Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sexy Kidnap & Time Travel Romance Transcendence Released!

Haunted, the first book in my new Kidnap/Time Travel Romantic Thriller, Transcendence with a hero who likes to spank his woman when she puts herself in danger and misbehaves has now been released on Amazon.  It is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Check out the blurb below.

Transcendence: Haunted

Author Raven Taylor is kidnapped by the dominant American billionaire Brandon Clifford after he travels back in time and witnesses her murder in a past life they shared together as husband and wife.  He confines her in Pelsley Castle in Northumberland, England where they once lived determined to protect her from the same murderer who has been reincarnated and is plotting to end Raven's life once again.

Brandon wants to rekindle the love between himself and Raven from their previous lives.  But before they can move forward they both must remember the past and face the pain it caused.  Time travelling back to the Medieval period, the eighteenth century, the Victorian era and the 1920s with the aid of the one constant in their lives, their home, the castle, Brandon and Raven uncover their enduring love for each other and unravel the mystery of the man seeking his violent revenge by keeping them apart.

Will they be able to reunite and for once in their history live happily ever after in their final life on earth or will the evil following them succeed in separating them forever?

Coming very soon Part 2 . . .

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