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Conquering Sabrina & A Gothic Victorian Romance For Halloween.

Just to let you know that Conquering Sabrina, one of the first Erotic/Spanking Romances I wrote for Stormy Night Publications is now on sale.  Check out the blurb below.  Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo & All Romance Books.  Also on and other Amazon sites.

Conquering Sabrina

Sabrina has built a new life for herself as a respected historian in the ten years since she woke up in a London hospital badly beaten and with no memory of her identity or her past. When her work takes her to the historic French chateau of a wealthy, powerful man by the name of Raoul Valoire, however, her new life begins to unravel without warning.

It starts with dreams—or are they memories—of a life with Raoul. But these dreams don’t show any life that the proud, independent Sabrina would ever have imagined for herself. They reveal a young woman deeply in love, but they also reveal a husband willing to strip his feisty wife naked and spank her. Worse, they show a wife who, as much as she may fight it at first, ultimately submits to her husband’s firm discipline and fierce lovemaking.

In spite of the dreams, most of Sabrina’s memories still fail to return, even after Raoul informs her that she was indeed his wife until she disappeared ten years ago, and tells her that he has searched for her and longed for her return every day since. Confused and in need of space, Sabrina prepares to flee the chateau, but Raoul makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he will not lose her again, even if that means using his power and connections, and if necessary his firm hand applied to her bare bottom, to keep her by his side.

Knight of Swords is the first book in my Gothic Victorian Vampire Romance set in London. (Non-Erotica).  If you love dark tales filled with romance and a rich handsome Vampire Lord & Knight ready to do battle with demons to protect his Queen and the woman he loves, then this one is for you.  Check out the blurb and a small excerpt below.  Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.  Also on and other Amazon sites.

Knight of Swords

England, 1893,  

Lord Nathan Valancourt is handsome, stinking rich and only twenty-one. His life is an endless stream of parties with London’s social elite, young women and leisure. 

He has never believed in the supernatural but a vampire begins to haunt his dreams, forcing him to watch the real life murders of his female conquests. Horrified, Nathan decides to change his beliefs and vow to mend his frivolous ways. 

When the vampire turns his attention to Lord Valancourt’s beautiful eighteen year old ward, Juliet, whom he has been appointed to be guardian to in his dying uncle’s place, he is fiercely determined to protect her. 

As Nathan and Juliet battle the monster they gradually realize they share a strong psychic connection. This close bond triggers a surprise discovery about their true heritage. 

Armed with a myriad of psychic gifts and other supernatural powers, victory seems assured but success always comes at a price. Will the young lovers be able to bond and cement their relationship or will one of them have to pay the ultimate price to protect the other? 

