Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Safe In HIs Arms: Noticed Released

Noticed is the first book in my action packed romantic BDSM Suspense series set in London called Safe In His Arms. If you love dramatic erotic suspense with your BDSM & Spanking Romance then check Noticed out. English billionaire & Dominant, Alex Barclay is a stickler for his submissive being protected and taken in hand when she puts her life and health at risk. Something she finds out over the handsome younger man's knee when he spanks her bare bottom in his Bentley.  Available on Amazon for $0.99 and Kindle Unlimited.

Read the blurb below.

Safe In His Arms: Noticed

Zara Hart is a renowned Architect designing and heading a team working on a project to create a glass structure to rival the Shard and The Gherkin in London's Docklands. Sexually harassed and attacked at work she decides to leave.

But when Alex Barclay, the billionaire and Dominant who runs half of the enterprise finds out what is happening to the woman he chose to run the project, he is determined to make her come back to work and offers her his protection. He will see to it that the men involved are fired and brought to justice.

When the Alex convinces her to return to the office one of the men who harassed and attacked her without reprimand enters the building and shoots her friends and work colleagues in front of her.

Alex Barclay protects her with his life when the gunman aims his weapon at her and a strong bond grows between the two. Sensing her need to be submissive, cherished, disciplined and kept safe in his arms, Alex is only too willing to become her Dominant and take her in hand.

Reluctant at first, Zara is eased in to her new role as submissive with Barclay's guidance and his firm hand applied to her bare bottom after she loses her temper when fraught with distress.

Will Zara be able to fully surrender and submit to the billionaire? Will he be able to keep her safe from the growing danger aimed at them both from an unnamed source?

Publisher's Note: Noticed is the first instalment in the Safe In His Arms Series, if this type of short book does not appeal to you, please do not buy this book. This story contains BDSM Romance, Age Play Romance, Daddy Dom Romance, Spanking Romance, Domestic Discipline, Erotic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Bondage and much more.


Last thing, I have two final books of The Chateau Series planned out, together with another in The Manor and His series.  All of my series will be updated in the near future as soon as I can.

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