Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Teacher, Book 3 of The Chateau Series Released!

The Teacher, Book 3 of my naughty spanking and BDSM romance novelette series, The Chateau is now available on Amazon for $0.99.  Check out The Chateau where the sons of the rich learn how to be masters.  You can read an excerpt on the previous post!

The Teacher:  The Chateau - Book Three Blurb

Maxim Devereux is the handsome Dean of The Chateau. A school for the sons of the rich to learn the art of mastering a woman to pleasurable obedience in a range of ways from spanking to milking and breeding. But the new Dean wants to take on a teaching role alongside his present duties and finds himself delighted to demonstrate to his students how to deal with an errant bride on her wedding night. A sound bare bottom whipping.
Maxim is also keen to make sure the beautiful manager of The Chateau's counterpart in London, Carla Lewis learns the business by experiencing what it is like to be employed as a female submissive. At his request she agrees to submit to him as a master. She embarks on a course of training in which she is intimately examined by the students,spanked and publicly made to climax by the attentions of two men ready to fight for possession of her body.

Maxim also has another motive for making Carla submit to his will in The Chateau. In love with Carla he is fearful that her violent and abusive ex boyfriend means to kidnap and harm her. Maxim uses her time at The Chateau as a way of hiding her from view and keeping her safe. Not only that, he hopes to convince her to agree to be his wife.

His first wish is to have Carla prepared for the Milking House where her breasts will be enlarged and milked and if she consents, bred by him. However, his security chief advises him for the time being she would be safe elsewhere. Maxim has the perfect place.


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