Thursday, 2 April 2015

Marcus's Rules, Third Book In The Menage Series, Theirs Released

Marcus's Rules is the third book in my hot Daddy Dom Menage series, Theirs.  It is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.  Elizabeth finds out that Marcus is keen to demonstrate the consequences of breaking his rules especially those concerning her protection wherever they are.  This one is a bit of a scorcher and a spanker so prepare to blush! ;)

Check out the blurb and a small excerpt below.

Theirs:  Marcus's Rules

Handsome American bad boy Billionaire identical twins, Jason and Marcus Wolf rescue a woman from her abusive husband attacking her on a street in Rome. Captivated with the fragile beauty and each wanting her for themselves they are forced to come to an agreement to share her between them when neither will back down.

But is the damaged woman they want to love, dominate, care for and protect willing to allow them both in to her life and her aching heart? Will they be able to guide her in to fully submitting to their rule as their submissive and ensure she heals from an abusive relationship?

In Marcus's Rules, Elizabeth finds out Jason's twin brother is a strict disciplinarian especially concerning her protection when their deadly step brother turns up and threatens her. Marcus teaches her that he will spank her bare bottom and take her whenever and wherever he wishes. Her duty is to obey and allow him to keep her safe and loved.

Publishers Note: This is the third book in the Theirs series. If this style of short novel does not appeal to you please do not buy this book. The story contains a Menage Romance, BDSM Romance, Age Play Romance, Spanking Romance, Erotic Romantic Suspense, Daddy Dom Romance, Domestic Discipline, Contemporary Romance and much more. 

Theirs:  Marcus's Rules Excerpt

Nervously, I reached out my hands and gasped as I pushed them against his chest to hold on.  Marcus appeared to like my sudden anxious discomfort at being publicly exposed and the way I held on to him like a child as though it were part of my punishment by the sensuous curl of his lips.

My dress rose higher between the two men and now it was skimming over my silk red panties to settle at my waist.

“Hold it while I take off her panties.”

Jason grinned at his brother.

“I am looking forward to this.”

Marcus let go of my face and lowered his body.  I felt his hands round over my buttocks and then one of them skim across the silk and lace v shape of my panties at the front.  A jolt of electricity shot through my body at his touch making a small moan escape my tightly pursed lips.  Then his fingers were tucking under the flimsy material at the sides and my panties were sliding and curving down my thighs.

The air brushed my clit as it was exposed to the night air making it tingle and ache with anticipation.  Jason caressed his fingers over my buttock in a circular motion as the other hand held my dress up.  Marcus pulled my panties down to my ankles and then lifted one high heeled red and silver sandal up out of them with seductive care before turning his attention to the other.  I made the mistake of moving and found Jason’s hand winding around to the front of my body and my abdomen to hold me steady and in place.  He stroked his hands over the gentle curve of my stomach as though to placate and soothe me in to submission, his finger tips skimming the neatly shaven mound of hair that covered my sex. 

Marcus began to slowly raise himself from the ground holding my panties in one hand.  But suddenly he stopped, his lips just inches from my pussy.  I felt his breath caress my clit and shivered again.  I wanted to beg him to touch it, pinch and knead it to satisfaction but I refrained from such an outburst in respect for my Master when he was disciplining me. 

His hand slid around my thigh and I became aware of him studying my sex.

“She’s wet, Jason.  I want her like this all of the time so we can take her wherever and whenever we wish.  Another one of my rules to add to the list.”

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