Sunday, 18 January 2015

Daddy's Little Girl News & Cover Image Change

Just some quick news to let you know I have changed the cover for Daddy's Little Girl so that I can better promote it.  The original cover expressed the message I was trying to convey in Daddy's Little Girl but FB wouldn't let me advertise it with that one! It should appear on Amazon very soon.

Anyway, Book Two of Daddy's Little Girl will be released by the end of this week coming.  I am working fast on this one and there should be at least four instalments, after which they will be put together in one book.  The next episode will be entitled Worship.  Gabrielle learns to obey Daddy without question and that she is loved unconditionally as a Little. Watch this space!

In case you haven't checked out Daddy's Little Girl I have posted some links below.  Please note the this book is available on Kindle Unlimited.  Check out the blurb below and some excerpts on previous posts.  You can also see all of my Arabella Kingsley books on my Amazon Author Page.

Daddy's Little Girl :  Aceeptance

Gabrielle Charles is a woman at a crossroads in her life.  All hope seems to be lost until she meets a man who offers her everything she wants one morning out of the blue.

The darkly handsome rich and younger Frenchman is Valentin Coudray.  He wants to bare Gabrielle’s truth in the most literal sense of the world.  He offers to become her Daddy and introduce her to the delights of the new world she craves to belong to in return for being allowed to love, protect and cherish her in every sense.

Can Gabrielle allow herself to submit willingly to the dominant man and the power he wields or will she forsake her needs to accommodate others yet again and let her chance to have all that she wishes for slip away?

Publishers Note:  Daddy’s Little Girl is part of a series but can also be read as a stand alone book.  It features age play, spanking romance, Domestic Discipline and elements of BDSM.

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