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Excerpt from The Masterful Husband: Submission

I am still having trouble posting the full cover of Book One of my spanking/BDSM romance novel series, The Masterful Husband:  Submission but here is the image I used just to give you an idea. :)  Check out the blurb and excerpt below.  It is available now on Amazon for $0.99 and Kindle Unlimited.

I have just got stuck in to writing another new series called, His Submissive Housewife:  The Proposal which will hopefully be out on Amazon in the next few days.  Forever Loved Book Three is taking a little longer than I expected to write because of the amount of research involved and I will probably have to delay its release until the New Year.  However, I am attempting to update as many of my series as possible before Christmas.

Don't forget my Steampunk spanking romance Cinderella story, The Prince's Bride: Claimed is available for pre-order and will be released on Christmas Eve, 24th December.  Again I have had trouble posting the full cover but here is the image I used to give you some flavour of the story. ;)  The Masterful Husband:  Submission excerpt is below it.

The Masterful Husband 

American Heart Surgeon, Jason Alexander’s wife disappeared from his life and their home in London just over a year ago.  Believing her dead he desperately tries to forget her and restart his life.  But when a police officer informs him they have found Gabriella safe and well living in another part of the country, old wounds are reopened.

When Jason confronts Gabriella he finds himself suspicious of her insistence that she has lost her memory and cannot remember him.  Her unwillingness to be co-operative with the police in questioning is also suspect.  Jason comes to believe his Human Rights Barrister wife is deliberately hiding the truth and trying to push him away from her.

Determined to find out the truth and ensure his wife’s protection, Jason has no hesitation in applying his hand to his wife’s bare bottom to deliver a sound spanking until she confesses and submits to his loving masterful rule as her husband once again.

The Masterful Husband:  Submission  Excerpt

“I want you to come to a hotel with me.  I don’t want you staying here on your own after what has happened,” Jason told her gently.
“I am not going anywhere.  Don’t look down your nose at this place.  It isn’t what you are used to, I can tell that a mile off but it is mine and it is comfortable.”
“It is not what you are used to either, Gabriella,” he said sternly, his patience threatening to break.
“I don’t care what she likes.  I am happy the way I am.”
Jason frowned.  He didn’t like the way she talked of herself as two different people and the Gabriella he knew as the enemy.  It was the first time he realised that she was frightened and reluctant to discover her past.
“I thought you wanted me to fill in some of the gaps.  I thought you wanted to know more about yourself,” he heard his voice rise.  “I want you to come home, stop all of this nonsense, get well and back to being my wife.”
Shit, now you’ve done it.
She stood up quick, her chair scraping noisily across the tiled floor.
“Who says I want to be your wife again.  Doesn’t my disappearance suggest I wanted to be apart from you?”
There was an awkward silence in the room as she shouted back.  But he wasn’t to let that put him off or let her words make him give up that easily.
 “I had decided to throw you over my shoulder and carry you out of here by force.  And if you keep pushing me honey, I will do.  But I am prepared to be lenient for the moment.”
Jason started to take off his coat much to the look of fury and blushing embarrassment beginning to cover her pretty pale features.  He tossed it on to a chair 
“I will stay here with you.”
Even DI Icke and Blaine said the word no as Gabriella said it.
“No.  How dare you.  No way are you staying here.  I am not ready for you moving in or taking up where you think we left off,” she told him wagging her finger.
If she’d tested him that way before he would have picked her up and throw her straight over his knee, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties to deliver a sound discipline spanking on her bare bottom.  Many a time she’d found herself over his knee for correction and now his hand itched to strike her bottom to bring her back to her senses.
“No chance, honey.  I am not leaving,” he said putting his hands on his hips underneath his suit jacket and wearing a look of determination on his face.
Gabriella held up her hands at him and shook her head again.  Icke said,
“Mrs Alexander will be safe.  I will post two officers outside the cottage in a car.”
Jason took off his suit jacket and deposited around the shoulders of one of the kitchen chairs, noticing Gabriella staring at it confused and a little afraid.  The action indicated there was no chance of him leaving and he meant business.
“Not good enough.  It’s a husband’s prerogative to go and stay wherever his wife does.  It’s my right.  You better get used to it.  From now on I am in charge of this situation and my wife’s protection.  If you want to speak to her again you will go through me.”
Then he sat down.  Gabriella glared at him but to his surprise there was no further protest.  There was more dissent from Icke.  He wasn’t keen on the idea at all.
“I don’t think this is a good idea, Mr Alexander.”
“You are still dam well suspicious of me aren’t you?”  Jason shook his head with disbelief.  “On the contrary, DI Icke, I believe this is the best idea.  This way I can ensure her safety....”
“Relax, Detective Inspector Icke, I can look after myself.  If he causes me any trouble he will find out just how ferocious the new version of me can be and it looks like he is determined not to go anywhere.”
“Oh I already know how ferocious you can be, honey,” Jason found himself grinning like a Cheshire cat pleased with his successful game play.
“I am not your honey.”
 “Oh yes you are.”

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