Monday, 27 July 2015

Viking Raider

At His Service is the first instalment in my new BDSM Erotic Suspense Submission series, Viking Raider.  This one was inspired by my recent Cruise up the Fjords in Norway and it is where most of the action in this book is going to take place.  The fjords in Norway are very atmospheric and a great setting for a story.

The hero of the story, the Norwegian Billionaire, Tor Lansen is a little darker than my usual male characters.   He is more of a tortured soul who seeks solace in the heroine and her submission to him. I hope you like him.  Purchase links for the US, UK and Australia are listed after the blurb and Excerpt below.  This book is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Continue reading below to find details of the books I am reducing to $0.99 for the next week!  Links are provided for the US, UK and Australia.

Viking Raider: At His Service

Handsome Norwegian billionaire, Tor Hansen wants revenge for crimes committed against his family in the past by Tom Roberts that led to abuse, death and separation. Nicknamed the Viking for his skilful prowess in raiding companies, stripping them bare and rebuilding them to make a fortune, he finally gets to do the same to Roberts's company. But Tor wants more. 

In exchange for saving Tom Roberts from jail for laundering money through his company for a London criminal gang and allowing him to repay the gang's leader to avoid execution, Tor demands the man gives up the daughter who supposedly dotes on her father so he can make her his whore and mistress, just like Roberts's did to the billionaire's mother a long time ago. 

But Tor finds himself intoxicated by his captive and the daughter so easily given to him. Instead of taking revenge he finds himself falling in love. Can Rachel Roberts's provide him with the submission he needs from a woman to soothe his need to control after his painful past to bring him out of the darkness and free him from his anger or will she be his downfall?

Viking Raider:  At His Service Excerpt

With one hand he tugged at the black lace panties raising his eyes at their skimpiness and the delectable way they framed her plump succulent juicy bottom.

“Very pretty, “ he said fingering the lace.  “But you won’t be needing panties or many clothes for that matter,” he continued in a dark velvet tone.  “You will always be open and ready for me to take.  Your job will be to keep yourself nice and wet for me.  If you can’t I will employ someone who will be able to keep you ready for me.  From now on you will only wear the clothes I allow you to and you will ask permission to wear panties, little one.  Now let me see to your spanking.  This will do you good,” he finished with a small laugh.

“You can’t do this.”

“Yes I can.  You belong to me lock stock and barrel, part of my goods and chattel, if you like,” he gave a cruel laugh and used both of his hands to pull down her panties just below the backs of her thighs.

“Don’t do this to me,” there were tears in her voice now as her hand reached up to cover her bottom and her shame.  “What if someone sees?” she let out a sob.

“Then so be it.  I am sure they will admire me for taking you in hand when I tell them that you bit me twice,” he answered with a playful tone settling her panties at her knees to help trap her over his lap.

Tor pulled Rachel’s hands away and turned them upwards behind her back.  In one hand he held them to help her keep balance over his knees and to strengthen her feeling of submission and helpless before raising his hand, cupping it ever so slightly and striking her bottom.

The following BDSM novels have been reduced to $0.99 for one week.  The first is the No.1 Bestseller in BDSM, Erotic Suspense & Romantic Erotica where it knocked Fifty Shades of Grey off the top position is HIS.


Thursday, 23 July 2015

His Takes No. 1 Spot Away From Fifty Shades of Grey!

OMG!!! His has just kicked Fifty Shades of Grey off the no.1 spot in the top 100 for Romantic Erotica on in the UK!  Even if it is only for an hour it's brilliant and a great achievement for me as an Erotica author.

The book is also currently inside the top #300 at #262 on Amazon Kindle in the US and No.1 in the top 100 BDSM chart and Erotic Suspense as well as Romantic Erotica in the UK.

If you haven't checked it out already go to the previous post and read the blurb and a small excerpt to wet your appetite!

Here are the purchase links:-

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

His, The Complete Story Reaches No. 1 in the BDSM Top 100 on Amazon & top 250 Overall.

My very sexy BDSM Spanking Romance & Daddy Dom story, HIS series has now been released in one complete book.  This morning it reached No. 1 in the BDSM top 100 on Amazon in the UK and has recently entered the top 500 with an overall rank of #482 in the US!  Needless to say I am very excited by the novel's progress.

The book is still on offer at only $0.99 and if you haven't got your copy check out the blurb and a small sexy excerpt out below.

Thanks to all those buying the book and who have helped me achieve a big writing goal of making it in to the top 500! :)


His is currently No. 1 in the BDSM top 100 and No. 1 in the Erotic Suspense top 100.  Today it reached the sales rank of #234 in the US.  Check out the blurb and excerpt below.  It is still available at $0.99 and on Kindle Unlimited.


