Sunday, 28 September 2014

Final Book of The Chateau & Box Set

The final book of The Chateau called End Game will be available to buy in the next few days.  Not long after that I will be releasing a box set of all the books which will include an extra bonus short called Graduation. In the meantime check out the previous book, The Stable on Amazon .  You can read an excerpt on a previous post.


  1. Can you tell us when The End Game will be released? Your blog on Sept 28th said in the next few days but it is now Oct 9th and I can't find it on Amazon. Is it out? I'm sorry if I am being impatient but I just found this series and read all 4 books today and I can't wait to see how it all ends.
    Happy writing/reading,

  2. I am glad you have been enjoying the series. Unfortunately I have been unwell and I am running behind. I have just released Book 2 of The Venetian Affair and I mean to start and finish the next Chateau book by Friday next week. I have changed the title to Possession and they may be more in the series. Everybody is liking it so much and I have a lot of fun writing it so I am having to change my plans. It will definitely be out by Friday next week. :)