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The Devil You Know Released

I have just released Book Three, the final instalment of my dark erotic thriller (no spanking), series, The Devil You Know set in Paris.  At the same time I have published the story in its entirety in one full complete book.  It features a very sexy dominant bodyguard and a beautiful brave but vulnerable woman he has been hired to protect from a violent Mafia cartel, the head of which is determined to marry her to control her inheritance.  Although the relationship does not start off on the best terms it develops in to a deep passionate encounter.

This book is definitely erotic but is much more of a romantic suspense story.  If you love action and thrills with a dangerous love story in a romantic city then The Devil You Know is for you.

Check out the blurb and a short excerpt below.

I will also be posting details of this book on my blog, Arabella Kingsley Publications for the thrillers, romantic suspense and paranormal romance novels I write under my own name, Sara Curran-Ross.  Come and take a look and learn about details of some new stories I am planning.

The Devil You Know

“You take one step out of that door without me and you are in serious trouble. Leave my side once and you are a dead woman.”

Christian Dalban is hired to protect Isabelle Mayer from, Declan Mayer the violent head of a mafia family who will stop at nothing to force her back into his bed. But Christian is determined that she won’t find out why he is the only man capable of succeeding where others have failed. If she knew the reason she would never trust him with her life nor would he blame her. But as their relationship develops into a passionate sexual encounter Christian realises that he is not the only one keeping a secret that could threaten both of their lives.

When Declan Mayer comes to take Isabelle away from him, Christian finds out just how far he is prepared to go to protect her.  His need to keep her safe is now much more than a simple bodyguard job.  He is falling in love with his beautiful charge.

Isabelle is more than keen to show her feelings for him are just as potent when he makes love to her.  But the secrets of the past threaten to tear them apart.  Can they find a way to overcome the impact of the fall out when the truth is known and seal their intoxicating love for each other?

