Wednesday, 18 February 2015

HIS: The Proposal Book One Released

The Proposal Book One of my new Erotica series HIS has now been released on Amazon and is also available on Kindle Unlimited.  This book is a complete rewrite and revamp of His Submissive Housewife which is no longer available.  Check out the blurb and a small excerpt below.

If you like your enigmatic handsome Russian Billionaires dominant, protective, loving, caring and ready to take their bride in hand over their knee with a spanking when necessary then this one is for you!

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Watch out for the second book in the second series of Daddy's Rules entitled Faith coming soon!

HIS:  The Proposal Book One

Ariana is summoned to the handsome Russian Billionaire, Nickolai Antonovich’s office.  If she does not agree to become his submissive wife to enable him to close an important business deal with a traditional man who believes in marriage, he will expose her sister’s theft from his company to the police and have her put in prison.

After a bad experience with her first marriage to a violent man, Ariana is reluctant.  But the Russian’s strong dominance is a potent aphrodisiac.  Promising to protect her from her stalking husband, the billionaire vows she will want for nothing as his wife.  Greatly tempted after experiencing life as a struggle, Ariana finds herself agreeing to his terms.

But will she find her new position of submissive wife a role she is willing to play in the long run?  Will the Russian’s need for her total submission both in their marriage and in his bed prove to be too hard to give?  Or will she find unconditional love with the handsome stranger?

Publisher’s Note:  HIS: The Proposal is a revamped and rewritten version of His Submissive Housewife: The Proposal which is no longer available.  It is the first book in a series of short episodes of one continuing story.  If this style does not appeal to you please do not buy this book.  It contains elements of BDSM, spanking and age play.

HIS:  The Proposal Book One Excerpt

“You have a beautiful body, Ariana.  Now kneel in front of me, little one.”

A small voice inside her head told her to protest.  She wouldn’t kneel before any man.  But the wetness between her thighs at his tone of command told her otherwise and she found herself obeying him without question.

Carefully, watching him intently, Ariana lowered herself on to her knees until she was kneeling at his feet, her hands resting on her thighs.  He towered above her naked form in his suit and tie making her feel small and helpless yet strongly and surprisingly aroused by the whole scene.  She lowered her eyes as though waiting for his permission to look upon him.  He rested his hand on top of her head and stroked it.

Nickolai bent and tucked his fingers underneath her chin again, slightly raising it.

“Simply beautiful.  You are a natural submissive, Ariana.  You will make a wonderful wife for me.  I cannot wait to bind you and test your limits but we do not have time.  Turn and face the sofa on all fours and rest your head on top of it.  Press your shoulders in to the end of the seat and push your bottom out at me.  Place your hands behind your back and wait for me to touch you.”

The authority in his voice was stark and the compulsion to obey him was overwhelming despite the annoying voice in the back of her head telling her she was insane to be naked in this man’s office waiting patiently to be fucked.  The very idea of being told what to do was devastatingly appealing.  When Andrew had done that he had made her afraid, struck her face if she disobeyed.  This was very different.  There was an element of play, of building arousal.  The act of obedience was part of the sexual game and a part of her yearned to play it well.  Nickolai made it feel safe to let herself go and sink in to the depths of submission.  Something she had never considered herself capable of being able to oblige or want especially with the deep anger she felt towards men after Andrew and the distrust she endured around them.  Why was Nickolai Antonovich so different?  What was he doing to her?

She heard his feet pad across the polished wood surface towards her body and then two cool large male palms rest on her hips.  Ariana closed her eyes reveling in the security of the hold feeling the tip of his red tie caress just inside the top of the crease between her bare buttocks.

“I want to inspect you.  I will be doing this every day when we are married, little one.  I will always check and care for what belongs to me,” he informed her in a dark possessive tone.

Ariana felt the gentle brush of his lips across her bottom.

“And from this moment, Ariana you have become mine.  You belong to me until the day you die, perhaps beyond and for an eternity.”  There was a smile in his voice as he finished his declaration of ownership.  “You are mine to protect, cherish, desire, pleasure and come to love.  No man will be allowed to take you from me or hurt you.  With me you will always find understanding, compassion, respect and sanctuary.  Do you understand me, Ariana?”

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