Friday, 4 December 2015

New Sexy Thriller, The Liberator Released

The fast paced action packed romantic suspense full length novel, Gabriel Malinov: The Liberator is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

2016 Gabriel Malinov is a handsome Dominant Russian spy working for Interpol's new secret Military Intelligence Division, Interdéfense created after the Paris Terror Attacks in 2015 to combat the worldwide terrorist threat from I. S. and organized crime. His brief is to protect a beautiful feisty English journalist who uncovers an I. S. plot in a refugee camp to terrorise European cities. Malinov is captivated by Antonia's bravery and her fragile submissive nature and a passionate affair between them begins.

I am hoping to be able to do a series of novels about this character.

Read a short excerpt below.  

Publisher's Note:  Please note this book is a thriller containing some elements of BDSM and anal sex.

Gabriel Malinov: The Liberator

“Shhh,” he whispered.  “You are beautiful.  He couldn’t take that away from you.  You are safe with me.  I won’t ever hurt you.”

He let go of her face and breast and moved down her body to kiss her bruised thighs with feather light kisses.  At first she was quiet but when his kisses began to brush the delicate petal shaped folds of her pussy she purred.  Gabriel ran his tongue over the small bud bobbing in the center of her vagina and stroked one of his fingers around it.  She was soaking wet.  He sucked at the bud teasing it back and forth carefully between his teeth prepared to stop if her body tensed. 

Malinov debated whether or not he should attempt to enter her with one finger.  To test the water he circled the tip of his digit around the entrance.  It told him everything he needed to know.

Antonia sat up on the bed.

“No, I can’t.  I’m sorry I can’t.  Not there.  I’m sorry.”

She tried to get up and away from him but he climbed over her again taking gentle hold of her wrists and lowered her back down on the bed beneath him determined he was going to make this work.  He wasn’t going to let the terrorist come between them again and continue to terrorize her mind anymore.

“There is another way,” he said softly kissing her.  He lifted his head wanting an agreement from her.

She looked up at him and for a moment searched his eyes.  He made sure she saw warm love and safety.  Convinced she reached up with her lips to enclose them over his.  Satisfied she had given her answer he took her mouth hard and control away form her again.  He turned her over and lifted her on to all fours by her hips, surprising her by giving her two gentle slaps across her bottom.

“Legs, wider,” he firmly instructed.

With a seductive pleasured cry she did as she was told, exposing her dark puckered entrance and did not rebuke him.  With another slap of his hand against her buttock he guided her backwards to the edge of the bed and helped arrange her in the position he wanted her to adopt.  It was apparent she loved being told what to do.  Gabriel smiled to himself.  The feisty journalist was actually a natural submissive in bed and perfect for him.  She fired his natural Dominant ardor to boiling point.

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