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Mastered By The Knight, Little Princess, Kidnapped & Disciplined & So Much More!

I have reduced the first instalment of the Mastered By The Knight Series to $0.99.  If you love sexy knights determined to spank their lady for defying their rules on safety and offering themselves to a dragon in sacrifice rather than marrying, then this one is for you!

Check out the blurb and a small excerpt below.  After that I have posted details of some other books you might be interested in that I have written for Blushing Books and Stormy Night Publications.

Remember the first instalment of my Steampunk Cinderella series, The Prince's Bride: Claimed is released tomorrow.  You can preorder it now.

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Mastered By The Knight

Sir Guy, The Valiant is determined to seek glory in a knightly quest and rescue the fair damsel in distress from the dragon and her own fiery temper. He bestows a sound bare bottom spanking upon the Lady together with three lessons of punishment for offering herself as a sacrifice to the dragon. However, he is surprised when he finds himself falling for the Lady Beatrix and is determined to defend her to the death from an army of dark knights.

Publishers Note: This is a novel written in episodes (Book One, two etc) of one story in an on going series. If this style does not appeal to you, please do not buy this book.

Mastered By The Knight contains spanking, anal play, BDSM and more. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

Mastered By The Knight Excerpt

The damsel stared up at him with fright and tried to remove her weakened body from his arms but he was to hold her fast.  Sir Guy stroked his finger tips against her cheek and held her against his chest.

“Hush, you are safe.  I am Sir Guy.  The dragon is slain, little one,” he told her softly.

Once more he reached for some water and this time dribbled it over her delicate pink lips.  With eagerness she opened her mouth and reached to capture the liquid.

“Thank you, brave knight,” she whispered with a smile.  “I had believed I welcomed death but  when faced with it I discovered I wanted to live.  If you had not come along my life would have ended.  I am in your debt, my lord.”
The handsome knight smiled down and continued to stroke the girl’s cheek.

“I am encouraged that you now value your life.  You should not have been so willing to give it up for sacrifice, little one.  You have caused your father great distress.  And what is this nonsense about not marrying?  This must be removed from your thoughts.  Every woman should be loved and ruled in marriage by a noble man and you are no exception.  Your stubborn and wilful nature causes you harm and I intend to correct it with some much need discipline,” the Knight said softly, darkly, tilting her chin upwards so he could gaze directly in to her violet eyes.

Her eyes widened and he felt her body tighten with fear in his arms.
“What do you intend to do with me?” she was breathless.

“Spank you bare bottom, wench until you understand the folly of your actions and the distress you have put your father and family through.  Had your mother been alive I believe she would have died with fright.  I will not only rescue from the dragon but from yourself.”

Beatrix gave an outraged cry.

“But please, Sir Guy, I have learnt from my ordeal.  Please be reassured.  There is no need to spank me like a child.  I am a grown woman.”
The knight chuckled. 

“Even now, your wilful nature betrays you in your speech.  It must be curbed,” he said firmly.

Before Beatrix could react any further he stood with her in his arms and then set her down, pulling her over his black leather clad knees.  She struggled and kicked against him.  Her bad behaviour was to intensify when he smoothed his large male palm over the part of the silky long gown which covered her rump.  The material was soft and feminine.  It smelt of gardenias despite the splash of blood from the slain dragon.  The girl was beautiful, young and fresh.  He inhaled the scent and then gathered the material in his hands forcing it up her back to her waist exposing her rump. 
She was naked underneath just like every over woman in the realm.  It was intoxicating to know that whenever he met a woman, if she be willing all he had to do was to lift her gown, moisten her sex and then penetrate her wherever and whenever he wished. 

The lady cursed him moving her body on top of his legs, unwittingly rubbing the blonde curls framing her pretty sex and the gentle bud of pleasure nestled there on top of the smooth leather.  He ached to touch the lips of her pussy, coax her willingly to arousal but he was a man who believed in firm discipline for a woman.  In these violent times it was essential a woman was obedient to a man trying to protect her and ensure her well being.  A good spanking would remind the reckless wench of her position and the danger she faced.

He warranted the girl had been spoilt.  She needed the firm guidance of a male hand striking her bare bottom and should be married as soon as possible.  No woman was safe with such a nature.  Many rebellious women determined to dwell on their own were being caught and herded in to slavery by mysterious troops of men and transported to other lands for sex and forced breeding.

