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The Little Princess Available on Amazon

Just to let you know that my new age and medical play spanking romance, The Little Princess is now available on and  If you like your hero to be dark, handsome, and a Scottish Duke ready to spank and regress his woman in to an age-play role for the sake of her well being and protection, then this one is for you.

Check out the blurb below and the first chapter for free!

The Little Princess Blurb

The young, handsome and wealthy present day Scottish 14th Duke of Macgrory, Marshal Blackwood falls in love with his European business manager's fragile wife during a two month stay with the couple. He discovers her husband beats her, gambles and is in severe debt. In his last poker game he lost the house and his wife to a violent London crime gang leader as though she were a possession for sale. The Duke finds himself fiercely protective of Angelica who naively does not believe what her husband has done and decides to stand by him. Marshal takes matters in to his own hands by kidnapping Angelica and keeping her locked away for the sake of her safety in his family seat, Lochabar Castle in Scotland.

Angelica finds her kidnapper to be very paternal and determined in regressing her back to being a child so he can ascertain what it is in her past that keeps her loyal to her abusive husband. Referring to her as his little princess, Angelica finds herself having to call him Papa in an age-play role. Angelica is confused when she finds herself taking a liking to the role she is made to play and the warm reassurance Marshal's paternal protection affords her.
But when he probes deep into her violent past, she is at pains to hide it. This prompts Marshal to administer a series of hard bare bottom spankings and then to diaper her sore bottom.
He also ensures she receives an intimate medical examination in front of him because she refuses to eat.
Angelica quickly learns the younger man she is helplessly falling for means to wield his sexy dominant aristocratic power over her to keep her safe from the crime gang leader who hunts her and her own destructive tendencies. There is no choice but to surrender and become his little princess unconditionally.

The Little Princess

Chapter One

Marshal Blackwood, the handsome dark-haired 14th Duke of Macgrory, Scotland, caught the gaze of his European business manager’s beautiful, intelligent wife and held it captive.  With her long, blonde hair curling seductively around her neck and over her shoulders, stretching to her tantalising low-cut pink dress, she looked just like a sugar princess.  Briefly, he wondered if she could see the mirror image of his thoughts through his blue eyes -- that of her bare-bottomed over his knee, her princess hair brushing against his legs and feet as she received the spanking of her life in front of everyone in the restaurant in which they now sat.

Angelica Walker was a talented and successful mystery author, who was clearly worth more than her lack-luster husband sitting next to her pretty little backside.  Even though Nigel Walker was paid one hell of a salary by Marshal’s international communications company, his delectable wife was internationally renowned for her novels, many of them made in to films. Her fortune would be enough to rival Marshal’s own.  Her beauty would ensure she could have any man she desired, yet she remained married to a man who cheated on her and verbally abused her.

Despite her admirable effort to ignore her husband’s nasty insults, Marshal could still see how much they hurt her feelings.  Why did she stay with Nigel Walker?  Was it out of fear or habit?  The man obviously held some control over the woman the way she bowed and cooed around him.  It was sickening.  All Marshal wanted to do was to pick her up, throw her over his shoulder and carry her out of the restaurant and Nigel’s life.

A titled, fierce, extremely wealthy (and some said ruthless) businessman, Marshal Blackwood had once felt the same way about a woman in similar circumstances.  His failure to help her free herself from her situation ended in her murder at the hands of her husband.  And there was no way in hell he was going to let that happen to Angelica.

Angelica’s coyness was attractive yet he could sense the heart of a tigress and a fiery desire to be tamed.  But her constant self-defeating nature, the way she cowered when Nigel was around and her willingness to bend to her husband’s emotional blackmail and control, made Marshal ache to spank the beautiful princess’s bottom soundly and then cuddle her like a child.  She was a child in his eyes, a bruised one in need of nurturing and guidance.  The woman aroused every protective instinct he possessed.  Marshal wanted her free from her ties to Nigel Walker and bound to him.

Marshal was staying with the Walkers while he conducted business in London, and tonight was their last night together. Marshal intended to take action.  He’d confronted Angelica, offered her help, but she had declined, making excuses for her husband, who had called her a bitch and a whore, an idiot and a slut, just barely out of Marshal’s hearing.

He was stressed.  It was her fault for riling him.

It was more than clear that it wasn’t the first time Nigel had used words to batter her self-esteem.  She’d pleaded and almost begged Marshal not to confront Nigel.

He wasn’t a bad man.

Marshal had fought hard to contain his temper and not rebuke her strongly for her misguided guilt and loyalty to her pig of a husband.

  Just let me go a couple of rounds with him.

But he’d been polite and refrained from making any more comment on the situation when she had become agitated and a little short, deciding he would need to handle it another way.

