Saturday, 21 March 2015

Daddy's Rules: The Complete Story Released

The complete 70,000 word story of Daddy's Rules has now been released on Amazon in one book.  Check out the blurb and a small excerpt below.  Please note this book is a Daddy Dom, BDSM, Spanking & Age Play Romance.

Daddy's Rules

Gabrielle Charles is a woman at a crossroads in her life. All hope seems to be lost until she meets a man who offers her everything she wants one morning out of the blue. 

The darkly handsome billionaire and younger Frenchman is Valentin Coudray. He wants to bare Gabrielle’s truth in the most literal sense of the world. He offers to become her Daddy and introduce her to the delights of the new world she craves to belong to in return for being allowed to love, protect and cherish her in every sense. 

Valentin introduces Gabrielle to his rich lifestyle taking her to his Chateau in France and on his yacht to Venice as he begins her submission training. She learns to submit willingly to her new Master and finds that she can no longer hide her traumatic past from him. Daddy teaches his charge how to let go of her pain and that he is not like any other man in her life who has hurt her. He is a man she can rely on and trust to care for her and protect her. This is put to the test when a man from Valentin's own past reappears to threaten Gabrielle and her ex husband pleads for her to come back home using guilt to manipulate her good dutiful nature. 

Can the two lovers hope to eventually cement their relationship in marriage or will Gabrielle be manipulated by guilt in to returning home. Would Daddy ever let her leave? 

Daddy's Rules

Daddy's Rules Excerpt

“From now on I will choose and buy all of your underwear.  You will always wear silk or lace,” he said sternly before winding his arm around my waist and lifting me up against his waist with ease.  I kicked and struggled thinking about how much his hand striking my pale vulnerable bottom would hurt.  But he was only to laugh.

Valentin sat down on the velvet chair and turned me over on to his knee.  My body dangled helplessly as I kicked and begged him.

“Please, don’t spank me.  Please.”

‘Hush, little girl take your punishment and please Daddy with a silent tongue,” he instructed pulling down my panties until they rested just below the backs of my thighs.

All I could think of was how I must look draped over this younger man’s knee with my plump round bottom bared for spanking, the curls of my sex brushing and pressing against his trousers.  I closed my eyes with embarrassment and began to cry.

‘Hush, baby girl.  It will be over soon,” there was gentle amusement in his tone.

Then he laid one of his warm hands on my cool flesh, lightly squeezing one buttock.  I felt his eyes scrutinizing it.

‘You have a lovely pert bottom, Gabrielle.  Very pretty.”

I was distracted and surprised by his words, so much so the first strike of his hand on my bottom had me yelping loudly.  The rest of the slaps came hard and fast.  His hand was firm and well practiced in spanking a woman.  There was no doubt of it.  He knew exactly were to swat to induce a measure of pain that curiously produced more dampness and pleasure between my thighs.  My bottom started to sting and burn with the strength of a furnace.  My tears came hard and fast, stronger than they had ever been before.  The more Valentin spanked me the less it became about discipline but release of a lot of pent up emotion.

I screamed when he smacked the backs of my thighs in turn, imagining them turning hot pink.

“From now on, kitten I expect you tell Daddy exactly what you need so he can provide it and ensure your happiness, health and well being are taken care of.  If  you don’t you will find yourself over my knee or bending over to receive your punishment wherever and whenever I deem it suitable.  There will be no more hiding and sweeping aside your own needs for other’s whims.  Do I make myself perfectly clear, little one?” he informed me with stark fatherly voice as he continued to expertly spank me. 

All the pain and the anger I felt slowly ebbed away with each strike making me enthralled by his dominance over me.  Every fiber in my body ached to submit to him and surrender my will to him without rancor, regret or fear.  My soaking wet pussy was testament to my desires and no longer could I sweep them aside and deny their existence.

‘Yes, Daddy.  Yes.  I promise, Daddy,” I bleated.  “I promise to tell you everything.”

Valentin gave me several more smacks on my bottom and then brought my first punishment to an end.  The tenderness that followed was overwhelming.  Valentin leaned forward and brushed small kisses over my burning flesh to soothe the hot red soreness pulsing across it.  He circled his fingertips over one buttock.

“Good girl.  Hush, there’s no need to cry anymore.  It’s all over.”

Valentin raised me up to sitting on his knee.  My skirt was still around my waist and my panties below my thighs, resting just above my boots.  He held me tightly against him, trailing his fingers through my hair as I emptied the last of my emotion from my body.  I shook and trembled but he only held me tighter.  The more I cried the better I felt.  Eventually I calmed and remembered the wetness between my thighs.  It made me reach for my panties but Valentin’s hand shot out to stop me.  He shook his head.

‘No.  From now on when we are alone you will be naked.”

I stared at him, once more confused.

“You can’t mean that?”

“I do,” it was a flat statement.  “Stand for me.”

I did as I was told, now eager to please my new Daddy with my good behavior.  The pose was embarrassing and it made my cheeks colour.  My sex was on full show when he came to stand in front of me.  Valentin caught hold of my hips and bent down to study it closely.  His lips curled in to a smile as he made me gasp by slipping a finger carefully between the folds of my sex.

‘Nice and wet just as I expected.  Good, kitten.  I am very pleased with you.  Let’s get these clothes off and start unwrapping that body and true identity you spend so much time trying to hide from myself and the world.  Unclothed your truth will be revealed and you will be unable to hide anything.”

Coming Soon . . . The menage story series, Theirs continues.  Elizabeth finds out just how far Jason will go to ensure she obeys him on rules for her protection when she finds herself over his knee for a sound bare bottom spanking . . .

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