The Devil You Know Complete Book
The Devil You Know Book Three

The Devil You Know Excerpt

He stands in front of her.
“You’ve been in trouble with the police before?”
He takes out his mobile and calls them.  Time to call the pretty lady’s bluff.
“No, no please not the police.”
Now she sounds frightened, now he might get somewhere.  He allows another smile to light his face.  This time its sadistic.  Now he has her trapped.  Again he sees irritation and heavy bitterness clouding her eyes with frustration.  He decides to push it further as he watches her hands curl into fists at her sides.  He knows she wants to hit him and make a dash for it but then she wouldn’t get far.
He puts his hands on his hips and looks down at her.
“No I haven’t been in trouble with them before,” she sounds as though she is trying to keep her temper again.  He watches her mentally try to rein herself in, softening her voice.  “I wasn’t trying to steal anything.  What I have told you is true.  If you don’t believe me, come back to my room and I will show you.  He will still be there,’  Her voice sounds upper crust English, sexy.
Christian shakes his head, holds his phone up and presses re-dial.  He watches her bottom lip tremble as they both listen to it ring.  She whimpers when she hears the tinny disembodied voice on the other end of the phone answer the call.  Time seems to hang paralysed in the air.
“You will have to do better than that.”
“Please, look I will do anything you ask, anything if you will just let me go.”
She’s using that fragile voice again.  He sees her search his face for some kind of sympathy, some gallant gesture.  But he knows the steel armour he wears over his features is impenetrable.  Her head bows and long honey coloured curls cascade around her shoulders.  Christian doesn’t have to see to know that she is trying to hide tears.  But then she lifts her head, her cheeks are wet but there is a look of determined will on her face.  He can throw what the hell he likes at her but she will still fight him. 
He can’t work her out.  She jumps when he snaps the phone shut.
“Who hit you?” he asks studying the bruising along her cheek, clearly visible since she’s raised her head up at him and her hair isn’t hiding the side of her face anymore.
The strength in her eyes flickers and dies.  She looks at him confused. He’s unsettled her.  She drops her chin immediately.  He moves towards her and she takes a step back.  He takes her arm, gently this time, and pulls her back to heel, still feeling resistance running strong within her.
  He wants a closer look, wants to know more about her.  Carefully he cups her chin to tilt her head to one side.  It is an effort.  She tenses even further when he sweeps his fingertips over the dramatic mixture of violet and dark blue.  He makes his touch careful, protective, as he turns her back to face him.
“Who hit you?” he repeats his question, softly.
“He didn’t hit me this time, it was when he banged my head off the wall,” her words are a whisper as he sees her mentally replay back the memory through her eyes as they scrunch and sting with pain.
It’s his turn to tense.  Christian blinks and feels the familiar anger that’s coiled so tight inside him raise its ugly head.  Just like Marie, beaten and raped and there was nothing he could do. 
The woman is looking at him with confusion again, trying to read his thoughts, second guess what is coming next.  He stares at her, sees the pain behind her eyes, sees her strength shining through at him like a defiant beacon.  He can’t help but admire it. 
His features lose their hardness.  Damn it.  He is a fool but she’s touched something deep inside his heart - struck a chord with something that has turned hard, black, and is withering to death since Marie’s death.  She’s feeding it a little water and giving it some hope that it can live again.  He stops staring at her and curses loudly.  She jumps in response.
“You are safe for now beautiful, but if you don’t tell me what you are in my room for…”
  Christian stops.  Damn it she’s unsettled him now.  “I will have no choice but to turn you over to the police.”  He’s not going to let her win and catch him off guard, he’s learnt the hard way about falling for women and feeling sorry for them since Marie.  Maybe he should try another tact with this woman.  He toughens inside, intent on not allowing her fragility and pretty face seep through his skin and knock him off guard.  He’s seen this all before.
He replaces his fingers back on her cheek.  Her eyes look down at his fingers with suspicion.
“Hush, I won’t hurt you like him.”
“Look I didn’t come here to steal anything.  Please let me go.”
He ignores the plea in her voice.
“You came into my room unannounced, uninvited in the middle of the night.”
He strokes her cheek gently.
“Look I’ve already told you…”
He holds her chin up until he can feel her straining on his grip.  He’s showing his power over her.
“I don’t believe you.  How about you stop playing games and tell me why you are here?  Did someone send you?  Are you here to seduce me for them?”
Christian can’t resist giving her the once over again, admiring the perfect plump swell of her breasts in the little black dress she is wearing.  He wouldn’t mind being seduced by her but he did have a reputation to uphold, and to be caught with a prostitute in a run down hotel in the middle of Pigalle with a bruise to the girl’s face could conjure up some interesting stories and false accusations that could ruin him.  Just like his father wants.
