Friday, 21 November 2014

The Masquerade Released

Got the Amazon purchase link for my naughty spanking romance thriller set in 1990s London and Rome.It has been written under my real name, Sara Curran-Ross rather than Arabella Kingsley. If you like a thrill and some action with your spanks, a hot dominant guy ready to protect his charge and throw her over his knee when she misbehaves and puts herself at risk, then this one is for you!  Amazon   Check out the blurb below.  tomorrow I will post an extract.

The Masquerade Blurb

Injured in a bomb blast in the heart of London initiated by a radical environmental pressure group called Voice of The Earth, Doctor Giselle Balmain vows to stop their campaign of terror.  Her life in danger and unable to trust the police, she is forced to seek refuge in the arms of Mafia boss Alessandro Maderno, who has his own hidden agenda.  Louise is made to re-evaluate life choices and to recognise that those around her have disguised their true faces.  She quickly realises that she has been cast as the pawn in a dangerous game with no rules and Alessandro is the only man who can help her defeat her enemies.

Fiercely protective and loving of his reluctant charge, Alessandro has no fear of putting her over his knee for a sound bare bottom spanking when she disobeys his rule and puts her life at risk.  Even so, can she really trust the man who has vowed to protect and love her or is he playing his own deadly game that will ultimately result in her demise?

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