Friday, 9 May 2014

Harnessed by the Prince

I have now signed a contract with Blushing Books for my new steampunk spanking romance, Harnessed by the Prince which heavily features BDSM and medical play.  Once I have the cover art I will post it.

In the meantime check out the blurb below and my other novels available on Amazon on other posts and on my website Arabella Kingsley.

Harnessed by the Prince Blurb



Emmeline is a young English author of steampunk fantasies set in a parallel universe.  After a series of disturbing vivid dreams about the world she writes about which feel more like memories than a story, she is attacked by two men.  To her surprise, the real physical embodiment of the hero in her novel, Prince Amias comes to her rescue.

The handsome dominant Prince informs her that the universe in her book is written from her memories and not her imagination.  Emmeline is the lost Empress of the Omega Quadrant who was to be married to the Prince the day she disappeared.  Brought to Earth through a portal to be sheltered as the Quadrant was ravished by a plague that killed most of its women, she suffered a car accident and lost her memory.

But she is wilful and resistant to the Prince’s determination to return her to rule and help a universe where women are hunted and captured in raids by men in the six planets of the Quadrant for love, companionship and breeding and where war has broken out.  To convince her of her duty and his loving role as her master, the Prince administers a series of firm bare bottom spankings and whippings.  Emmeline becomes more concerned about the desire and pleasurable aching need she develops when the Prince enforces his strict punishing discipline.  She rediscovers her love for the man who has searched for her for all of these years and never given up hope of their reunion.

The Prince informs Emmeline that although she may rule the Quadrant it his loving and dutiful role to both master and rule her and provide balance.  The Quadrant must see he is the authority she kneels before or he will be deemed not fit to be her mate.  Will the ultimate humiliation of being harnessed with reins and publicly made to kneel before her Prince be a step too far or convince Emmeline to accept her role and destiny with the Prince by her side in a world she had left behind?

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