 It’s probably him who sent her.  It’s what his father does best, knowing people’s weakness, exploiting it and using it against them until they gave him what he wanted.  And they always did.  Then he killed them for it.  Well this time Gabriel Dumont and his precious Mafia family would have to do without his illegitimate son.  The prodigal son would not be returning to take over the family business and perpetuate the family line.  He escaped years ago and he is never going back, not even if hell freezes over.  This time the evil bastard will just have to do without.
She looks directly at him.
“Don’t be stupid.  I came over the balcony from the room next door.  If I wanted to take your virtue I would hardly risk my life like that would I?”
Christian eyebrows rise and he can’t help smiling.  The woman has balls. He likes that.
“I don’t know, I’ve heard worse stories.”
The amusement lining his words seems too much for her and he watches her eyes narrow to sharp points.
“What’s your name?”
 He lowers his voice to a whisper once more.
“Isabelle,” she answers automatically and visibly regrets her slip of the tongue.  She begins moving her feet, clearly feeling the heat of the painful strain on her neck and chin.
“That’s a lovely name, Isabelle.”
Christian’s hands slip to her neck, his fingertips trailing her skin, just where he knows she will be most sensitive to touch.  She freezes, looks at him with undisguised horror.  But he feels her cold skin warm against his fingers.
“Isabelle who?”
She closes her mouth tight shut.  He grins and decides not to pursue her name any further.
“Isabelle is fine.  Now, Isabelle there is something you could do for me, something that would excuse what you have done here tonight and what you have come here to do.”
“But I haven’t done anything and I’m not here to do anything,” she’s most insistent trying to disguise the audible panic in her shaky voice.
He puts a finger to her lips to beckon silence and cups her bare shoulders with his hands.  They sizzle like a brand against her flushed skin.  His hands slide over her skin like silk.  She can hardly breathe.
  He makes his touch light, arousing, and watches her eyes glaze despite the scowl on her face.  He feels a surge of triumph.  For all of her pretence he can see desire blazing hot in her eyes.  She looks away.  Coyness is attractive in a woman he muses.  She will give in any moment and confess everything then they can really get down to business.  But then it’s better if she doesn’t so he can seduce the truth from her.  It is an interesting game they are both playing.
  Christian walks around her and finds the zip of her dress.  It’s a beautiful dress, soft, silky, just like her skin.  It clings enticingly over her slim rounded curves.  She’s so small and dainty.  Her skin is soft and creamy and there’s sadness in the recesses of her eyes threatening to shatter her into a million tiny pieces.  His father is getting good at their game.  He knows that his son is always a sucker for a damsel in distress.  But daddy should have heard the news as of six months ago.  He isn’t fooled so easily now, he’s left all of that behind.  No woman will ever be allowed to get that close again.  His days of playing the knight in shining armour rescuing damsels in distress are over.  He is more likely to be causing them distress. 
He ignores the stab of guilt and carries on.  Feeling sorry for people got you nowhere.  They always turned on you at some stage.  He finds the zip.  She smells so clean and fresh, pure and delicate.  There’s a smell of jasmine and wild flowers on her skin.  Isabelle is a breath of fresh air in this horrible dingy dirty room.  He hears her breath dry and shrivel in her throat.  Fingering the zip, he pauses and waits.
She remains silent so he takes it as consent.  Carefully, he pulls the zip down ever so slowly, wanting her to feel the cool air hanging in the room as he exposes each delicious part of her body.  It’s like taking a peak under the wrapping of a present before Christmas.  She looks vulnerable, fragile and he can’t help but relish his power.  He knows she is feeling aroused by it as much as him even though she is desperately trying to ignore it.
 Christian carefully opens the dress and stands back surveying her lightly tanned skin.  He feels her shrink as he strokes the bridge of a strapless black lace bra encasing her breasts.  He continues the action, once again giving her time to object, to give in.  Not a word.
  He frowns and for a brief moment he suddenly realises that he might not hold all the power after all, instead she has it.
I can’t resist her and she knows.
She is the one making him do the entire running, making him please her and tease her into giving him the truth.  But it won’t stop him.  He doesn’t care anymore, can only see what he wants and needs and will take it. 
He replaces his palms on her shoulders and lowers them down her back with firm pressure.  Isabelle shivers.  He dips his hands to grasp her naked waist and pulls her sharply back against him before plunging his eager hands down onto the flimsy lace and satin underwear that so prettily match her bra.  He can see the pert cheeks of her buttocks and feels his desire swell. 
