Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Masterful Husband & The Prince's Bride

Unfortunately I am having trouble posting the cover art for my new release, Book One in my new spanking romance thriller, The Masterful Husband entitled Submission & my steampunk story, The Prince's Bride.  But check out the blurbs below and please follow the links.

The Masterful Husband:  Submission is available now for $0.99 on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.  The Prince's Bride:  Claimed is a Cinderella Steampunk story featuring some elements of menage and that one is available for pre-order.  It will be released on Christmas Eve, 24th December.

The Masterful Husband: Submission
The Prince's Bride: Claimed

The Masterful Husband:  Submission

American Heart Surgeon, Jason Alexander’s wife disappeared from his life and their home in London just over a year ago.  Believing her dead he desperately tries to forget her and restart his life.  But when a police officer informs him they have found Gabriella safe and well living in another part of the country, old wounds are reopened.

When Jason confronts Gabriella he finds himself suspicious of her insistence that she has lost her memory and cannot remember him.  Her unwillingness to be co-operative with the police in questioning is also suspect.  Jason comes to believe his Human Rights Barrister wife is deliberately hiding the truth and trying to push him away from her.

Determined to find out the truth and ensure his wife’s protection, Jason has no hesitation in applying his hand to his wife’s bare bottom to deliver a sound spanking until she confesses and submits to his loving masterful rule as her husband once again.

The Masterful Husband: Submission

The Prince’s Bride:  Claimed

A Steampunk Cinderella Story.

Goulrich, 1889

When the magic that helped Lady Halverson go to the ball and meet the handsome Prince runs out, she takes flight from the palace and runs through the snowy forest in the dark to evade the pursuit of the Prince.  With her lavish ball gown disappearing and leaving her barefoot she finds herself alone and at the mercy of sex starved robbers.

However, the handsome Prince comes to her rescue and saves her from attack and death.  But the Prince is keen to bestow a punishment upon her for running from him and endangering her life in the forest.  Anastasia finds herself over his knee for a much needed bare bottom spanking in a abandoned shack witnessed by his two faithful male companions.

Prince Octavius is keen to take the wench for a Bride but before he is able to he must spank the truth from her as to why she ran from him and share making love to her with his two friends.  In Goulrich, a bond must be established before a woman may be taken to the altar.  This is achieved by her lover taking her with two or more men to ensure she forsakes the others for him alone afterwards.

In the small shack in the forest the three men agree to commence the ritual and subject the wench to the pleasure of a multiple taking to ensure her perceived bond with the Prince of the land is true and he is able to take her for a bride.

Prince Octavius is possessive and fearful one of the men will take her from him.  Can he keep her all to himself and lead her to the altar or will she be stolen from him?

The Prince's Bride: Claimed

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