Marshal took another gulp of his Irish coffee and studied Angelica again, ruminating on the ethics of kidnapping the woman and forcing her to accept his protection.  She glanced back at him nervously, her sapphire eyes betraying her attraction to him just as they had done for the past month.

 You really don’t know about your husband and what he has done to you.  It is going to hurt when I tell you just what a bastard your husband really is and how he has put your life at risk.  How long are you going to keep your denial going?

A little research into Nigel Walker’s private affairs had been enlightening.  The man was nearly bankrupt and had been stealing money from his wife’s accounts by bribing her accountant.  Her personal funds were low.  The man was a gambler and a bad one.  He also took drugs and used prostitutes.  There had been talk of a hushed-up in rape in his youth.  Nigel Walker came from a mother who was a prominent politician, and it would have been easy to bribe the girl and her family.  Now, Nigel had reneged on a loan to the leader of a criminal gang and the price had risen to handing over the Walkers’ home and Angelica, who would be forced into the role of a sexual slave. Nigel disgusted Marshal more than any man he’d met.

Once again, an image of carrying Angelica to safety before turning her over his knee and applying discipline to her bare bottom in the cloakroom for not realising the reality of her marriage crept in to his mind.  But his research had provided Marshal with an alternative method of ensuring she remained free of her husband and the criminal gang leader.  It was also a way of ushering her in to his protective arms and his life.  Before the night was out, his little Princess Angelica would indeed be over his knees with her cute behind receiving a hard spanking from his firm hand.

“I have enjoyed staying with you both these last two months,” Marshal began in a clear voice, which held a hint of his Scottish roots in his pronunciation. He put his coffee down. 

Nigel slipped his arm around Angelica’s shoulders.   Marshal could see her body tense and the smile on her face was shaky and false.  There was fear in her eyes, which made Marshal’s body tense in response.  She looked at him intently, her eyes glassy and begging him to say nothing.  She was afraid of the man, and with good reason, yet she wouldn’t allow Marshal to help her.  He heard himself take a deep breath to still his rising emotions.

“We both enjoyed having you stay,” the man gushed with a false smile.  There was a glint and slightly wild look in his eyes, and his constant fidgeting with the bottom edge of his wine glass and napkin all night made Marshal think he was on something.  Then there was the look in his eyes telling Marshal he knew very well that he desired his wife.  Nigel kept his arm around her shoulder as he gave her cheek a sudden amused kiss.


“Good.  But I didn’t just ask you both to dinner to say thank you for being such wonderful hosts. I want to offer you a proposal.”

Nigel’s eyes widened.  He let go of Angelica’s shoulders, and Marshal felt himself relax a little more again.  He glanced quickly at Angelica.  She also appeared relieved that Nigel had let go and was moving her body again from the closeness he had forced her to keep in his surprise embrace.  She ran a shaky hand through her hair and smiled up at him.  There it was.  That look in her eyes telling him she was more than attracted to him.  A surge of triumph coursed through Marshal.  She was helpless in his net, just the way he’d planned.

“Nigel, I know you have been stealing from the company and your wife with the help of her accountant to pay your debts because you are just about bankrupt.”

“What?”  Nigel was laughing and reaching for his glass of red quickly.  “What the hell are you talking about?”

Marshal shook his head.  Angelica shifted uneasily in her seat and stared at him, but she said nothing.

“Let me finish.  I also know the reason for this is because you gamble, and you’re not very good at it.  But worst all I know you beat your wife, and about the prostitutes you use.  You take drugs and owe some dangerous people a lot of money you can’t pay.  But still you gamble with what little money and assets you have left to the point you have lost your house, your wife and conjugal rights to her,” Marshal said calmly, dark menace and anger heavy in his tone.  “I can’t believe you sold your wife, you son of a bitch,” he said, struggling to keep his temper at a manageable level.

Nigel stood up quickly, denying everything, calling him every name under the sun, drawing attention to them all.  Marshal saw Angelica lower her beautiful haunted sapphire eyes to the table and shake her head.  She said nothing.  She put her face in her hands.

“Sit down and for once in your life stop lying.  I know Jake Elliot and his men are coming to claim their debt tonight.  I suspect they will have already taken your home, and I know Elliot is coming to take Angelica.  No doubt they will be waiting for you when you return home.  I am not going to let that happen, although I am very tempted to feed you to the dogs, Walker.  If you don’t sit down and listen to my proposal, then Angelica is going to end up in the bed of a psychotic murderer for the rest of her life and you won’t survive the night,” Marshal hissed, standing to grab Nigel’s arm.

Nigel stared at him hard but let him guide him back down into his seat.

“Nigel, say he is lying.  Say he has got it all wrong.  You wouldn’t do something like that.  Come on, Nigel.  I refuse to believe you would do something like that.  Haven’t I given you enough money . . .” Angelica was frantic, her eyes glassy, full of unshed tears.  Marshal’s heart leapt.

