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Guarded By Angels: Michael

Fancy something Angelic & paranormal in your Romantic BDSM erotica?  I was watching the first season of the Angel/Human Sci Fi Action Adventure series Dominion and I was inspired to write this romantic Angel story, something I have been wanting to do for a while.  The book is packed with erotic suspense, action and of course, BDSM Domination and submission.  Check out the blurb for Michael the first book in my Erotic Angel series, Guarded By Angels below and a short extract.

It is available on Amazon for $0.99 and on Kindle Unlimited.  The story is also loosely connected to my Vampire Swords series but can be read apart from it.

Guarded By Angels: Michael

Antonia Shepherd is an Angelic Hybrid. Half human, half Angelic she is hunted by slavers and Satan's Shadow Army when she tries to expose the evil they are trying to perpetuate on earth through criminal organisations. 

Archangel Michael comes to her rescue in his winged human form snatching her from the jaws of death. As the first Angelic Hybrid born, Michael will guide Antonia in her role to lead the other hybrids to defeat the evil swamping earth. But she is shocked when the Archangel announces he has also come to claim her as his mate. She is his gift from heaven and their union is destined. 

At first she is reluctant but the handsome Archangel's potent, strength, love and dominance make her willing to submit to his authority and protection. Determined to guard her from the danger surrounding Antonia and her reckless stubborn nature that puts her at risk, Michael is not adverse to throwing his charge over his knee for a sound bare bottom spanking to discipline her. 

Michael carefully and lovingly guides Antonia in to submission but can she learn to willingly obey him and accept his dominant role as mate and protector as she assumes her position as Queen of the Angelic Hybrids?

Guarded By Angels:  Michael

I uttered a cry as he swiftly moved his arm underneath my body and lifted me up easily over his arm and carried me to the edge of the circular bed.  He deposited me neatly over his knee allowing my long dark brown hair to fall to the floor.  Bracing his arm over my back to keep my struggling squealing form still over his lap he raised his knees to lift my bottom and raised his hand to deliver my shameful punishment. 

His hand was hard and firm as it struck my bare bottom to make sure his point struck home.

“I have read and discussed discipline with other hybrids Angelic and Taleian Vampire alike and I have been informed this is the best way to chastise a woman errant in disobeying her male mate’s rules regarding her safety.  I will seek to employ this punishment until you acknowledge my dominance in this relationship, little one.  Do I make myself clear?”

The Archangel spoke to me and spanked me like a naughty child.  I was mortified and shamed.  I squealed and bucked down against his legs with each forceful spank.  My buttocks burned and my eyes produced hot heavy tears. I howled when he turned his attention to the tender backs of my thighs.  I felt thoroughly humiliated.

“We will find your sister together and I will help you lead the hybrids to defeat the evil that continues to breed on this world faster than it ever has before  through the fallen Angel Hybrids.  This is our destiny together and I will guide it, little one or you will find yourself over my knee more often than you would like.  If needs be I will take stronger measures and keep you tied to this bed.”

“Please don’t spank me anymore.  It hurts.  I will do as I am told.  I promise, I promise.”

I couldn’t take anymore but the Archangel chuckled.

“I am not so easily fooled.  You have a stubborn streak like your sister hybrid the Queen of Talus and I can see convincing you to obey is going to be a long road.  But I will never give up little one.  I too am stubborn until I get my own way.  You have met your match.”

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