Monday, 11 August 2014

Love Me Again

Apologies for not having posted sooner but with having trouble with my laptop (Which gave me a great excuse to buy a macbook. Woohoo!) and just having come off a 17 night cruise around the Med, I haven't been able to do much work after releasing The Chateau:  The Teacher.  However I am back down to it and here to tell you about my new spanking romance novelette series, Love Me Again available on  Amazon for $0.99.  If you like your very naughty spanking romance as a romantic western with a supernatural twist, then this will be for you.  Check out the blurb below.

Love Me Again:  Reunion  Blurb

Handsome wealthy American businessman, Ethan Sanders begins to have dreams of a past life in 1893 and a beautiful woman who was the love of his life and in grave danger.  The dreams began when he saw the photograph of a famous English thriller author, Sarah Elliot on her book cover.  Realising she is the woman from this previous life who is once again in danger and needing of his help, protection and firm guiding male hand across her bare bottom over his knee before she gets herself killed by a stalker, he travels to England to take her in hand.


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