His response is to pull her back further until his hardness nestles between them and she can feel it hard and pulsing urging her taking.  Again, there is no sound escaping her lips.  He’s perplexed but it doesn’t stop him.  He caresses those fingers that have become so expert at pleasuring a woman to get what he needs, through her honey hair.  It’s so soft.  It smells of peaches and cream.  Christian presses his nose against it.  A woman hasn’t smelt so sweet and pure to him in a long time.  He wants to bury his face in her sweetness and disappear.
Listen to you.  You sound just like a bloody woman.
 Christian returns his fingers to the thin straps of her dress resting on her shoulders.  She shivers again as he slides them down and a little whimper escapes her lips.  He pauses again but nothing.
He wants her body revealed, to expose every secret part of her, to conquer her will.  Her eyes are following the descent of her dress with him as it caresses and swishes down across her more than ample attributes.  He moves in with the expertise of a skilled hunter trapping his prey.  She jolts when she feels the catch of her bra being lifted before the dress has even reached the ground.  Isabelle gasps with horror and quickly cups her breasts covering them for protection. 
He hears himself give a small laugh and brushes his eager fingers down her side to soothe her fear.
“Don’t be coy with me, Isabelle, give me your breasts,” he whispers seductively against her ear, knowing her skin is tingling with excitement, begging for his touch.
  He sweeps his hands around her body until they cover her own over her breasts.  He caresses her hands and leans in close.  They are beautifully manicured but she’s been trying to nibble at them, like a secret nail biter.  Everything about her says money and vulnerable, but sneaking into his room in the middle of the night and her willingness to face him down says different.  He should check out her story but he doesn’t really care if it is true or not now.  He just wants her.  He starts to prise her hands away and with some struggle he succeeds.  Groaning he cups the soft feminine flesh greedily.
Christian feels her involuntarily arch her back and press her milky globes tight into his palms.  They are soft, warm and swollen. So she wants this just as much as he does.  He won’t disappoint her.  Her wish is his command.  The  dark puckered nipples are so hard and erect, more evidence of her arousal.  He pulls them sharply until they are taut and hears her cry out with pleasure, arching her back against him. 
Her breathing is laboured with desire and her eyes are closed as if she is ashamed.  Christian turns her around and looks down at her small voluptuous form that is being offered as a sacrifice.  It’s a struggle for him to keep control.  She slowly looks up at him.  Her eyes display her soul that’s a mixture of dangerous want and fatal fragility. 
Isabelle’s pale lips are full and plump with a fine sheen of moisture glistening.  She’s so beautiful standing there and she’s all his for that moment.  The notion hits him hard in the stomach as though he’s just been punched.  His hands grip her hips possessively and tug her towards him.
  He strokes a digit over her clit.  The material barring his touch is sopping wet.  He’s made her like this.  It makes him feel strong giving him the illusion of being in control again.  He knows he is the only one at that moment who can satisfy the desire pounding inside her.  He won’t wait anymore.  His hand grips the top of her panties and rips them hard, shredding the material to the floor.  Her pelvis bucks against him and the motion of the contact is nearly enough to send him over the edge.  Those pouting lips open to gasp and he captures them, desperate to taste her essence.
  Christian wrestles her tongue and reigns dominant.  This woman is like some kind of drug he needs.  Only she can satisfy his painful ache.  His fingers reach in to her pussy to find it lush and heavily moist.  She is ready for him.  He pulls and squeezes the tight nub of flesh nestled there, making her cry out when he cruelly pinched it.
  Unable to wait any longer, he unzips his trousers and takes out his long hard throbbing cock.  He looks down at the black lacy hold ups still adorning her legs and thinks how damn sexy she looks.  Christian turns back and snatches her mouth feeling her arms slip around his neck as he directs his penis between the folds of her sex.  He smiles against her mouth in triumph.
  Lifting her up he harshly pulls her buttocks apart before pushing her back callously onto the wooden bedpost.  Then he spears his cock inside her so fast and deep as though making a kill.  He drives inside her feeling her begin to tighten around him.  She cries out with intoxicated pleasure welcoming his rough handling.  Christian is driving so fast and she’s helplessly bucking against him, sliding up and down the post.  He’s deep inside her and he comes quicker than he has ever done with any woman.  Its pleasure is painful and consuming.  She comes a second after and he can see the tortured ecstasy on her face riding her with him like a reluctantly saddled horse until it breaks her in.
The Devil You Know Complete Book
The Devil You Know Book Three

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