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New Sexy Spanking Menage Excerpt From Tameable

Read the new sexy sci fi spanking ménage excerpt from Tameable (Warrior Masters) containing age play, medical play, anal play, BDSM and more.  The book is riding high on and at the moment so if you haven't got your copy yet you can read the hot new excerpt at the end of this page and chapter one on a previous post.

 A single, divorced mother discovers a new sexuality when she falls in love with identical twin brothers who are something more than human.

Tameable (Warrior Masters) Blurb

Amanda moves in to her new luxury home in the sleepy village of Peachum, England determined to start a new life as an independent woman after her divorce. But the handsome identical male twins Roman and Julian Price living across the street have other ideas for her.

When an alien killer begins stalking and kidnapping women in the village, Amanda finds herself the next primary target. Roman and Julian put a stop to Amanda's new independent life and appoint themselves her protectors. Reluctant to accept being robustly "taken in hand" by the two men for the sake of her safety, she finds herself over the knee of each brother in turn receiving a series of sound bare bottom spankings and an intimate medical examination. Both men regress their beautiful charge to to being a child until she accepts their control and realizes she is dependent upon their fierce protection.

To Amanda's surprise, she begins to fall in love with her two neighbors who are able to bond with her psychically as well as physically. She is ready to submit willingly to their mastery and loving discipline. Amanda discovers why both brothers are so overprotective when she is led in to their dark dangerous world. Battling warrior knights wielding ancient swords from their home planet of Trian who are intent on claiming Amanda as their own whether she wishes it or not , make both men determined to force her submission.

But each brother also wants to possess her for his own and are ready to kill each other for the privilege as the rites of their hybrid alien race demand. Can she convince them she needs them both in her life?

Publisher's Note: Tameable: Warrior Masters by Arabella Kingsley is an erotic sci-fi adventure, intended for adults only. It features erotic spanking and BDSM elements as well as age- and medical- play in a menage setting.

If you like the aliens living across the road from you to be handsome sexy twins wielding ancient swords hell bent on protecting you and ready to spank you over their knee when you put your life in danger, then Tameable is for you. Check out the hot excerpt below.

Tameable Excerpt

“Shh, darling baby girl.  What did I tell you about obedience?  We will have it from you.  Your safety depends upon it.”

I grew angry again, straining against my bonds.  It was useless.

“Breathtaking isn’t she?” Julian said to Roman.  “So helpless and fragile.  It makes me hard just seeing her bound naked against the post.”

Julian put down the bag and diaper as Roman moved back and folded over his belt.

“But I don’t like her swearing.  Little girls, shouldn’t swear at their daddies,” Roman told him.

Julian grinned widely. 

“I have something that will quieten her.”

Julian reached in to the bag again and pulled out a baby’s dummy.  I went wild banging my breasts and pussy against the post.  Roman gripped both of my buttocks tight and pressed my pussy against the post.  I moved from side to side only serving to make myself more wet.  Desire pooled betraying my temper.  I was still.

“I am going to give you something to suck on, honey.  Something that will calm you down,” Julian cooed over me like a baby.  He dipped his finger in to my pussy around the post and coated it well.

I moaned traitorously and bucked when he moved his finger up inside me.

“Good, baby.”

He removed his finger and showed me just how wet I was between my thighs.  I blushed with shame.  He coated the rubber tip of the dummy in my juice and then rubbed it along my lips.  He leaned in for a kiss and then quickly inserted the sugar pink baby dummy in to my mouth.  My juice was sweet and musky smelling.  My tongue wrapped around the rubber plug.  I had never tasted myself before and though the taste was not unpleasant I was shamed by doing it.

I tried to spit it out but the devilish little plug he inserted inside my mouth had a leather tie that wound around to the back of my head.  Julian fastened it and nodded at Roman to begin whipping my ass.

Roman knelt on the bed and flexed the belt he had doubled over.  His first strike stung and burned.  He had me involuntarily bucking towards the post.  The leather was sharp and brutal as it struck my flesh.  I muffled my cries around the dummy.  My breasts wobbled and rubbed the post in unison with my sex.  I became soaking wet.  My lips were heavy and swollen as they wrapped around the post.  The little bud grew fat and pulsed.  Each strike brought tears to my eyes and pleasure to my sex.  It took me moments to realise that I was beginning to arch my bare bottom outwards to receive the lash of the belt which would force my pelvis to buck and rub against the post.  Desire pooled and made my uterus contract with pleasure. 

Julian stood before me and cupped my breasts tightly.

“I think she is very near to coming, Roman.  Seems our baby girl likes to be punished.  “Her nipples are so hard and perfectly shaped and her breasts are so heavy.”

“I have felt them.  Now baby girl, you have been very naughty but if you come for your daddy then I will be pleased.  Do you know why we gravitate to mating with human women, little girl?”

I shook my head in between strikes.

“Because they are more easily tamed than any other alien women.  They are also more loving.  You will be tamed Amanda.  You are tameable.”

My head fell back when he pulled my nipples hard and stretched them outwards.  Roman was well in his stride now and Julian’s manipulation of my breasts sent me crazy.  Forgetting how I looked I shamelessly rubbed my clit against the post after each crack of Roman’s belt against my buttocks and came like a wanton bitch in heat, treating the post like the dominant phallic symbol it undoubtedly was.


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