Saturday, 23 August 2014

Punishment: Abducted in Venice

My new spanking romance/BDSM novel Punishment, Book One in the Abducted in Venice series is now available on Amazon for $0.99. My recent stop in Venice on my cruise inspired this one. It is a dark tale of kidnap, erotic romance and forbidden love set in the mysterious and indulgent Venice Carnival. If you like your handsome heroes, masked, dashing, aristocratic, dominant and ready to whisk you away then this one is for you!

Punishment:  Abducted in Venice Book One Blurb

Cecilia attends the Venice Carnival with her friend to escape being stalked by her abusing ex husband.  Hoping to have fun she instead finds herself abducted and held to ransom by a mysterious masked aristocratic man he has wronged.

Kidnapped and held to ransom until her ex confirms the whereabouts of Count Lazzaro’s sister he sold in to sexual slavery, Cecilia fears her abductor will carry out his threat and sell her to the highest bidder for revenge despite his reluctance.  But what she doesn’t expect is her strong growing attraction to the man who holds her captive and spanks her bare bottom soundly  over his knee with a firm hand when she disobeys him.  She discovers the Count feels the same way and both yearn for a way to make their relationship work in such difficult circumstances.

Will the Italian Count be able to master Cecilia’s heart as well as he does her body and protect her from her ex husband or must he give her up to the breeding farm in retaliation for the loss of his sister on his family’s behalf?

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