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Amazon Link for Tales from the Chateau Paperback

After posting the link for Tales from the Chateau on Createspace, I got one for Amazon itself even though they said it would probably take 3-5 days.  Typical! :)  Anyway if you fancy getting your hands on a paperback copy of Tales from the Chateau  here are the links.  Please note it is also available on Kindle.  Furthermore all of the stories are sold separately as well.

Check out an excerpt below from tale involving the Chateau's Stable.  If you like fantasy pony play, erotic lactation, erotic spanking, caning and other BDSM delights, then this one is for you.  I will be starting Volume Two very shortly so this is your chance to catch up. :)



Excerpt from The Stable (Tales from the Chateau)

Maxim walked briskly to the stable situated at the side of The Chateau’s Main Building.  It was 5pm and the sun was lowering in the sky casting cool shadows around the grounds, heralding the approach of early evening.  He nodded to one of the army of suited security men patrolling the grounds as he approached the long rectangular building purposely built ten years ago to compliment the architecture of the chateau.  He could hear the muffled sounds of female giggles and shrieks coming from behind the edifice.

Behind the stables were two large fields and beyond them a meadow and pasture between two opposite rows of pine trees.  One of the fields was used for coupling when the breeding season came each year.  There were six mares in the field.  All of them had been carefully selected and were accompanied by two stallions studs.

It was the chateau’s own breeding season both in the stables and the milking house.  However in the main house it was open season all year round when the students graduated.  A ball was held every time a group graduated where the sons of some of the wealthiest families of the world would be allowed to sample and begin to devise a choice of bride.  The women were the daughters of noble and affluent parents and of good stock offered to make a good breeding and financial match to perpetuate the family line.

The whole process took a whole weekend of activities and culminated in an auction on the Monday.  Each student would be expected to successfully bid and win his choice of bride.  Some would be bidding for more than one and the game became highly competitive. To graduate and leave the chateau with a bride, the breeding process must have commenced.  The woman must be penetrated three times in front of a panel of judges and witnesses. The student would also be expected to demonstrate three types of discipline and role play.

The student would only receive his degree certificate when the female had been examined by the Chateau’s medical staff and have been found to have conceived within two months.  All of the prospective graduates and brides had been made to undertake stringent fertility tests and had taken a course of the chateau’s own formulated potent herbal tablets and injections to facilitate the process quickly.  In addition the students were prescribed a tall glass of breast milk fresh from the udder from the Chateau’s own milking house mixed with another remedy in the week leading up to the graduation weekend.  This helped to optimize the potency of each man’s seed.  Maxim couldn’t wait to preside over his first graduation weekend as Dean of The Chateau.

He paused at the fence of the coupling field.  The chateau’s stable manager stood handsome tall and strong in the middle in his black riding outfit and boots supervising proceedings.  Around him were six beautiful mares.  Like the gentle heifers in the milking house the human pony mares were perfected by enhancing make-up.  Each sported full cherry pouting lips and on top of their heads their long hair was pulled straight and tight in to a high pony tail.  Protruding from their anal entrances were carefully constructed tails of the same colour as their hair.  They were enchanting creatures.  Three of them still wore their harnesses.  Normally when led to the field to be mounted by the stallion they were allowed to have the comfort of their nakedness.  However, if the mare had been misbehaving or indulging in mischief then the harness was left in place so they could easily be tethered and brought to heel by the stable manager. 

The harness was made of black leather straps that hung from a collar around the neck.  They wound around the mare’s breasts to frame and lift them while they remained naked and hanging freely.  The straps fed down the stomach, over the hips and thighs leaving the filly’s bottom bare falling from the gap like a ripe peach and her shaven sex highlighted by the v shape it made around it.  The tail was also held in place by straps on the outfit. There were several brass rings hanging from various parts of the harness and a clip for a lead at the neck allowed the manager to quickly tie the mare should he deem it necessary.

Pierre held a long bullwhip.  He unraveled it with one practiced long stroke to catch the bare bottom of a harnessed mare who thought it amusing to run from the stud and force him to chase her, giggling as she went.  She was an enticing sight with her dark areolas tight and erect with arousal.  Maxim could detect wetness dampening her thighs as she ran.  She would produce good stock with her delicate pretty pale features.  Hopefully she would agree to being bred a second time.  The whip flicked neatly through her tail to catch and sting her left buttock with precision.  She gave a loud yelp jumping in to the air but she did not stop her running.  Once again Pierre struck her buttocks and ordered her to stop.  But it was the stallion who brought her mischief to an end.

Maxim could not help but admire the human stallion’s strong male prowess and black glossy gleaming physique as he powered after the mare to mount her.  He was free of any restraint allowed to roam dominant in the field.  His muscles rippled like a healthy young thoroughbred racehorse, his mane of long black braided hair cascading down his square shoulders.  The stud’s long thick cock was erect and pointing out before him ready to impregnate not one but three of the six mares in the field.  He caught up with the naughty mare and sprung lithe as a panther to tackle her to the ground.  Maxim’s cock stirred watching the predator leap to bring down his prey wondering what it would be like to mount Carla like a stallion naked in a field.  He joined Pierre in giving a satisfied chuckle, delighting in seeing the mare brought to task by the stallion.

Her giggles were replaced by a startled surprised cry but she did not display fear, attempt to resist or get away.  Instead Maxim could see her eyes glaze with desire when the stallion’s body and cock, already shining with lubricated excitement rubbed against her bottom and the tops of her thighs.  He held her face downwards on the grass.  But the mare wanted to carry their game a little further.  She kicked her legs against the grass making the handsome stallion grin.
He took hold of the tail and twisted the butt plug half of it that had been fed by the stable groom in to her tight anal entrance.  She gave a gasp as he pushed it in further, twisting and turning the plug in her dark channel.  Then he draped the tail over her back to bare her backside raising another smile from Maxim who knew what fate was to befall the mare.

Hunter James was an American stallion employed by the Chateau for his excellent breeding record.  It was a pleasure to watch him work.  Hunter appeared at his happiest in the breeding field.  He was proud of his profession as a contracted very well paid stallion.  Maxim was appreciative of his cock’s sturdy length and ability to erect quickly and fill with seed not long after impregnating a mare, ready for the next.  He produced excellent offspring.

Even though the mare’s legs still kicked the stallion lifted her hips until her bottom was raised from the ground, holding down the rest of her body with his hand on her back.  When in place he cupped her delightfully clean shaven pussy to hold her steady.  Maxim watched him press his hand firmly against the pink folded out lips as he raised his free hand and struck it across her left buttock to begin her much needed spanking.

The mare’s flesh jumped and quivered with each hard perfectly aimed slap.  The noise of flesh being struck accompanied by a mixture of cries and pleasurable moans filled the air to mix with the distant eerie call of the peacocks walking the grounds.

It wasn’t long before the female human pony’s legs ceased to kick.  Still crying out with the slaps she began to move her pink stinging bottom back seductively to meet the harsh caress of the stallion’s hand allowing her nipples to rub against the grass and spur her arousal.



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