Many gold pieces changed hands   Some of them had even been married and  taken from their homes, husbands and children.  Those women who had not been of taste to their kidnappers on reflection had been found at the edges of villages or in the forests with their throats cut.  Sir Guy would not allow this beauty to befall such a cruel violent fate.

Her struggles were great prompting the knight to take  a harder stance.  Perhaps the lady would benefit from the humiliation of being deprived of her clothing.  Fighting her kicking and screaming, he took hold of the bottom of her gown and tore at the material with his hands.  His great strength ensured he made short work of the garment and after a short while her body was bared for all who cared to view it. 

The handsome knight reached his hand back down in to the cool water and scooped up a handful of liquid in to his hand.  He brought it over the struggling wench’s rump and allowed droplets of the cool refreshing water to cascade over her bare bottom and down between the delicate crease which erotically parted both pale pink and cream buttocks.  Then he was to watch it travel down through the ripe lips of her pussy.

For a moment he wished he had been in possession of a piece of ginger with which to insert in to the girl’s anus for the length of her spanking punishment.  The fiery moisture secreted by the vegetable would be stronger than the damsel’s temper and would subdue it in to submission.  Alas it was not to be and he needed to be firmer with his hand when wielding it to spank the girl. 

He was also to dribble the water over the tender backs of her thighs  Beatrix bucked down against his legs giving a small gasp of surprise at the coolness of the water on her vulnerable flesh, exposed to the sunlight.

Sir Guy used the back of his fingers to spread the water around her bottom, ignoring her whimpers and pleas.  Spanking the lady when wet would ensure her chastisement was more painful and would not be forgotten.  Every time she put her life in danger and disobeyed her father Sir Guy wanted her to remember this spanking and think twice before acting in case he returned to repeat the punishment.

When he was satisfied her bottom was plentifully wet he raised his damp hand and brought  the first strike down hard.  The girl yelped and let out a loud sob.  The water on her skin splashed against his hand.  Her rump jumped and quivered.  He made sure the second blow came thick and fast before the wench could anticipate it or recover from the flaring sting of punishment. 

Mastered By The Knight

Here are some other books published through Blushing Books and Stormy Night Publications.  If Age play is your thing, try Little Princess.

Little Princess

The young, handsome and wealthy present day Scottish 14th Duke of Macgrory, Marshal Blackwood falls in love with his European business manager’s fragile wife during a two month stay with the couple.  He discovers her husband beats her, gambles and is in severe debt.  In his last poker game he lost the house and his wife to a violent London crime gang leader as though she were a possession for sale.

The Duke finds himself fiercely protective of Angelica who naively does not believe what her husband has done and decides to stand by him.  Marshal takes matters in to his own hands by kidnapping Angelica and keeping her locked away for the sake of her safety in his family seat, Lochabar castle in Scotland.

Angelica finds her kidnapper to be very paternal and determined in regressing her back to being a child so he can ascertain  what it is in her past that keeps her loyal to her wife beating husband.  Referring to her as his little princess, Angelica finds herself having to call him Papa in an age-play role.  Angelica is confused when she finds herself taking a likening to the role she is made to play and the warm reassurance Marshal’s paternal protection affords her.

But when he probes deep in to her violent past she is at pains to hide it.  This prompts Marshal to administer a series of hard bare bottom spankings and then to diaper her sore bottom.  He also ensures she receives an intimate medical examination in front of him because she refuses to eat.

Angelica quickly learns the younger man she is helplessly falling for means to wield his sexy dominant aristocratic power over her to keep her safe from the crime gang leader who hunts her and her own destructive tendencies.  There is no choice but to surrender and become his little princess unconditionally.

Little Princess

Kneeling Before Her Knight

When her sister Rosalie is dragged from her home to be married against her will, Christabel turns in desperation to the only man who might be able to help.  Unfortunately for her, that man is Sir Tristan, a knight who swears his questing days are behind him and refuses to aid her.  When she questions his manhood, however, she quickly finds that he is more than ready to bare her bottom and spank her soundly.

Before she knows it, Christabel finds herself naked, bound and serving at the pleasure of Sir Tristan.  In spite of herself, she finds that some part of her is deeply aroused by her situation, but she cannot forget her sister’s plight.  Will she convince her new master to act to save Rosalie before it is too late?

