Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Daddy's Rules: Protected Released

Protected is the final instalment of the first Daddy's Rules Series and it is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. The first is Acceptance, the second, Worship, the third Duty and they are all available on Amazon.

Can Gabrielle leave her cold loveless marriage for Daddy's warm arms and protection? If you like a hot alpha dominant French billionaire who takes his woman, who sacrifices her own needs too much, in firm hand and makes sure she is given all she dreams of and his protection, then this one is for you. 

Check out a small excerpt from Protected below.  The second series of Daddy's Rules will start next week.

Daddy's Rules: Protected

Alone at last I dropped my dress and tried on the silk and lace underwear and garter belts.  They were sumptuous and opulent in black, grey, red and cream.  A colour for my Master’s every mood, I mused to myself.  I was no stranger to luxury living a comfortable life but I hadn’t bothered with nice bras and panties for a while, let alone a garter belt.  I tried on the last outfit and bent to fix the garter’s straps to my stockings when the door opened and Valentin appeared.  I jumped with a small amount of fright at the intrusion but relaxed for a brief moment when he closed the door.

“Beautiful,” he said viewing my semi clothed body with admiring eyes before he moved around me to take hold of my hips.

“Yes, very nice.”

Daddy tucked his fingers around the top of the skimpy black silk panties covered with lace at the front on either side of my hips and began to slide them seductively down and over my bottom to expose it.

My heart started to thud.

“You shouldn’t be in here.  We can’t do this here?”

“Why not?” he asked with amusement brushing my neck with a kiss while he pulled my panties down to the backs of my thighs.  I stared at myself in the mirror, my shaved vagina on full show glistening with heavy wetness.  It was wrong, here and now in a changing cubicle in a shop but oh how I wanted him to mount me and satiate this craving I had for him.

Daddy’s palms smoothed over my bottom and I saw him look down upon it appreciatively through the mirror.

“She might come back?”

“So what if she does?” he asked huskily moving his fingers around to the front and in to my wet pussy to caress it just like I’d wanted him to in the car.  I moaned and quickly bit my lip to stifle the noise.  Valentin caressed my back with kisses giving a small chuckle at my coyness.

“We shouldn’t . . .”

“Nonsense,” he breathed.  “What did I tell you?  When Daddy wants you he will take you wherever and whenever he wants to, baby girl and that happens to be now.  Now hush and be obedient.  Daddy wants to spank you for questioning him.”

Sir surprised me by cupping my sex tightly then flattening his palm against it before raising it to strike it.  I gave a cry.  The spank was well aimed and careful.  It produced a gentle pain but the pleasure of being made to submit to his wishes was exciting.  My pussy flooded over his hand every time he struck the delicate pink folds, carefully catching my clit with his firm disciplining hand.  My body bucked and I was forced to hold on to the sides of the mirror on the wall.

I watched the reaction of my body as the handsome sexy younger man who had ensnared me in to his loving arms and so thoroughly mastered me to his will slapped his hand at my pussy.  My eyes were glazing with submissive lust.  I no longer worried about the assistant coming back to pry on us.  All I could think of was being with Valentin and nothing else in the world mattered at that moment.

Eager to show my pleasure and obey, I arched my body to thrust my bare bottom out at him.

“Good girl, kitten,” he said, pleasure at my new position audible in his voice.

He gave my sex one final spank and then removed his hand.  Through the mirror I watched him loosen the belt on his suit trousers, his button and then zip.  Again, he was wearing no underwear.  He pulled out his hard long length and I found myself stretching my bottom back to rub against it.

Valentin patted my bottom.

“Patience, darling,” he whispered.  “Daddy’s here and he is going to satisfy that ache for you.”





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