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Love Me Again: Reunion Excerpt

To celebrate the release of Reunion, Book One of my new novelette series, Love Me Again featuring spanking romance, BDSM, Domestic Discipline and some elements of age play, I have posted an excerpt.  The book is available on Amazon for $0.99.  Hope you like it.

Love Me Again  Blurb

Handsome wealthy American businessman, Ethan Sanders begins to have dreams of a past life in 1893 and a beautiful woman who was the love of his life and in grave danger.  The dreams began when he saw the photograph of a famous English thriller author, Sarah Elliot on her book cover.  Realising she is the woman from this previous life who is once again in danger and needing of his help, protection and firm guiding male hand across her bare bottom over his knee before she gets herself killed by a stalker, he travels to England to take her in hand.


Love Me Again:  Reunion  Excerpt

The four men began to search all of the rooms.  Ethan headed straight for the bedroom his heart pounding.  Did Hendrick somehow beat them to it and have her already?
But he was to receive a surprise when he reached the bedroom.  His beautiful Sarah Elliot was lying sprawled over the top of the cream cotton sheets on her bed, the duvet cover tossed to the ground.  The window wide open with the curtains fluttering in the breeze making it easy for anyone to climb in.  Clearly she had been unable to bear the warmth of the evening.  She was lying face down in sleep, her long dark hair tousled and spread out around her.  Ethan frowned.  Anyone could have walked in to the apartment and she would not have known.  The men he’d had watching the house since her arrival a week ago reported that she never slept.  They could see her pacing the rooms at night constantly on alert, watching and waiting for something to happen but tonight she was out for the count.  Ethan glanced at her bedside table and found his suspicions confirmed.  He walked over to the small bottle and picked it up to read the label.  Sleeping Tablets.  He shook his head with disapproval.  The woman didn’t eat and now she was taking sleeping tablets and not making enough effort to protect herself by securing the windows.  She needed taking in hand.
Slowly Ethan sat down on the bed and unable to help himself, caressed her hair with his fingertips.  He’d waited so long to see her in the flesh.  The tenseness he had been feeling to make physical contact with her began to ease a little.  Max appeared at the door.
“I’ve found her.  She’s taken sleeping pills.  Give me one minute to wake her and we are out of here.”
“Don’t wake her . . .”
“No, I won’t have her wake up disorientated and more afraid than she needs to be.”
“Make sure you put the gag on her first.”
Ethan nodded stroking his fingers through the silky strands of her hair then bending to brush the top of her head with a kiss.  He removed the black leather gag from his suit jacket pocket and gently tucked his fingers underneath her chin to lift her face from the pillow.
“That’s my baby, let papa put the gag around your mouth.  Be a good girl for me and take it.  Shhh, everything is all right.  You are safe, I promise,” he whispered unable to help the fatherly care she provoked in him.  It was in his nature to dominate both running his many companies and the women he took to his bed.  He had always been appreciated for it.
Even in this century Sarah Elliot inspired a myriad of feelings inside him that he needed to express.  Just as before he wanted to love Sarah Elliot, dominate and protect her with a firm loving hand so he could ensure her safety and all of her needs and desires.  She would want for nothing with him.
Once the gag was secure, he turned his attention to her arms and hands.  With care he lifted them up behind her back and removed the leather cuffs from his other pocket to place them on her wrists.  Sarah moaned in her sleep, her pretty features now wearing a frown as her discomfort filtered through in to her dreams.  Ethan grinned she was about to have a rude awakening.
Gently Ethan lifted the back of her short flimsy cotton black night top up to expose her lower back.  Then he began to pull the sexy little black shorts down over her bottom to just below the backs of her thighs to bare them.  He smiled watching the moonlight caress her pale peach flesh.  It was a dainty pert bottom and beautifully positioned for a spanking.  Ethan was old fashioned.  Just as his past life Victorian self he believed in disciplining misbehaving females when they put their life in danger.  Once in his care he would always ensure they were guided and suitably brought to task if they veered from the correct path.  He did not tolerate disobedience in life threatening matters.  Sarah was about to learn that the hard way.
Raising his hand as she shuffled in her sleep he brought his curved hand down as though to cup her buttocks but delivered a firm hard slap lifting her flesh in a quivering sting.  It was a strike a parent might give a naughty child.  To a grown woman it would produce feelings of humiliation to add to the punishment and quickly regress her back to childhood to remind her of the necessity of honouring a male authority figure with obedience.
Sarah’s eyes flew wide open with confusion and startled fear.  Automatically she reared and bucked from the bed as best she could to free herself.  But the action was difficult with tied hands and a leather gag thrusting inside her mouth.  Once more Ethan struck her naked bottom scooping up the flesh of her rump, lifting it high as he spanked it.
 “My name is Ethan Sanders.  You will recognise me from the emails I have sent you when you did not answer my calls.  You will also recognise me from all of those strange dreams you have been having lately.  I know you have been having them because for some reason I cannot fathom I can connect with your thoughts.  I believe it will be the same for you.”
 He paused watching her blue eyes twinkle with sudden comprehension.  Then he slapped her bottom again, more firmly this time to heighten the sting and burn.
“You have ignored all attempts I have made to help you escape James Hendrick and have put yourself in grave danger.  Now I find you sleeping with an open window and taking sleeping pills because you are exhausted and inadequately nourished.  All because you were too stubborn to accept my help.”
 Another pause to deliver a third smack to her rear.  Sarah muffled a loud cry against her gag.
“Now I have no choice but to force you.  You are under my protection and guidance.  I expect obedience at all times.  If you misbehave I will treat you like a child and correct you with a spanking over my knee.  I will also employ many other methods of ensuring you comply.  In the last three weeks, my beautiful Sarah Elliot, I have learnt that you are the most important person in this life, all of my other lives and those to come.  You are bound to me in the truest sense of the word and can never escape my love.  I will always care for you and protect you even if it costs me my life.”


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