Publisher’s Note:  Kneeling Before Her Knight is an erotic novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more.  If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

Fancy a very hot steamy Steampunk BDSM romance?  This one is not for the faint hearted!  This Prince loves to spank and harness his woman when she is naughty.  Check out the five star reviews for this one.

Harnessed By The Prince

Emmeline is a young English author of steampunk fantasies set in a parallel universe. After a series of disturbing vivid dreams about the world she writes about which feel more like memories than a story, she is attacked by two men. To her surprise, the real physical embodiment of the hero in her novel, Prince Amias comes to her rescue.

The handsome dominant Prince informs her that the universe in her book is written from her memories and not her imagination. Emmeline is the lost Empress of the Omega Quadrant who was to be married to the Prince the day she disappeared. Brought to Earth through a portal to be sheltered as the Quadrant was ravished by a plague that killed most of its women, she suffered a car accident and lost her memory.

But she is wilful and resistant to the Prince’s determination to return her to rule and help a universe where women are hunted and captured in raids by men in the six planets of the Quadrant for love, companionship and breeding and where war has broken out. To convince her of her duty and his loving role as her master, the Prince administers a series of firm bare bottom spankings and whippings. Emmeline becomes more concerned about the desire and pleasurable aching need she develops when the Prince enforces his strict punishing discipline. She rediscovers her love for the man who has searched for her for all of these years and never given up hope of their reunion.

The Prince informs Emmeline that although she may rule the Quadrant it his loving and dutiful role to both master and rule her and provide balance. The Quadrant must see he is the authority she kneels before or he will be deemed not fit to be her mate. Will the ultimate humiliation of being harnessed with reins and publicly made to kneel before her Prince be a step too far or convince Emmeline to accept her role and destiny with the Prince by her side in a world she had left behind?

A spanking Romance mystery with a hot alpha husband prepared to protect his woman at all costs and take her in hand?

Conquering Sabrina

Sabrina has built a new life for herself as a respected historian in the ten years since she woke up in a London hospital badly beaten and with no memory of her identity or her past. When her work takes her to the historic French chateau of a wealthy, powerful man by the name of Raoul Valoire, however, her new life begins to unravel without warning.

It starts with dreams—or are they memories—of a life with Raoul. But these dreams don’t show any life that the proud, independent Sabrina would ever have imagined for herself. They reveal a young woman deeply in love, but they also reveal a husband willing to strip his feisty wife naked and spank her. Worse, they show a wife who, as much as she may fight it at first, ultimately submits to her husband’s firm discipline and fierce lovemaking.

In spite of the dreams, most of Sabrina’s memories still fail to return, even after Raoul informs her that she was indeed his wife until she disappeared ten years ago, and tells her that he has searched for her and longed for her return every day since. Confused and in need of space, Sabrina prepares to flee the chateau, but Raoul makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he will not lose her again, even if that means using his power and connections, and if necessary his firm hand applied to her bare bottom, to keep her by his side.

Even as she fights against his control over her, Sabrina feels something kindling inside her again, and her fury at Raoul is mixed with a burning desire to be his once more. Soon, though, memories of her kidnapping ten years ago begin to resurface, and the shadow of the past threatens to consume them both. It will take more than the dying embers of romance to keep Sabrina and Raoul from being torn apart again—it will take the rebirth of a fiery and passionate love.

Publisher’s Note: Conquering Sabrina is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes including lesbian play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

A naughty alien menage spanking romance with elements of age play?

Warrior Masters:  Tameable

When an alien killer begins stalking and kidnapping women in the village, Amanda finds herself the next primary target. Roman and Julian put a stop to Amanda's new independent life and appoint themselves her protectors. Reluctant to accept being robustly "taken in hand" by the two men for the sake of her safety, she finds herself over the knee of each brother in turn receiving a series of sound bare bottom spankings and an intimate medical examination. Both men regress their beautiful charge to to being a child until she accepts their control and realizes she is dependent upon their fierce protection.

To Amanda's surprise, she begins to fall in love with her two neighbors who are able to bond with her psychically as well as physically. She is ready to submit willingly to their mastery and loving discipline. Amanda discovers why both brothers are so overprotective when she is led in to their dark dangerous world. Battling warrior knights wielding ancient swords from their home planet of Trian who are intent on claiming Amanda as their own whether she wishes it or not , make both men determined to force her submission.