“Shut up, Angelica,” Nigel spat at her, pushing away the hand she rested on his arm.  “Keep your bloody mouth shut.”

“Don’t talk to her like that,” Marshal snapped, unable to help himself.  “Give her some damn respect for once.”

“I will talk to her any damn way I please,” Nigel growled, preparing to stand once more, yanking at his wife’s wrist.

“Stay still and let Angelica go.  You walk out of here and you do it on your own. You are not taking her anywhere.  Selfish prick.  If you do walk, I will make damn sure you spend the night in jail and when you come out, I will let Jake Elliot know exactly where you are,” Marshal hitched up the menace and venom in his tone.  He meant every word and Nigel Walker knew him well enough to know that he never backed down on a threat.

Nigel let go of Angelica’s wrist.  Though angry at his continued harsh treatment of her, Marshal felt relief flood his body knowing Angelica was physically away from the jerk.  If the man had even tried to make it away from the table with her, Marshal would have used all of his strength to stop him.

Angelica’s humiliated eyes darted back and forth between himself and Nigel, clearly wondering what the hell was going to happen next.

“Now as I said, I have a proposal for you both that will settle all of your problems and mine,” Marshal continued.

Nigel rested his elbows on the table and ran his trembling hands through his short black curly hair with agitation.  When he raised his face again, Marshal could see he was sweating with fear.

“They will kill me,” he said coldly, folding his arms defensively.

“I have no doubt of it,” Marshal answered without compassion.

He frowned when he saw Angelica reach out to touch Nigel’s arm, confused sympathy for the man written all over her face.  Marshal wanted to pull her arm away and bring her to his side, not wanting her near the shit any longer.  But Nigel was about to make it a whole lot easier.

“Don’t fucking touch me, Angelica.  I am so damn sick of you,” he said shrugging her off with distaste.

Angelica cast her eyes down at the table and folded her arms as if to keep her hands away from mischief.

“Listen carefully to my proposal, Nigel.  I will help you if you agree to give me everything I want.”

Nigel shook his head and gave a sarcastic laugh.

“I am listening.  And what is it that you want to make this all go away?”

It was as though Nigel already knew exactly what Marshal wanted.

“I want Angelica,” Marshal said, his tone dark, direct and firm.

Angelica looked at him square in the face, her brow furrowing.

Nigel laughed again, this time a little more loudly.

Marshal ignored him.

“I want your wife living with me at my home where I can keep her safe from Jake Elliot and his gang.  I am told he has taken a real shine to your wife after following her for the last two weeks.  You were meant to pay up or hand over the goods tonight.  I know you have no funds to pay and Elliot had plans to take her for himself anyway.  What were you going to do, Nigel?  Just hand her over?” Marshal felt his temper brewing once more.

Nigel’s silence conveyed his true intentions.  Marshal shook his head and banged his fist down on the table, making Angelica jump.  He gave her an apologetic look.

“I knew you wanted to shag her the moment you set eyes on her,” Nigel laughed again.  “You can’t have her.  She belongs to Elliot now and there is nothing she or you can do about it.  She is going to be his whore, that’s if he doesn’t decide to loan her out to customers.  He runs a very profitable sex slave ring.  He can get you any type of woman you want, young, very young or older like Angelica here and sell her to you.  He has beautiful stock.”

Marshal clenched his fist.  Angelica stared at the table as though in some terror-stricken trance, and although he could see the beginnings of furious anger building on her face at Nigel’s words, she said nothing.  She wouldn’t fight for herself or the way he was talking about her.  The man had humiliated and belittled her so much, she wouldn’t dare challenge him.

Marshal decided for Angelica’s sake he would ignore Nigel’s taunt.

“I will pay off Elliot and I won’t go to the police.  I will also help you obtain a new identity and a life away from here.  But you give up your marriage.”

“Elliot will never let you get away with it.  He wants her.  I was going to give her to him tonight.  He won’t agree to the terms.  He will want the money, the house and Angelica.  I was going to run tonight.  Elliot never lets anyone get away with making him wait for his money.  If you mess with him, he will kill you as well.”

“He won’t touch me and he won’t be allowed to go anywhere near Angelica.  I know exactly how to deal with men like Jake Elliot.”

“Yeah, right.”

“I grew up around men like him back home and I have connections.  If he challenges me, he will run into a hell of a lot of trouble.  Trouble he doesn’t want.   Trust me.”

“Really?” Nigel didn’t sound convinced.

Marshal lost his temper.

“Are you going to take my offer?  You really have no choice. Divorce your wife and let me take her away from here or you will be a dead man.”

“Don’t I get any say in this?” Angelica suddenly snapped, finding her voice at last.  “You are just playing with my life like I am some possession.”  She pointed at Nigel.  “As though I am his goods and chattel.  Nigel is my husband and I will stay with him,” she declared.

Over my dead body, honey.

