Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Forever Loved Released

Book One of my new lighter erotic spanking romance series, Forever Loved is now available on for $0.99.  If you like a special love story with your spanking romance and a paranormal twist then this one is for you.  Check out the blurb and a short excerpt below.

Forever Loved  Blurb

Kristina is an author forced in to hiding to avoid the unwanted attentions of a violent man who will stop at nothing to possess her.  Afraid and alone she wonders how long it will be before he succeeds in his quest.

However, unknown to Kristina she is guided and guarded by the ghostly presence of Cade Driscoll.  A handsome male spirit who has loved her for an eternity and with whom she has shared many past lives.  Kristina is also unaware that the novel she is currently writing is about their last life together in the US in the 1920s, which ended tragically.  As she writes the story Cade grows in to physical presence until he is fully incarnated in to the world.  Now he is better able to protect the woman he has forever loved.

Kristina finds herself firmly taken in hand by the charismatic 1920s gangster who is more than ready to spank her bare bottom over his knee when she disobeys his rules on her protection.  Cade reignites her passion and love for him with explosive results.  This is the man she has been waiting for to enter her life and make her complete.  There is no one else who could ever fill his place.

Will Cade succeed in keeping Kristina safe from Marcus Wainwright who has been attempting to take her from him for centuries?  Or will the dark forces Marcus commands help his nemesis win the battle to take Kristina in to death and down to the lower dimensions where he cannot follow?

Forever Loved Excerpt

“You need to rest,” he informed her in a soothing caressing voice as though he was expecting resistance to his command.

“How are you alive?” she suddenly spluttered.  “You are a character in a book.  You aren’t supposed to be alive in the real world,” she said listening to the hysteria beginning to rise in her voice.  Kristina felt herself begin to shake suddenly feeling cold and the effects of shock.

She wasn’t the only one who had seen him now.  She wasn’t going mad.  He was definitely real, alive.  There was no point in denying his existence any further.

“We can talk about that later.  Right now I want you home, warm and safe,” he simply told her.

“But I was going to the Lake and then the shops.  I can’t go home yet . . .” she felt dazed.

“No, shock is setting in.  If you are a good girl and do as you are told I might let you out later but not until we have had a discussion about your reckless nature concerning your safety.  You have some lessons to learn about that baby,” he said firmly, a dark warning in his voice.

“Baby, you are calling me baby.  No man has ever dared to call me baby . . .”

“Well, honey, I dare.”
Kristina’s legs buckled and her shaking increased until she felt her teeth chattering.  He swept his arm around her body and drew her close again, holding her up against him.  He rubbed her arm and propelled her back along the road picking up her scarf to drape it around her shoulders.

Her feet didn’t feel as if they were touching the ground as he led her home.  Her eyes flickered with the heavy need to faint as they briskly walked.

“You haven’t eaten properly for a few weeks now and you are weak.  You are making yourself ill, Kristina.  I won’t stand for it,” Cade chastised with firmness in his voice.  “You need some ground rules.”

 “Ground rules?” she muttered with disbelief.

“Yes, honey you need a good sound spanking on that bare bottom of yours until you see just how much danger you have been putting yourself in.  I have come to take you in hand and a spanking is what we will start with,” he told her with a grin.

It was a sober thought and one that helped revive her senses from her shock.

“How dare you?  Who the hell are you?  This is some kind of trick.  What is going on?  Why are you pretending to be my character?”

“All in good time.  Let’s get you home and over my knee.”

The moment they reached the apartment Cade surprised her by quickly moving his arm underneath her legs and lifting her up in to his arms.  He stood in front of the door demanding she give him the keys.

“No, no way.  I am not giving you the keys so you can take me in there and spank me like a child.  Put me down and leave me in peace,” she informed him fiercely.

But he was not to be deterred and he started to laugh adding to her overwhelming annoyance and apprehension.  She wondered what it would be like to feel his hand slapping hard down on the bare flesh of her buttocks.  He had large, firm, masculine hands and she had no doubt it would hurt.

Kristina felt herself being lowered to the ground.  But Cade Driscoll appeared to have no intention of letting her go.  He directed her back against the wall of the ground floor apartment next to the door and took her bag from her.  He was so close to her body trapping her there.  It gave her an opportunity to study him and forget her anger and bewilderment for a second.

This incarnation of Cade Driscoll was the real deal.  His haunting blue eyes, strong tall lean muscled physique, raven hair and handsome smooth dark features were exactly as she’d written them.  She couldn’t help but stare, mesmerised and enthralled.  Even the black 1920s suit and trilby were accurate.  He went straight to the keys in her bag and pulled them out and throwing her bag down on the garden table next to them. Leaning his hand above her head against the wall he dangled them in front of her.

“You are going to have to get used to me being in your life.  From now on I am in charge and I am going to do whatever it takes to keep you safe and healthy.”

Infuriated, Kristina reached out to snatch the keys from him but with a wicked grin he pulled them back.

“No you don’t.  Now let’s get you inside so I can bare that bottom of yours and take my hand to it.”

Kristina’s eyes widened in horror.  She began to protest violently.  But he ignored her taking hold of her arm, dipping his body to pull her over his shoulder like a slain deer.  She kicked at his chest and banged her fists on his back but calmly he opened the door, picked up her bag and carried her in.

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