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Steampunk Spanking Romance Cinderella Story, The Prince's Bride Released

The first episode in my naughty Steampunk spanking romance Cinderella story serial with an element of menage, The Prince's Bride has just gone live on Amazon.  Check out the blurb and an excerpt below to wet your appetite. ;)

And a very Merry Christmas to you all!

Thank you for all of your support.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and my books.  There are lots more stories to come in 2015!

The Prince's Bride:  Claimed


A Steampunk Cindrella Story.

Goulrich, 1889

When the magic that helped Lady Halverson go to the ball and meet the handsome Prince runs out, she takes flight from the palace and runs through the snowy forest in the dark to evade the pursuit of the Prince. With her lavish ball gown disappearing and leaving her barefoot she finds herself alone and at the mercy of sex starved robbers.

However, the handsome Prince comes to her rescue and saves her from attack and death. But the Prince is keen to bestow a punishment upon her for running from him and endangering her life in the forest. Anastasia finds herself over his knee for a much needed bare bottom spanking in a abandoned shack witnessed by his two faithful male companions.

Prince Octavius is keen to take the wench for a Bride but before he is able to he must spank the truth from her as to why she ran from him and share making love to her with his two friends. In Goulrich, a bond must be established before a woman may be taken to the altar. This is achieved by her lover taking her with two or more men to ensure she forsakes the others for him alone afterwards.

In the small shack in the forest the three men agree to commence the ritual and subject the wench to the pleasure of a multiple taking to ensure her perceived bond with the Prince of the land is true and he is able to take her for a bride.

Prince Octavius is possessive and fearful one of the men will take her from him. Can he keep her all to himself and lead her to the altar or will she be stolen from him?


The Prince's Bride:  Claimed  Excerpt

Prince Octavius was more than sure the beautiful lady was worthy of being his bride and he was eager to begin her training for becoming his future wife and Queen when the time came.  He looked down at her feet and frowned.  They were red and she was shivering uncontrollably.  What had she been doing running in her undergarments?  Where had her delightful purple ball gown gone.  He still possessed one of her purple satin slippers but where was the other? His Royal Highness had many questions to ask his bride to be but there were other considerations that needed to be dealt with first.  The woman was obviously undisciplined and needed the firm hand of a man applied to her bare bottom to bring her back to her senses.  The Prince would make sure she never put her life in danger ever again.  She was nearly raped and could have been killed.  The very thought of her being hurt made the Prince’s tall lean muscled frame tense.

Deciding that robust action was needed to tackle her dangerous behavior he dipped his tall frame and pulled the beauty easily over his shoulder and began to carry her to the home.  Involuntarily he tightened his grip on her legs as the images of seeing her nearly raped entered his mind making him more than eager to begin her spanking for frightening him with her recklessness in running from the safety of his arms.

The lady clearly did not care for the indignity of the position over his broad shoulder which provocatively thrust her bottom out.  To show her displeasure she kicked at his chest.

“Your Highness, please put me down.”

He did not communicate his reply with his lips but the sudden slap of his hand against her bottom.  Anastasia yelped and received another sharp strike upon her cold clothed bottom.  Then a third came fast making his companions grin with approval at the robust manner the Prince had decided to deal with his lady’s dissent.

“I will not put you down.  Firstly, your feet are red and frozen,” the Prince informed her caressing his hand gently over one of her buttocks delighted by its pertness he could feel through the flimsy material.  “Secondly, I need to bestow some sound discipline upon you with a spanking for running away from me in to a dangerous forest and putting your life at risk.  You were attacked and could have been killed,” he told her in a brusque clipped regal manner, squeezing the buttock tightly to punctuate his annoyance.  She gave a small whimper.

“Yes, your highness,” she answered meekly.

The Prince felt her become limp and pliant over his shoulder resigning herself to her punishment as he carried her through the trees to another clearing albeit much larger and wider than the first, a small distance away.  In the middle of this clearing was a quaint old abandoned wooden shack.  The Prince arrogantly kicked the door open with his long booted foot and carried Anastasia inside followed by his two companions.

“Mordecai, start a fire to warm the place while I see to this lady’s punishment,”

“Yes, your Highness.”

Mordecai leaned in to the old open fireplace and piled some wood in that stood unused at the side of it.  He took out a gold lighter from his pocket and lit the fire.  Benedict stoked the fire as the Prince carried Anastasia to a large wooden four poster bed, thankfully still clothed in chaste white bedding.  Whoever had last been in the small shack had not long been gone.  They must have left in a hurry. 

Prince Octavius lowered Anastasia to the dusty wooden floor.  Still keeping a hold of her arm he sat down on the bed pulling his long coat open wide to reveal the rich gold silk lining and quickly pulled a distraught tearful Anastasia downwards over his knee.  She sobbed quietly.  The Prince paid her crying no heed and lifted her around the waist to better position her bottom for spanking, lowering her further until her small dainty hands pressed on to the wooden floor to steady her balance.  It was an awkward helpless position even for a spanking and he hoped it would teach her a lesson.  He expected his wife to be obedient to his commands especially those concerning her safety and wellbeing.

‘This spanking will also serve to warm your chilled body, my lady.  And when I begin I will be asking you some questions that I expect answered or your punishment will last longer than it should need to.  Do I make myself clear, my Lady?”
The Prince's Bride: Claimed

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