Friday, 16 January 2015

Daddy's Little Girl & Dominic Kane: The Rescue Released

Daddy's Girl: Acceptance has been released on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.  After a lot of thought it just felt natural to release the book as a series as I work on it.  I find that when I write in small chunks I can ensure the quality of my writing and besides I have been excited to share this one with you.  For those who prefer a long book, no problem it will be released as a complete book at the end of the series.  However, please note Acceptance can also be read as a standalone book.

There has been a lot of interest expressed in Daddy's Little Girl and as requested I will be concentrating on finishing the series as quickly as possible.  I am already working on the next instalment. I continue to work on the series for which I get the most support so if you have a fave series please let me know.

Daddy's Little Girl is a story about romance and of finding acceptance of yourself in an age play setting.  There is also some spanking, DD and gentle BDSM.  Check out the blurb and another small excerpt below.  You can read a very small excerpt below.  A longer one can be located on the previous post.

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks to all those who commented on the previous excerpt.  Don't forget to read about my hot action romance & thriller (full book) Dominc Kane:  The Rescue afterwards.

Daddy’s Little Girl:  Acceptance

Gabrielle Charles is a woman at a crossroads in her life.  All hope seems to be lost until she meets a man who offers her everything she wants one morning out of the blue.

The darkly handsome rich and younger Frenchman is Valentin Coudray.  He wants to bare Gabrielle’s truth in the most literal sense of the world.  He offers to become her Daddy and introduce her to the delights of the new world she craves to belong to in return for being allowed to love, protect and cherish her in every sense.

Can Gabrielle allow herself to submit willingly to the dominant man and the power he wields or will she forsake her needs to accommodate others yet again and let her chance to have all that she wishes for slip away?

Publishers Note:  Daddy’s Little Girl is part of a series but can also be read as a stand alone book.  It features age play, spanking romance, Domestic Discipline and elements of BDSM.

Daddy's Little Girl:  Acceptance Excerpt

Valentin gave me several more smacks on my bottom and then brought my first punishment to an end.  The tenderness that followed was overwhelming.  Valentin leaned forward and brushed small kisses over my burning flesh to soothe the hot red soreness pulsing across it.  He circled his fingertips over one buttock.

“Good girl.  Hush, there’s no need to cry anymore.  It’s all over.”

Valentin raised me up to sitting on his knee.  My skirt was still around my waist and my panties below my thighs, resting just above my boots.  He held me tightly against him, trailing his fingers through my hair as I emptied the last of my emotion from my body.  I shook and trembled but he only held me tighter.  The more I cried the better I felt.  Eventually I calmed and remembered the wetness between my thighs.  It made me reach for my panties but Valentin’s hand shot out to stop me.  He shook his head.

‘No.  From now on when we are alone you will be naked.”

Daddy's Little Girl: Acceptance

Dominic Kane: The Rescue is a full length thriller, action romance featuring a hot British ex military alpha male turned security expert determined to rescue the love of his life from a war torn country and help her uncover a medical conspiracy.  Please note this is not an Erotica novel.  But there is plenty of romance and a heart rendering story about broken love being mended.

Check out the blurb below.

Security expert Dominic Kane helps his journalist ex-lover uncover a medical conspiracy to commit mass murder and sell human organs to the highest bidder.

Award winning journalist Rebecca Eaton crosses the closed border of a troubled Asian country to interview a Human Rights activist and known terrorist.  Three days later, after her reported mysterious disappearance, she turns up at the border tortured, beaten, minus her memory and one kidney.  When an attempt is made on her life in hospital, her employer sends Eaton's estranged ex-lover and security expert Dominic Kane to bring her safely home.

Kane wants Rebecca back and jumps at the chance to make her realize she walked out on a good thing.  But before he can entice her into a reconciliation he has to help her retrieve her memory and assist her in exposing a worldwide medical conspiracy involving mass murder and the selling of human organs.

Kane has to protect Rebecca from the men sent to silence her and the terrorists who insist she bring the medical criminals to justice or they will detonate four suicide bombs in London.  As he helps her unravel her lost memories Kane finds the conspiracy reaches into Rebecca's family and the highest echelons of power.

Dominic Kane: The Rescue

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