Saturday, 14 March 2015

Daddy's Rules: Undone Released & Acceptance on FREE Promotion.

The first book in the third series of Daddy's Rules entitled Undone, is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. If you like a hot alpha dominant French billionaire who takes his woman, who sacrifices her own needs too much, in firm hand and makes sure she is given all she dreams of and his protection, then this one is for you. Valentin comes undone when the love of his life is kidnapped. He moves heaven and earth to get back and safe underneath him in his bed again.

Please note this book contains BDSM Romance, Romantic Erotica, Daddy Dom Romance, Age Play Romance, Spanking Romance, Domestic Discipline & much more.

Check out the small excerpt below.

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Daddy's Rules: Undone Excerpt

Daddy growled and made me yelp with the strength he used to raise my body from the seat to pull me neatly over his lap.  I kicked just wanting to be held by him but my rebellious behavior only served to spur on his determination to spank me like a naughty little girl over his knee.

Valentin pulled the undone bow tie out from his tuxedo shirt collar as I leaned forward.  He caught up my arms that were dangling to the floor as I tried to support my precarious position over his knee when the boat buffeted on the waves.  Daddy forced my hands behind my back, bringing my wrists together and quickly tied them together.

Now I had nothing to hold on to.  I was being made to rely on Valentin’s masculine strength to protect and support me in the motor launch when he punished me.  It seemed to be the very way to ram his point home about his rules on my protection.  He was the protector and it was not a role I was to take upon myself in ensuring my safety.  In a relationship with him I had to rely on his support and care in everything just as I had to now.

I felt the skirt of my beautiful long cream evening dress being raised upwards and over my bottom in a hurry.  Daddy tucked his fingers underneath the silky material of my thong panties and tugged them until they ripped.  I heard him growl with the effort and found myself melting in the roughness of his touch.

 Wetness for him pooled unexpectedly between my thighs.  I was being taken firmly in hand and I loved him for it.  My hips bucked down on to his legs when he succeeded in tearing away the material and tossed the remnants to the floor of the cabin.  I prayed we could not be seen by the crew outside but the mood Valentin was in at that point, I don’t think he would care if one of them came in sat down and watched him spank my bare bottom.

Daddy put his palm in the middle of my back to steady, center and prepare me whilst his free hand gathered up my hair in a ponytail as though holding on to  reins.  He was raising his palm before I could even think and bringing it slapping down on to my naked rump.  The rest of the strikes came, hard and fast.  I yelped but with every slap I felt reassured, safe and cared for.  I was being disciplined so that I might learn the boundaries he had erected to keep me secure from predators and my heart was grateful for the fact he cared enough to do it.

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