Monday, 10 August 2015

Kavanagh: Her

Her is the first book in my first BDSM Murder Mystery Romance series called Kavanagh.  If you love a good mystery with a hint of the supernatural, a sexy Dominant investigating who has no hesitation in throwing his woman over his knee for a sound bare bottom spanking when she is reckless with her safety, then this one is for you!  Check out the blurb and a small excerpt below.

Available on Amazon for $0.99 and on Kindle Unlimited.

Kavanagh: Her

Dominant DI Julius Kavanagh is investigating a series of murders on Storm Island off the North East Coast of England which some believe are supernatural and trying to keep his beautiful submissive keen to help him out of danger with his strict discipline. 

But his world is turned upside down when she is kidnapped by the killer only to return to the Island a year later deprived of her memory. He is forced to keep their previous relationship a secret from Cassandra and must ask her to help him with his dangerous undercover operation to trap the man he believes may be the killer or at least involved, her father. 

Can Julius protect Cassandra from the abusive father she fought so hard to get away from undercover and ever forgive himself for putting her in danger to solve a case? Will she ever retrieve her memory and be able to resume their relationship acknowledging him as her loving Dominant once again?

Kavanagh: Her Excerpt

“No, please I don’t want to be spanked.  I just want you to hold me.  I’m sorry.  I won’t do it again.  I promise.  I promise.”

He loved the fragility in her voice.  It was soft and breathy as it pleaded with him but she knew his rules.  Yet today she was determined to escape chastisement.

“We need to get the photographs developed.  I need to show you what I saw.”

“Not before I spank your ass or do you want me to take my belt to it?  If you continue to push me, baby girl I will,” there was a slight trace of humour in his tone but he meant every word and she knew he did.

Coming in September . . .

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