Monday, 22 September 2014

The Manor

Here is  the cover art for my new explosive Erotica series, The Manor.  It involves the sexual adventures of the handsome Manor's owner, Kyle Lawrence and the workings of the futuristic auction and female correction house.  Here rich men can bid for a wife, a woman for their harem or submit a female for discipline and training.  In a new world where women are scarce and breeding is essential to replenish the race, women are captured and auctioned for their own protection under the law.  No woman must ever be allowed to sleep alone, escape breeding or be without the strict discipline, guidance and protection of a man.  When Kyle captures the feisty Adara Latimer on a hunt for fresh stock and is forced to tame the beauty with a firm hand over her bare bottom, he begins to wonder if love can exist again in a cold bruised world.

Book One of The Manor will be released at the end of the week before Book 5 of The Chateau and the next instalment of Forever Loved.

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