Thursday, 31 December 2015

Forthcoming New Book Release For 2016

I am visiting family at the moment but I will be back writing full time on Tuesday next week. The next book to come out is the story about the sexy Dominant Lord Guy Playfair who owns a castle and a secret Park housing beautiful exotic women from the fairy realms that only rich male Dominants can view and indulge themselves with on Hamilton Island in Scotland. But his private world is thrown in to chaos by a female who poses as a male and bluffs her way on to the island. He quickly discovers her disguise and her natural submissive tendencies when she is made to experience the delights of the Park first hand as one of the women. Lord Playfair finds himself falling in love with his captive. He learns her mother was from the fairy realm and of her aristocratic fairy heritage and will do everything to protect her when the brute of a man she is to be given in marriage to against her will comes to collect her.
While you are waiting for this one and the new Daddy's Rules . . . .

Check out my very sexy short story The Teacher.  A Dominant teaches two beautiful twin sisters there error of their ways with a spanking and a lesson in submission.

And my bestselling erotic twist on the fairytale Beauty & The Beast in Given To The Beast.

The sexy erotic romantic thriller, Gabriel Malinov: The Liberator,

and finally the first part in my erotic menage suspense story, All Mine

Thank you all of those who have supported my work in 2015 and either bought or downloaded my novels.  Have a great New Year!  Watch out for the list of books I will be writing in the New Year!

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