Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Butler's Rules Released

Book One of The Butler's Rules, my very naughty Victorian spanking romance with a hot dominant butler ready to crack the whip, is now available on Amazon for $0.99 and Kindle Unlimited.  This one has an unusual supernatural twist and I hope you are going to like it.  Check out the blurb below.

I now have all of the series I wanted out on Amazon and I will be updating them all.  The Manor Book Two is coming next.

My full length spanking romance thriller set in 1990s London and Rome called The Masquerade, is to be released by Blushing Books on Friday.  And finally, after getting a lot of interest for it, I am working on putting Volume One of my very sexy spanking/BDSM romance collection of stories, Tales from the Chateau in to paperback on Amazon.  Watch this space!

The Butler's Rules Book One Blurb

Fairfax Court, London, 1892

Lady Tabor’s butler is scandalously young.  He possesses the dark handsome perfectly smooth features of an Angel charming all those he meets, especially her young nineteen year old niece, much to the young girl’s annoyance.  When Lady Tabor leaves for India on personal business, she leaves her butler, Mr Kent in charge of her household, servants and more importantly, her niece, Lady Tempest.

Cordelia Tempest finds herself firmly taken in hand by the young man who  enforces his rules regarding safety and well being upon the female staff with a sound bare bottom spanking.  Threatened with a turn over the butler’s knee, Lady Tempest decides not to antagonize the man any further and to find a clandestine way to thwart his plans to keep her locked in her room for her  disobedience and steal away from the house to meet a man.

But Lady Tempest finds her reckless behavior only leads to danger and closer to the dark forces her Aunt has warned surround her.  When the enigmatic butler comes to her rescue she begins to wonder if there is not something unearthly about his strength and the ease with which he ensures her protection.  Can she unlock the secrets of his heart before the darkness destroys both of them?

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