Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Billionaire's Rules, The Rescue & His Retaliation

I have a few books to tell you about today.  My BDSM Suspense Romance Daddy's Rules has been a great success but in an effort to reach a wider audience for the book I have recently changed the title to The Billionaire's Rules and added a new cover.  The book is not just about BDSM but learning to accept and love yourself the way you are.  The French Billionaire, Valentin Coudray guides Gabrielle to do this through his loving dominance in their relationship.

This decision has proved to be controversial with some of my readers but I know others have been put off by the original title.  Sometimes you have to try new ideas as an author.

The Billionaire's Rules

PLEASE NOTE: This book was formerly titled Daddy's Rules and it is the complete 70,000 word story including all of Series I, II & III. 

Gabrielle Charles is a woman at a crossroads in her life. All hope seems to be lost until she meets a man who offers her everything she wants one morning out of the blue. 

The darkly handsome billionaire and younger Frenchman is Valentin Coudray. He wants to bare Gabrielle’s truth in the most literal sense of the world. He offers to become her Daddy and introduce her to the delights of the new world she craves to belong to in return for being allowed to love, protect and cherish her in every sense. 

Valentin introduces Gabrielle to his rich lifestyle taking her to his Chateau in France and on his yacht to Venice as he begins her submission training. She learns to submit willingly to her new Master and finds that she can no longer hide her traumatic past from him. Daddy teaches his charge how to let go of her pain and that he is not like any other man in her life who has hurt her. He is a man she can rely on and trust to care for her and protect her. This is put to the test when a man from Valentin's own past reappears to threaten Gabrielle and her ex husband pleads for her to come back home using guilt to manipulate her good dutiful nature. 

Can the two lovers hope to eventually cement their relationship in marriage or will Gabrielle be manipulated by guilt in to returning home. Would Daddy ever let her leave? 

Publisher's Note: This story contains, BDSM Romance, Bondage, Age Play Romance, Romantic Fiction, Domestic Discipline Spanking Romance, Anal Play, Kitten Play, Daddy Dom Romance, Erotic Billionaire Romance, Erotica and much more.

The Billionaire's Rules

I have also recently been having a lot of success with my Romantic crime thriller/action romance Dominic Kane: The Rescue especially on Amazon in the US.  It is also in the Military Romance Top 100.  If you love a good thrilling story packed with action, a hot alpha ex military bodyguard and a heart rendering romance then this one is you.  Check out the blurb below.

Dominic Kane: The Rescue
Security expert Dominic Kane helps his journalist ex-lover uncover a medical conspiracy to commit mass murder and sell human organs to the highest bidder.

Award winning journalist Rebecca Eaton crosses the closed border of a troubled Asian country to interview a Human Rights activist and known terrorist. Three days later, after her reported mysterious disappearance, she turns up at the border tortured, beaten, minus her memory and one kidney. When an attempt is made on her life in hospital, her employer sends Eaton's estranged ex-lover and security expert Dominic Kane to bring her safely home.

Kane wants Rebecca back and jumps at the chance to make her realise she walked out on a good thing. But before he can entice her into a reconciliation he has to help her retrieve her memory and assist her in exposing a worldwide medical conspiracy involving mass murder and the selling of human organs.

Kane has to protect Rebecca from the men sent to silence her and the terrorists who insist she bring the medical criminals to justice or they will detonate four suicide bombs in London. As he helps her unravel her lost memories, Kane finds the conspiracy reaches into Rebecca's family and the highest echelons of power.

Dominic Kane: The Rescue

Coming Next Week . . . A new Romantic Suspense novel, His Retaliation.

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