Please note this is the new version of His and it contains the complete story incorporating Series One and Two with a previously unpublished finale.

Ariana is summoned to the handsome Russian Billionaire, Nickolai Antonovich’s office. If she does not agree to become his submissive wife to enable him to close an important business deal with a traditional man who believes in marriage, he will expose her sister’s theft from his company to the police and have her put in prison.

After a bad experience with her first marriage to a violent man, Ariana is reluctant. But the Russian’s strong dominance is a potent aphrodisiac. Promising to protect her from her stalking husband, the billionaire vows she will want for nothing as his wife including a child. Greatly tempted after experiencing life as a struggle, Ariana finds herself agreeing to his terms.

But will she find her new position of submissive wife a role she is willing to play in the long run? Will the Russian’s need for her total submission both in their marriage and in his bed prove to be too hard to give? Or will she find unconditional love with the handsome stranger and protection from the danger that continues to stalk her? 

Please note this novel contains, BDSM, Spanking Romance, Domestic Discipline, Erotic Suspense, Daddy Dom Romance, Kitten Play, Cage Play and much more.

HIS Excerpt

The internal dialogue played out on her face and would continue for a long time. It only served to amuse Nickolai as he fought to break it down and force it under his control.  Ariana was a natural submissive and in time she would allow herself to accept who she really was.  Andrew Blake had done a lot of damage and all he could to destroy her until she lived only for him.  She’d fought bravely to resist his oppression but she was fragile and tiring now. Nickolai Antonovich saw it as his task to repair, correct, encourage and heal his little Katonyak.  And if that meant spanking her over his knee or lashing his belt over her bottom to do it then he was more than willing.

He tore some more food off the sandwich enjoying feeding her, knowing fine well she hadn’t been eating or sleeping since Blake had reappeared.  That was one of the reasons he had put her to bed and confined her there until he was satisfied she had rested.  This time he was making her eat and so far he was being successful.

But all of a sudden Ariana surprised him by clamping her lips shut.  She folded her arms across her chest and stared at him defiantly, pouting like an adorable little girl.  He grinned unable to help himself.  So Kitten wanted to play at being naughty.  Then she had to know there would be consequences.  Time to step up her training.

Nickolai lifted her chin with his fingers and leaned forward until his lips were inches from her own.

“It is important you eat, Ariana,” he told her in a low voice sweeping his eyes seductively over her face taking in every soft delicate chiseled curve, thrilling at the fact that she now belonged to him lock stock and barrel.  “If you continue to disobey me, little one, then Daddy will have to spank you.  Is that what you want?”

“You wouldn’t punish me like a child.”

He watched her lips tremble and moisten.

“Yes, I would.  Spanking is not just for arousal but it is also correcting, baby girl.  I am head of this house and our marriage once it has taken place and I expect your obedience.  My rules, darling.”

Coming soon . . .

And . . .

Sunday, 5 July 2015

This is a quick post to let you know that my controversial BDSM Romance, Daddy's Rules is available at a reduced rate on Amazon (only) at  $0.99 for a short time.  The book has also now been released on Barnes & Noble  and Google Play.  See below the blurb for links. This is a thought provoking but sexy read that has been compared to Fifty Shades.  Catch it now at the reduced rate. Check out the blurb below.

Daddy's Rules

Gabrielle Charles is a woman at a crossroads in her life. All hope seems to be lost until she meets a man who offers her everything she wants one morning out of the blue. 

The darkly handsome billionaire and younger Frenchman is Valentin Coudray. He wants to bare Gabrielle’s truth in the most literal sense of the world. He offers to become her Daddy and introduce her to the delights of the new world she craves to belong to in return for being allowed to love, protect and cherish her in every sense. 

Valentin introduces Gabrielle to his rich lifestyle taking her to his Chateau in France and on his yacht to Venice as he begins her submission training. She learns to submit willingly to her new Master and finds that she can no longer hide her traumatic past from him. Daddy teaches his charge how to let go of her pain and that he is not like any other man in her life who has hurt her. He is a man she can rely on and trust to care for her and protect her. This is put to the test when a man from Valentin's own past reappears to threaten Gabrielle and her ex husband pleads for her to come back home using guilt to manipulate her good dutiful nature. 

Can the two lovers hope to eventually cement their relationship in marriage or will Gabrielle be manipulated by guilt in to returning home. Would Daddy ever let her leave? $0.99

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