Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Safe In His Arms & His To Protect Released

Hidden, the second instalment of my bestselling new BDSM thriller Safe In His Arms has now been released.  It is available on Amazon.com for $0.99, on Amazon.co.uk and Kindle Unlimited.

Hidden is explosive in all senses of the word! It is BDSM Romance coupled with the erotic thrill of adventure and suspense. The English billionaire opens up his architect's hidden submissive soul and bares her truth. When a package arrives and causes and explosion he is more determined to protect her and keep his beautiful submissive safe even if it costs his own life.  Check out a small excerpt below after my news on His To Protect.

His To Protect is a full length erotic thriller (not spanking romance) novel set in Paris.  This was formerly titled The Devil You Know and released under my own name, Sara Curran-Ross.  It has had a cover lift and title change.  If you love  your thrillers erotic and filled with action and adventure then this one is for you.  It is available on Amazon.com for $2.99, on Amazon.co.uk and Kindle Unlimited.

His To Protect

“You take one step out of that door without me and you are in serious trouble. Leave my side once and you are a dead woman.”

Christian Dalban is hired to protect Isabelle Mayer from, Declan Mayer the violent head of a mafia family who will stop at nothing to force her back into his bed. But Christian is determined that she won’t find out why he is the only man capable of succeeding where others have failed. If she knew the reason she would never trust him with her life nor would he blame her. But as their relationship develops into a passionate sexual encounter Christian realises that he is not the only one keeping a secret that could threaten both of their lives.

When Declan Mayer comes to take Isabelle away from him, Christian finds out just how far he is prepared to go to protect her. His need to keep her safe is now much more than a simple bodyguard job. He is falling in love with his beautiful charge.

Isabelle is more than keen to show her feelings for him are just as potent when he makes love to her. But the secrets of the past threaten to tear them apart. Can they find a way to overcome the impact of the fall out when the truth is known and seal their intoxicating love for each other?

Safe In His Arms:  Hidden Excerpt

My body had been placed long ways on the table so that my legs and open vulva where near the end of the table.  After checking I was content in the position, Alex moved to one of the tables and retrieved a tablet.  He settled himself down in the chair at the end of the table to work between my legs.  Although finding the action bewildering at first I sighed with relief that he was close to me.  He stroked his thumb over the inside of my thigh.

“I will watch over you as you rest and send some emails,” he said softly.

His touch left me and I heard him tapping his fingers on the keyboard of the tablet.  I lay thinking about the new life I had entered.  Warmth enveloped my mind.  The nagging voice admonishing me for lying wanton and spread on the table tried to assert itself once more but I fought it and made it retreat for a while.  My eyes fluttered sleepily but I didn’t want to sleep conscious of remaining alert in my captive state.

A short while later I felt the idle caress of Alex’s thumb stroking the length of my vagina before resting on my clit to move it back and forth.  When I looked down I could see him deep in thought.  Caressing my sex was helping him concentrate.  My juice flowed freely and soon his thumb was coated in it as he changed his caress to circle his thumb over the tip of my clit.

Not once did he speak.  Then as suddenly as it had appeared his caress disappeared.  A glance down showed me him placing his thumb in to his mouth to suck and savor my taste before beginning to tap on the tablet again.    

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