Knight of Swords Excerpt

Had my heart still lived it would surely have burst with the surge of adrenaline pulsing around my veins.  My eyes flicked back and forth from one opponent to the other.  With a more concerted effort, I pushed back at the man seated on his horse, but he was a large man with much weight behind him.  He refused to yield.  I stole a glance ahead at the hearse as it moved further away, and another back at the onrushing rider with his sword ready to strike.  I had to make a move before my head was taken.  But what to do?
The solution was given to me.  Byron Lysander appeared from nowhere, cleanly beheading the approaching hybrid.
I nodded at him, still struggling with the heavy man.  Byron laughed, ‘My pleasure.  I love a good fight.  So glad I could join the party.’  He lifted his sword to engage another hybrid.
I needed to get to the carriage.  I kicked at my horse’s flank, then twisted my left knee into its shoulder.  The horse responded, turning sharply to the right, giving me the leverage I needed to unbalance my opponent.  He reeled backwards.  With a final sharp shove, he fell sideways from his horse.  I slapped the animal’s rump.  The horse ran off leaving the man unshielded from me.  
He was attempting to stand, dazed.  He saw me circling towards him on my horse and reached for his sword that lay on the ground beside him.  I quickly leaned to place my blade at his throat.  He froze still, then dropped his weapon.  He put his shaking hand out, begging me to stop.
‘No, please.  I don’t want to die.’                                        
There was real fear in his eyes.  But I could feel no sympathy for his plight.
‘Why should I spare the life of a traitor to our Queen and our people?  The penalty is death.  I do not bestow mercy upon those guilty of treason.’
His eyes widened with horror as I raised my sword.  I brought it crashing down upon the side of his neck, severing his meaty head from his shoulders.  It left me with a surge of satisfaction.
Byron was close by my side once more.
‘I need to get to the hearse,’ I told him.
Byron grinned.  ‘Understood.  Dylan and I will clear a path for you.’
The brothers took great glee in fending off the hybrids that came in my direction so I could concentrate on the business at hand; rescuing the girl.  It seemed to be effortless to them.  I couldn’t help wondering in what past encounters they had gained such effective skill.
I sheathed my sword and lowered my head so that I could ride more effectively.  I left the battle behind to pursue the hearse.  It was nearing the end of the long beach, close to reaching the caves.  I was running out of time.
My horse did not let me down.  We caught up and pulled alongside the front of the carriage.  The coachman’s nose and mouth were covered by a black scarf to hide his identity.  His eyes glared at me as I made to reach for him.  He cracked his whip at the horses.  The hearse lurched forward in a futile attempt to escape.  I caught hold of the seat and pulled myself across.  For a brief moment my body dangled precariously over the side as the carriage swayed under my weight.  I thought I may drop to become trampled under the wheels.  Using my strength, I managed to pull myself up before the coachman could attack me.
The man aimed the whip at me, but I ducked to avoid its lash.  I stood up on the seat to tackle him.  He was human, easy to overcome.  I dug my sharp incisors swiftly into his throat, ripping it away.  I tossed his dead body over the side and picked up the reins, forcing the horses to slow.  We came to a hurried stop just before we hit the rocks at the end of the bay.
I wiped the blood from my mouth, wishing I had more time to savour it.  I was hungry after the fight.  Jumping down, I hurried to the back of the hearse to free the girl from the coffin.  Byron, Dylan, and the others raced towards me on horseback, the hybrid army successfully dealt with.  I pulled the coffin out to rest it on the sand and levered the lid off the mahogany casket to reveal the sobbing, hysterical girl inside.
I slipped one hand under her head of golden curls and the other under her back, gently lifting her up.  At first she railed against me for her life, but I could only feel relief that I had saved her from Sebastian’s repulsive touch and murder.  I quickly undid her bonds to pull her into my arms, holding her tightly in the hope of giving her comfort.  Her fists beat against me as she cried into my shoulder.  I hushed her with gentle words of reassurance that she was now safe as I guided her out of the coffin.  Barely clothed, she was shivering in the chilly air.  I removed my coat to place it around her.  It swamped her slight body, serving to heighten her vulnerability.  She slumped against me, the fright of her ordeal taking its toll.  I swept the half fainting girl up into my arms as I waited for Dylan to bring his horse to a halt in front of me.
I looked down at the girl who could not have been more than twenty.  Her countenance was pretty and alluring.  She was just the sort of young woman I would have chased and taken to bed once upon a time back in London.   Now the only woman I wanted in my bed and by my side was my beautiful Juliet.
I found my eyes drawn to the girl’s slender, pale throat.  Her head was thrown back over my arm in her fainting spell, displaying its fragility to full affect.  I moistened my lips with my tongue watching her tiny pulse beat as her blood called to me like a siren.  It was a while since I had last taken a satisfying amount of blood, and the hearse driver had whetted my appetite.  I needed to feed.  I fought the craving hard, but could not tear my eyes from her throat.  I would be damned if I would use her in so bad a fashion.  I was not Sebastian.  I would not cause her any further distress.
‘Hungry?’ Dylan said to me.  I turned, startled to find him on his horse in front of me.  He was grinning, raising his eyebrows with amusement at the guilty look on my face that betrayed my thoughts.  ‘What a tasty morsel you have there.  I fed already.  Why don’t I take her from you before you do something you will regret?’
I nodded with relief as he dismounted.  I handed the girl to him.
‘I will give her to one of the men.  He will take her to safety.  I want to be in this battle with Sebastian,’ he informed me.
‘Good.  I would like to have you at my side.’
He appeared surprised at my compliment, but pleased.  He nodded, handing the girl to his man.
I turned towards the rocks.  The entrance to the caves loomed just beyond them, dark and foreboding.  The cliffs towered above.  Dylan, Jason, and Gabriel came to stand beside me.
‘Juliet must already be inside the caves.  We can’t let Sebastian join with our Queen.  Whatever it takes, we will stop him, gentlemen,’ I informed them.
They nodded.

‘Whatever it takes,’ Jason repeated. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Dominic Kane: The Rescue Audiobook

I am getting very excited!  The audiobook for my bestselling Five Star Romantic Suspense/Military Thriller, Dominic Kane: The Rescue is nearly ready.  This is the first time I have collaborated with a producer to create an audiobook of one of my novels and if it is successful I will be creating ones for my other novels.

I am also waiting on a Ytube trailer for this book and once I have everything I will post the links.  In the meantime, check out the blurb of the Ebook available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited and watch this space!

If you want to learn more about my Mystery, Suspense & Thriller Novels please go to my new blog, Arabella Kingsley Novels

Dominic Kane: The Rescue

Award winning journalist Rebecca Eaton crosses the closed border of a troubled Asian country to interview a Human Rights activist and known terrorist. Three days later, after her reported mysterious disappearance, she turns up at the border tortured, beaten, minus her memory and one kidney. When an attempt is made on her life in hospital, her employer sends Eaton's estranged ex-lover and security expert Dominic Kane to bring her safely home at his insistence. 

Kane wants Rebecca back and jumps at the chance to make her realise she walked out on a good thing. But before he can guide her back in to the safety of his arms, he has to help her retrieve her memory and assist her in exposing a worldwide medical conspiracy involving mass murder and the selling of human organs. 

Kane has to protect Rebecca from the men sent to silence her and the terrorists who insist she bring the medical criminals to justice or they will detonate four suicide bombs in London. As he helps her unravel her lost memories, Kane finds the conspiracy reaches into Rebecca's family and the highest echelons of power. 

But they aren't his only problems. Rebecca belongs to Kane and he is forced to make that clear to the violent man who tries to take her from him for himself. Kane fiercely protects the woman he loves from her own reckless nature and the danger surrounding her leaving Rebecca in no doubt she is his to guard and belongs to no one else.