Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Devil You Know Book Two Released

My erotic thriller/murder mystery set in Paris has now been released.  It is available on Amazon        for $0.99 and it is a long Book Two or if you prefer to call it episode.  If you like your bodyguards, hot, dominant and ready to do anything to protect you and bring you close, then this one is for you!  Check out the blurb and other news below.

The Devil You Know Book Two

“You take one step out of that door without me and you are in serious trouble. Leave my side once and you are a dead woman.”

Christian Dalban is hired to protect Isabelle Mayer from, Declan Mayer the violent head of a mafia family who will stop at nothing to force her back into his bed. But Christian is determined that she won’t find out why he is the only man capable of succeeding where others have failed. If she knew the reason she would never trust him with her life nor would he blame her. But as their relationship develops into a passionate sexual encounter Christian realises that he is not the only one keeping a secret that could threaten both of their lives.

When Declan Mayer comes to take Isabelle away from him, Christian finds out just how far he is prepared to go to protect her. His need to keep her safe is now much more than a simple bodyguard job. He is falling in love with his beautiful charge.

Isabelle is more than keen to show her feelings for him are just as potent when he makes love to her. But the secrets of the past threaten to tear them apart. Can they find a way to overcome the impact of the fall out when the truth is known and seal their intoxicating love for each other?

Other news

I have also decided to publish all of the first five stories of The Chateau series in a collection book.  This will be available in Ebook and paperback!  It will also include an extra story involving Minette's punishment for betraying the Dean which will involve a stay in The Stable with some training and breeding. ;)  After that I will be continuing The Chateau series in ebooks on Amazon.  The first will deal with how the Dean must prepare for Graduation weekend for his students.  In the meantime check out the series on Amazon.  The latest is The Chateau:  Possession.  Each of the stories are available for $0.99 and on Kindle Unlimited.

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