Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Chateau: Obedience Released

At long last, The Chateau: Obedience is now available on Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited.  I hope you like it.  Check out the blurb and another sneaky peak excerpt below.

This is my naughtiest Chateau story yet.  Obedience is a full on BDSM and spanking romance with  elements of Ageplay, Erotic lactation, breeding fantasy and more.  And I am planning another spin off with two of the new characters in the story.

I hope you like it.  Happy Reading!

Just a quick update to let you know I will be writing the second instalment of the first spin off series from The Chateau called Minette's Correction which has proved to be very popular.  This is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

I will also be doing a post in the next few hours on the release of my erotic thriller written under my own name called The Devil You Know Book Four.  The full book is coming very soon, if you would prefer to read it that way.  Again these books will be available on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited.

The Chateau:  Obedience

The first story in the new Chateau series.

The handsome Dominant Dean of The Chateau, Maxim Devereux  is back and cracking the whip.  He is determined to wed and breed his bride to be Carla as soon as possible but discovers she requires some more submission training.  After taking his belt to her bare bottom, he decides to train her as a Little.  But first he believes a short stay in the Milking House is in order. 

Maxim must also protect Carla and the other female employees from the continuing threat to kidnap them by the owners of the breeding slave farm.  Whilst ensuring Carla’s protection and subsequent submissive training, he must attend to Chateau business.  One of the beautiful heifers from the Milking House requires a punishment for her bad behavior and must be firmly tamed with a riding crop and paddle.  He allows one of the young rich male students to assist him in bringing the cowgirl to task and notices an attraction between the two.

Can the Dean help the young Lord Dedrick convince his family he can make a match with an ordinary young French girl rather than a noblewoman?  More importantly can he continue to keep Carla safe from the owner of the breeding farm who seeks to possess and breed her for this own after he finds out about her own aristocratic heritage?

Publisher’s Note: The Chateau: Obedience contains elements of BDSM, erotic lactation fantasy, spanking, age play, breeding fantasy and more. If this material offends you, please do not buy this book.

The Chateau:  Obedience Second Excerpt (Read the first in the previous post)

Maxim entered the field and paused a moment to view the class.  The lecturer acknowledged him and Maxim felt a small stab of unexpected jealousy sting him when the students turned to sweep their admiring eyes over his collared naked Bride’s body.  They moved to the side as he approached allowing him to view and assess the subject of their class.

One of the beautiful chestnut haired heifers was tied naked in a squatting position to one of the smooth wide black poles dotted around the field.  Her hands were bound above her, a leather gag in her mouth kept her silent.  The position of her arms beautifully displayed her large pendulous breasts, the tips of which were dark and swollen.  Maxim could see they were heavy with milk and by the pained look in her eyes she was past her milking time.  This was a punishment and no doubt well deserved.  They were not handed out lightly.  Milking of a heifer was always on time for her comfort.

A small piercing through each nipple displayed a small cow bell.  The heifer’s legs had been spread wide to open her sex in shame.  The lecturer in his teaching gown pressed the leather tip of a riding crop against her clit ready to whip and school her.  She was a delectable sight to behold in her captivity.

“Ah, Monsieur Devereux, would you care to view the punishment?” the lecturer asked with a smile glancing at Carla crawling on all fours at the Dean’s side.

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