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Tales from the Chateau Reduced for a Limited Time

For a limited time Tales from the Chateau Volume One containing all first five tales in The Chateau Series is available for $0.99.  It is also available in paperback for $6.50.  Please note all of the five tales can be bought as separate stories and I have just amended the price for these tales to $0.99.  The new price should go live on Amazon any time now!

I have been asked if I will be continuing the Chateau series and the answer is a definite yes.  In 2015 I will be writing about the dominant Dean who runs The Chateau, it's Stable housing the pony girls and the Dairy House containing the beautiful human milking cows with a firm hand. This has been my most popular series yet and I love writing about Maxim Devereux.  Take a look at the blurb below if you haven't heard about it before.  See if it wets your appetite.

Tales from the Chateau Volume One

Maxim Devereux is the handsome Dean of The Chateau. A school for the sons of the rich to learn the art of mastering a woman to pleasurable obedience in a range of ways from spanking to milking and breeding.

He is keen to involve himself in teaching as well as managing and longs to train a woman as his submissive and wife. He finds the perfect woman in the form of the beautiful and fragile Carla Lewis, the co-manager of the London school. When her abusive boyfriend is found to have embezzled the school's accounts and threatens Carla's life, Maxim is determined to protect her and keep her safe within the confines of The Chateau.

He informs his charge that this is the ideal time for her to learn more about the business by becoming one of the female submissives and for him to begin teaching again. Maxim sets about providing his stubborn wilful new pupil with a series of lessons on trust, discipline and surrender. He begins with a sound bare bottom caning in the Dean's office over his desk. Then he prepares her for the delights of the obedience classes, the Milking House and the stable with a thorough medical exam.

Maxim has every confidence that Carla will graduate from her training after he has exposed all of the hidden desires she hides with shame and mastered her to his will. But will she agree to be his bride and allow him to breed her?

Tales from the Chateau Volume One contains all five stories from The Chateau series together with a bonus tale, Correction.

Publishers Note: This book contains spanking, caning, elements of BDSM, pony play, erotic lactation fantasy, breeding fantasy, anal play and more. If this offends you, please do not buy this book.

I should also point out that there is a spin off series to The Chateau involving a naughty female employee who was soundly spanked on her bare bottom by the Dean in front of her male peers and sent to The Stable for correction.  It is called Minette's Correction and this is also available for $0.99 for a limited time.  A shorter version of the first episode in the Minette's Correction series is available as a teaser in Tales from the Chateau Volume One.  Check out the blurb's below.  You can also find excerpts from these books in previous posts on here.

Minette's Correction  Book One

The Chateau is a school for the sons of the rich leaving University to learn the art of mastering a woman to pleasurable obedience in a range of ways from spanking to pony play and milking. 

Minette has made the mistake of betraying the Dean of The Chateau, Maxim Devereux. After receiving a firm bare bottom spanking in public in the Dean's office, to avoid prison she agrees to serve a sentence of penitence in The Chateau's Stable as a pony girl and prospective breeding bride for one of the male students. 

Handsome Chinese American student, Huiliang is captivated by the feisty Minette. He believes she may be tamed to obedience and decides he would like to claim her as his bride at Graduation. But he faces a challenge to possessing Minette from his fellow student Kyle. Can he claim Minette for his own or must he concede defeat in his duel with his friend? 

Publishers Note: This book contains fantasy elements of BDSM, spanking, pony play, enema and more. Please do not buy this book if you are offended by this subject matter.

Minette's Correction

I have also been asked about when His Submissive Housewife will be released.  Hopefully in the next few days, if my demanding family can give me some respect and let me get on with my work instead of sorting their lives out! Lol.

Finally a quick reminder that episode one of my Steampunk Cinderella story, The Prince's Bride: Claimed which you can currently pre-order will be released on Christmas Eve, 24th December.  Take a look at the blurb below.

The Prince's Bride: Claimed

A Steampunk Cinderella Story. 

Goulrich, 1889 

When the magic that helped Lady Halverson go to the ball and meet the handsome Prince runs out, she takes flight from the palace and runs through the snowy forest in the dark to evade the pursuit of the Prince. With her lavish ball gown disappearing and leaving her barefoot she finds herself alone and at the mercy of sex starved robbers. 

However, the handsome Prince comes to her rescue and saves her from attack and death. But the Prince is keen to bestow a punishment upon her for running from him and endangering her life in the forest. Anastasia finds herself over his knee for a much needed bare bottom spanking in a abandoned shack witnessed by his two faithful male companions. 

Prince Octavius is keen to take the wench for a Bride but before he is able to he must spank the truth from her as to why she ran from him and share making love to her with his two friends. In Goulrich, a bond must be established before a woman may be taken to the altar. This is achieved by her lover taking her with two or more men to ensure she forsakes the others for him alone afterwards. 

In the small shack in the forest the three men agree to commence the ritual and subject the wench to the pleasure of a multiple taking to ensure her perceived bond with the Prince of the land is true and he is able to take her for a bride. 

Prince Octavius is possessive and fearful one of the men will take her from him. Can he keep her all to himself and lead her to the altar or will she be stolen from him? 



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