But each brother also wants to possess her for his own and are ready to kill each other for the privilege as the rites of their hybrid alien race demand. Can she convince them she needs them both in her life?

Publisher's Note: Tameable: Warrior Masters by Arabella Kingsley is an erotic sci-fi adventure, intended for adults only. It features erotic spanking and BDSM elements as well as age- and medical- play in a menage setting. Tameable was originally released as "Double Trouble" by Madeline Croft. Tameable has been extensively re-written and altered from the original version.

Two Regency spanking romances, Kidnapped & Disciplined and Kidnapped & Bound (my bestseller!).  Check out the five star reviews for Kidnapped and Bound.

Kidnapped and Disciplined

Lady Dashwood is kidnapped on horseback by the wickedly handsome Lord Ramsay. Her kidnapper means to hold her captive, to force her brother to return Ramsay's infirm sister, whom he tricked into marriage. If Andrew does not return Lord Ramsay's sister, then Pamela Dashwood will be sold to the scandalous Lord Simon for revenge. 

Unexpectedly, Lord Ramsay finds himself determined to possess the feisty, beautiful heiress, but Pamela is defiant and equally determined to quench her burning desire for her abductor. 

Unaccustomed to not having his way, Lord Ramsay administers a healthy dose of bare bottom spanking to his charge and discovers that she is more than willing to submit to his mastery. Can he resolve his dispute with Andrew in time to save her from Lord Simon? Will any of them find their happy ending?

Kidnapped and Bound

One moonlit night, Lady Eleanor Gerard finds herself bound, gagged, kidnapped and receiving a firm bare bottom spanking at the hand of her fiancé, in his carriage a week before their marriage.

Lord Grange means to sell her in payment for a large gambling debt to the formidable dangerous rake known as The Viscount. He owns an exclusive club for rich Regency gentlemen where they can gamble, enjoy pleasurable time with one of the captured women in his harem or buy and sell a woman in a bride sale.

Eleanor is stripped and assessed by the Viscount and his friends without hopes of rescue. But when the handsome dark eyed young man sitting next to the Viscount views her with an attracted and unexpected protective eye, Eleanor finds herself taking courage she might not be lost to the Viscount in a life of servitude.

Lord Drake Morgan is a rake but disproving of the Viscount and his ways. When Lord Morgan views the helpless yet feisty and obstinate Lady Gerard, he experiences a strong attraction. He wonders if she is not the woman to satisfy his need to dominate, protect and lovingly discipline within the confines of marriage itself. It is clear her reckless stubborn nature causes her safety and well being to be compromised and he yearns to correct her with a series of much needed, firm bare bottom spankings and a turn with his riding crop. Perhaps she is the woman to tame his restless spirit after all. 

Another alien Warrior Masters BDSM novel, this time set in the Victorian times.  Check out the five star reviews.

Binding The Queen

Devon, 1893. 

Lord Nathan Valancourt is young, handsome rich and dominant. He is also an alien hiding in Victorian society. He believes strongly in disciplining a woman over his knee with a sound firm bare bottom spanking or a caning when she puts her life at risk. When he discovers his fate is to bond and mate with the beautiful but stubborn Trian Queen, he has no hesitation in introducing her to domestic discipline to keep her safe. 

There are many challengers to Nathan’s position as the Juliet’s lover, mate, adviser and the leader of her army. Other knights and a powerful witch seek to deprive him of his Queen forcing him to fight for the right to bind her to him for an eternity.

A sexy dangerous menage set in Paris and the Loire Valley with two tender loving men determined to protect an abused woman.

Isabelle escapes to Paris from her dangerous Mafia boyfriend hell bent on forcing her back in to his bed. His handsome rivals, Lucien Deschanel and Christian Dalban are the only men who can protect her and help her bring him and their own rejected Mafia families to justice.

But Isabelle is an abused woman who feels inferior with her body image and is reckless with her safety by being determined to finish the job on her own. To bring Isabelle back to her senses the younger men kidnap her and deliver some sound discipline to her bare bottom over their knees in turn. Then they regress her to childhood to make her feel safe and allow herself to trust them and their help.

Lucien and Christian are made to realise that Isabelle belongs to them both and the three cannot be separated even when the secrets of her past threaten them all. 

Editor's Note: This story contains multiple partners, lactation fantasy, and abuse themes. If these issues bother you, please do not buy this book.

Happy Reading!

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