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Publishing Titles in Paperback, The Masquerade & Excerpt from The Butler's Rules

Just a reminder that my full length spanking romance thriller, The Masquerade is released through Blushing Books tomorrow under my own name, Sara Curran-Ross.  And yes, it most definitely is a naughty spanking romance with a touch of BDSM thrown in for good measure. :)  The moment I have the purchase link I will post it here, Facebook and Twitter.  I will also be posting an extract.  In the meantime check out the blurb below.

The Masquerade Blurb

London, 1996

Injured in a bomb blast in the heart of London initiated by a radical environmental pressure group called Voice of The Earth, Doctor Giselle Balmain vows to stop their campaign of terror.  Her life in danger and unable to trust the police, she is forced to seek refuge in the arms of Mafia boss Alessandro Maderno, who has his own hidden agenda.  Louise is made to re-evaluate life choices and to recognise that those around her have disguised their true faces.  She quickly realises that she has been cast as the pawn in a dangerous game with no rules and Alessandro is the only man who can help her defeat her enemies.

Fiercely protective and loving of his reluctant charge, Alessandro has no fear of putting her over his knee for a sound bare bottom spanking when she disobeys his rule and puts her life at risk.  Even so, can she really trust the man who has vowed to protect and love her or is he playing his own deadly game that will ultimately result in her demise?

Publishing Titles in Paperback

I have had a lot of requests for my work to be put in to paperback.  I am trying to sound everybody out about this and I would love to hear your comments.  I am working on putting Tales from the Chateau Volume One in to paperback on Amazon.  This will hopefully be completed by the weekend.  I am seriously considering on putting all of my titles in paperback and I would appreciate your input. In the meantime it is available in ebook on Amazon.

The Butler's Rules Book One is available on Amazon for $0.99 and on Kindle Unlimited.  Check out the blurb and the excerpt below.

Fairfax Court, London, 1892

Lady Tabor’s butler is scandalously young.  He possesses the dark handsome perfectly smooth features of an Angel charming all those he meets, especially her young nineteen year old niece, much to the young girl’s annoyance.  When Lady Tabor leaves for India on personal business, she leaves her butler, Mr Kent in charge of her household, servants and more importantly, her niece, Lady Tempest.

Cordelia Tempest finds herself firmly taken in hand by the young man who  enforces his rules regarding safety and well being upon the female staff with a sound bare bottom spanking.  Threatened with a turn over the butler’s knee, Lady Tempest decides not to antagonise the man any further.  She finds a clandestine way to thwart his plans to keep her locked in her room for her  disobedience and steal away from the house to meet a man.

But Lady Tempest finds her reckless behavior only leads to danger and closer to the dark forces her Aunt has warned surround her.  When the enigmatic butler comes to her rescue she begins to wonder if there is not something unearthly about his strength and the ease with which he ensures her protection.  Can she unlock the secrets of his heart before the darkness destroys them both?

The Butler's Rules Excerpt  

On tiptoes she moved to the door and peered through.  Her hand rose to her mouth quickly to stifle a gasp at the scene laid out before her.  Mr Kent, her Aunt’s young and darkly handsome Butler was sitting in the middle of the room on a sturdy chair.  He wore no morning coat.  The sleeves of his crisp white shirt under his black waistcoat were neatly rolled up his arms and he was administering a sound bare bottom spanking to Angelina, the pretty parlour maid.
Cordelia had never seen a grown woman lying over a man’s knees with her skirts up around her waist and her bloomers pulled down for her naked bottom to be spanked.  Angelina kicked, cried and screamed with each firm slap of Mr Kent’s practiced hand.
“This will teach you not to travel out late in the evening, not tell anyone where you are going and then shirk your duties the next morning.  The mistress of the house left me in charge of the household and all who reside in her home are in my care.  I will have my rules obeyed or their will be consequences as you are now finding out,” he told the girl in a clipped brisk tone in between strikes.
Lady Tempest was wary of Mr Kent’s words.  She thought for a moment wondering if Mr Kent’s jurisdiction of care also stretched to herself while Lady Tabor was absent on business in India.  It would be an affront if it did.  Cordelia was nineteen and did not need to be treated like a child or cared for as one.  But she had a strange feeling Mr Kent’s words of warning were also meant for her own ears.  Mr Kent was her Aunt’s right hand man despite his young age and he appeared to serve as Lady Tabor’s bodyguard amongst his vast array of duties.  Cordelia had never known anyone else in her social circle with a Butler in his late twenties or with such responsibilities.  They were usually much older and not as handsome as Mr Kent.
Lady Tempest blushed thinking of how Mr Kent sent her heart fluttering every time he looked in her direction.  She had never seen a man with such dark eyes and smooth perfect skin over his manly features nor with thick luxuriant glossy black hair.  He was always so dominant and confident in his immaculately dressed appearance.  He was a figure she found hard to tear her eyes from when he was in the room.  Cordelia often thought he might be an angel in disguise with his perfect appearance.  But now his behaviour was serious cause for concern and her fantastical belief was more than unwarranted even in humour.
Without thinking she lowered her hand and rubbed her bottom.  She was determined to keep it pale pink and not allow it to be spanked crimson and unbearably sore like Angelina’s for some misdemeanour Mr Kent believed a punishment would be suitable. 
Angelina’s rump was plump and each strike caused her buttocks to jump, quiver and wobble.   Every smack was making her red.  Cordelia fancied when her spanking was finished the maid’s bottom would be as dark red as one of the brightly polished apples Mr Kent kept available for her to eat in the fruit bowl on the side table in the parlour.  It was a shocking sight.  Did her Aunt know Mr Kent was punishing the staff for their indiscretions?
Angelina was sobbing now, her protests were ceasing and her body was becoming limp and accepting of her chastisement.  Mr Kent’s hand moved to the tender backs of Angelina’s thighs flattening his hand to slap them harshly in turn before returning to her buttocks to finish with two more punishing slaps.
When he finished he rested his palm lightly on one flaring buttock and rubbed it gently.
“Good your bottom is burning nicely.  Every time you sit down for the next few days it will hurt.  Your soreness will remind you that I do not tolerate disobedience.  Do not test my patience again, Angelina.  He replaced her bloomers and then pulled down her skirts before raising her from his knee and standing next to her.  He pulled out the gold watch on a chain in the small pocket in his waistcoat, opened it and checked the time.

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