Tuesday, 16 December 2014

His Submissive Housewife: The Proposal

Jus thought I would post a taster of Episode One of the new Erotic BDSM series I am writing entitled, His Submissive Housewife: The Proposal.

In the New Year I will be in a position to update most of the series I am running of which Forever Loved, The Manor, The Venetian Affair, The Butler's Rules, The Masterful Husband and Minette's Correction will take priority.

Enjoy the taster and let me know what you think.


The Submissive Housewife:  The Proposal

Ariana sat bolt upright in the bed.  She had been waiting a while and now the man was finally here.  The door opened prompting her to pull the ivory silk sheet to her chest to cover her nakedness beneath it.  It was a coy action, one which probably had no place in the situation but female modesty demanded it.

The handsome dark haired Russian sat on the end of the bed next to her and with a smile tucked his fingers around the top of the sheet.  Slowly he pulled it away and she offered him no resistance aws though it were his right to bare her body to his gaze.  His blue green eyes took in the softness and pertness of her milky breasts in the flickering candlelight.  He reached out and circled the tip of his finger around one puckered base of her nipple and Ariana unexpectedly found herself taking a breath.

“I take it you are Nickolai Antonovich,” she questioned breathlessly as the Russian billionaire continued his intimate caress.  He smiled gently and Ariana found herself deeply taken in by his handsome smooth masculine features.

‘Yes.  Your sister has explained everything?”

“Once you’ve taken me her debt will be paid and you won’t call the police?” she asked nervously watching the tip of her nipple become painfully taut with his expert touch.

“Perhaps.  That depends on you.  I want something more from you.”

“But you said . . .”


He captured her lips hard, holding the back of her head in a firm grip.  At first she struggled and denied his tongue access but he was persistent.   Her hands pulled at the sleeves of his tuxedo jacket.  But a small pinch of her nipple between his fingers had her opening her mouth to gasp and he was quick to take advantage, probing his tongue deep.  It wrestled with her own for dominance and easily won the fight.  Ariana felt her sex and her whole body melt with desire at the sheer dominant arrogance of the act and to her horror began to welcome his powerful control.

Nickolai began to lower her back down in the bed, his lips still crushing against her own.  He caught her arms and placed them above her head.

“I want a lot more from you and if you don’t want your sister to go to prison for the theft against my company then you will agree to be my wife,” he informed her lifting his mouth a little way from hers sweeping his lustful eyes over her pretty porcelain face.

He continued in a seductive dark whisper, “I need to close an important deal with a very traditional man who believes in marriage and a dutiful wife.  If he finds me without an obedient, submissive doting wife the deal will not happen.  I think you would make the perfect submissive housewife I need,” he grinned.

‘No, no marriage.  I won’t do that again . . .  I won’t do it,” she said fiercely beginning to struggle.

“Oh I think you will.  Now let’s get started in making you in to the submissive woman I want and need.”

With quick force that sent Ariana’s head spinning, the Russian turned her over in the bed.  Holding her down by pressing his hand in to the middle of her back he ripped the sheet away from her body exposing her bare bottom to his gaze.

“I think we will start with a good sound spanking which will deter you from disobeying me again.  Don’t worry I will be giving your sister one over my knee before I leave.  Now let’s colour your buttocks a healthy hot pink,” she could hear the cruel amusement in his voice but to her horror she noticed apart from her anger she was feeling arousal at the idea of being spanked like a naughty little girl.  Furious with herself she dismissed the thought and fought all the harder.

“I won’t marry you.  No way.  Let me go.  You wouldn’t dare spank me.”

But the first stinging blow of his strong masculine hand firmly slapping at her bottom told her otherwise.


  1. One little teaser and I'm already hooked. Thanks can't wait to read more

  2. Hooked!!! When is this coming out?? Also, about The Chateau...did you write a conclusion to the Maxim and Clara story? Is it in The Correction or will it be a separate story that is of yet unpublished? I want to see a "And They Lived Happily Ever After"...I know corny but that's who I am, lol!

  3. Great. Thanks Beth! His Submissive Housewife will hopefully be out in the next few days or so. And yes I will be writing more of The Chateau Series in January 2015. I love writing about Maxim Devereux and there will definitely be a happy ending at some point! :) Check out my latest blog post for details about this and being able to buy Tales from the Chateau in paperback for a new price of $6.50, if you prefer a glossy book instead of Kindle.