very different. I hope you enjoy it.  Check out the blurb and an excerpt below.

Perfection Blurb

Perfection is the first version of The Rescue by Arabella Kingsley and is an original story in its own right.

When a missing English News Reporter is found alive she is forced to confront the reality of her relationship with two wealthy handsome American identical twins, Jason & Kieran Alexander.  Unknown to Rebecca they have been sharing her between them before she married Jason.  Neither brother is willing to let her go and a fight to possess her for themselves ignites a war between the two men.

However, Rebecca has a more pressing problem.  She has to uncover a medical conspiracy to illegally harvest stolen human organs from kidnapped donors resulting in murder.

Both Jason and Kieran are determined to protect her from the man who will stop at nothing to prevent her from bringing the medical criminals to justice and they engage in an uneasy truce to do so effectively.  But as Rebecca delves deeper in to the conspiracy she uncovers a dangerous truth that will affect her relationship with the brothers forever and a choice must be made.

Rebecca looked down at Kieran as he sat silent in the chair.  He was staring at the opposite wall but she knew his mind was somewhere else.  His eyes were full of tears, the attractive lines that marked his maturity were creased with pain and she could tell he was fighting to hold his emotion in check.  She was trembling, somehow she knew he was screaming inside.  She could feel his rage boiling inside him, reaching out to her ever since she had told him of the torture and Quayle.  She felt afraid, she took two, three steps back from him, shaking with fear.  He stood up quickly making her jump.  She took another few steps back.  His eyes were red now, her shaking increased, terrified of his mood, his judgement, how he was going to handle it.  He ran his hands through his hair, then she heard him growl.  

She backed away towards the door frightened, men frightened her now she could remember, even him.  She had expected a reaction, but she was afraid, somehow it could be taken out on her, even though she knew it would hurt him to know that she could deem it possible that he was capable of committing violence against her..  But she didn’t trust any man now.  She couldn’t take any more violence, she didn’t think this time she would cope.  Kieran’s fist shot out and punched a hole in the wall.  She jumped and let out a sob of fear.  Then he turned towards her.  She bolted reading the expression of fury on his face.  She heard a car screech up on the gravel as she ran across the landing.  Her mind was racing, chaotic, she shouldn’t have told him, shouldn’t have told anyone, shouldn’t have remembered.  He couldn’t handle it, she couldn’t either.  She couldn’t breathe.  Her mind was filled with pain.  She wanted to run as far away as she possibly could from it. 

She heard the door of a car slam noisily as she cleared the stairs aware that Kieran was calling her name and running after her.  She opened the door of the house the screaming in her head getting louder.  She ran straight into Jason.  He caught hold of her arms, asking her what was wrong.  She pushed him hard to get out of the way and managed to break free.  Her mind was losing touch with reality, everything was spinning.  Before she knew what was happening she was falling to her knees and screaming her torment out into the darkening air.  It was a scream of anger and frustration.  At first she didn’t realise it was emanating from deep within her lungs but reality slowly dawned as she stopped to catch her breath and started again.  She didn’t know if she could stop.  Two arms took hold of her and pulled her to his chest and squeezed her tightly to him.  She fought at first but the grip was tight and firm.  Still she struggled until she felt another pair of arms hold her shoulders and rub her back pressing his head against her.  Both brothers held her tightly riding the wave of emotion with her, holding her struggles at bay until the wave began to smooth out and the screaming stopped.  She slumped exhausted with her anger between them.

“I’m so tired,” was all she could manage to say in the smallest of whispers.

They both rested their heads against her own.  Jason was still rubbing her back, Kieran was still holding her tight brushing her curled hair away from her forehead.

Jason brushed the side of her jaw lightly and gently turned her to face him.

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