Saturday, 13 December 2014

Short versus Long Novels & The Way Forward Mission Statement

After receiving yet another one star review that criticised me for writing novels in a series rather as one book last night I have felt compelled to write a post on why I do it.

I decided to take the self publishing route after being blocked from experimenting with my writing and dipping in to other areas of erotica.  My publishers wanted me to work on producing the same type of spanking romance novel over and over again.  I can understand them wanting me to do what works and that some people are very successful at doing it.  But it isn't for me.  I like to keep moving on to new things and for this reason I knew I had to go it alone.

After doing a lot of research on Amazon I noticed a lot of people were writing short series.  I have decided to do the same with my novels.  I don't have time to read a full book in one go and I suspect a lot of other people don't either.  So rather than lump it all in to one heavy book I decided to treat the story like a TV series and release books in the form of episodes in a low cost format and many times for free in the beginning.  Once the series is ended I will release it all in one book as I did with Tales from the Chateau.

Releasing books in this fashion has allowed me to develop a lot of ideas and cater to all different tastes in Erotic fiction.  Everyone has been able to follow their own favourite series as they would do if watching the television.  As a result some series have been more successful than others.  I get a lot of fun out of writing this way because I can work on many projects thereby keeping my creative juices stimulated and I can produce more of a variety of work.

However, I am more than aware that there are a lot of traditional readers out there who hate this approach.  This post is not to invite any more comments in this vein.  I am well aware of your thoughts on the matter.  I think there is room for both ways to work and I would like to see how many people do like it for a change.  In future I will make sure all of my work carries a warning it is a series so traditional readers don't need to buy it just to criticise it and be controversial like so many reviewers like to be.

I have been told by many people, especially on Facebook that they enjoy how I write.  Unfortunately, not many people have decided to express this on Amazon and I have been left with one star critical reviews despite the good sales rank.

If you like the series approach and a particular story, I really would be grateful if you could show your support on Amazon.  Constructive criticism regarding the characters or the story is more than welcomed so please be more vocal out there.  Comments on this blog would also be appreciated.

Arabella Kingsley Publications was set up not just for Erotica but to also indulge my passion for writing paranormal, science fiction, Steampunk and thriller stories.  Again, doing the series approach means I can write in other genres under my own name, Sara Curran-Ross.

Last night I was very close to deciding to give up writing Erotica.  I am still not very sure if I should continue writing the series or Erotica itself because of the comments and disapproval in experimenting with my work.  However, if I do continue writing the series I am only going to concentrate on ones that people are really enjoying.  So if you want a particular series to continue, please show your support for it.

I look forward to receiving your comments.

Thanks for your help.



  1. I adore your thoughts here and I'm so in empathy... it's almost like I'm going with my serial, Vala's Story. True, as my BR and I work on it, books are getting longer and longer lol (books 1 and 2 came in just about novella or small novel length, but book 3 is trying to come in around 80K words) but I'm not publishing books that are standalone books, you need to continue with the story from the beginning. But yeah, all those bits and beats that you can do in a longer store, in more pieces. I'm excited to get to some of your writing

  2. Many thanks for your great comments Joelle. I also think my writing is better when I am working on the story in small parts rather than one longer book.