“No.  That is not an option I am prepared to allow you, Angelica, for the sake of your safety and your degrading health.  The man doesn’t deserve your loyalty.  Do I really need to spell it out to you why I can’t let you stay with him?  He has taken your money and sold you like a piece of meat to the head of a powerful criminal organization.  He has broken your spirit.  You aren’t writing anymore and worst of all you aren’t eating.  You are weak and tired and desperately need taking in hand.  Someone needs to bring you back to being yourself.” Marshal’s anger was growing in strength by the minute.

Nigel clapped his hands together.

“Bravo, Mr. Blackwood, or should I call you your Grace?  Nice speech.”

Marshal grimaced at the mockery of his title.  He never used his title or referred to it ever, especially when conducting business.  He looked at Angelica, waiting for some sort of reaction.  Although defiance covered her regal pale features, he could see more tears brimming in her eyes, telling him he had delivered a direct hit.

“And why should I trust you to help me?” she demanded, her voice rising.  “Why should I rely on any man?  You just want to do the same thing to me.  You want to make me a whore as well.”

Good.  So you are still alive in there.  We will work on that and bring you back to full life.

He spoke calmly, softly, in the hopes of easing her fears.  The woman really didn’t have a choice.  Anywhere she tried to go, Jake Elliot would be on her tail.  Her only chance of survival and freedom from a life as a whore, who would be pumped full of drugs to keep her under control, was to go with him.  A gang like Jake Elliot’s never let go and he should know.

“That is not my intention.  I want to help you.  I guarantee you will be safe with me.  My reasons are noble, I assure you.”

“She’ll do it,” Nigel interrupted.  “It’s about time I cut her loose.  She’s run out of money anyway, and she can take care of herself.”

Marshal shook his head and laughed bitterly. “You really are fucking something, aren’t you?” Marshal told him with heavy menace.  “If she could take care of herself, she wouldn’t still be with an unmitigated swine like you. Leave now.  One of my men is waiting in the lobby.  He will give you everything you need and will take you away from London to a safe house.”

Nigel visibly relaxed.

“Great.  Thanks.  It has been a pleasure,” he grinned.

“Make sure you don’t come back, Nigel, or I will have your ass in prison so fast it’ll make your head spin.  That’s if I don’t decide to feed you to Jake Elliot,” Marshal told him.  “Angelica is strictly out of bounds for you now.”

The smile on Nigel’s face faded instantly.  He nodded.

“I won’t be coming back.  There is nothing to come back for,” he said, standing up and throwing his white damask napkin down on the table.  He gave Angelica a cold look and started to walk away.

The tears in her eyes began to fall then.  Marshal watched her reach out and catch Nigel’s arm, her red-tipped nails almost digging in to stop him.  Marshal rubbed his jaw.  He knew it was hard for her to see his actions as a favour, but he hoped she would eventually thank him for his forced rescue.

“Are you really just going to walk away from me like that?  Nigel, we have been together since we were teenagers.”

“Let go, Angelica.  It’s over.  We are finished,” Nigel hissed, removing her hand with distaste.  “We should have ended it years ago.”

“No, please.  I am your wife.  I will come with you.  We belong together.”

Angelica looked confused, pale and quite frankly ill.  She obviously wasn’t thinking straight and panic was beginning to set in.  For a moment, Marshal was concerned she was going to pass out.  He decided to bring her torture to an end and make the decision to do as he asked easy for her.

Callous as this is going to sound, baby, you need to hear this.  I am not taking no for an answer.  I won’t let you be used and eventually killed because Jake Elliot got tired of his new toy.

“If you refuse to come with me, Angelica, I will simply abduct you and keep you imprisoned in my home until you accept what is going on,” he told her.

Marshal watched her stare at him in horror.  Her pretty pink lips parted sensuously and grew moist.  All he could think of at that moment was taking her into his arms to soothe and kiss her.

“You wouldn’t dare.” There was a tremble of uncertainty in her angry voice.

“Yes, I would dare.  Your life is at stake and I want to help you keep it.  I am sorry, but I have no choice.  If you continue to push and challenge me on this, kidnap is exactly what I have in mind.  And believe me I will keep you hidden and imprisoned in my home where no one can find you.  I have enough connections to keep you locked up with me, for life.  I am not here to hurt you or frighten you, but I want to keep you safe from Jake Elliot.  If that means taking a tough line with you, then I will do it without hesitation,” he said, keeping emotion out of his voice. She had to know the facts of the situation.

“I would do as he says, Angelica,” Nigel warned her.  “For both our sakes.  He always carries out his threats.  He’s right; we don’t have any choice.  I don’t want to lose my life or spend any time in jail.  Be his whore and we will all get something out of this.”

“She is not going to be my whore.  Leave now, before I make you.”

Marshal set his jaw and stood up ready to punch the man.  With his athletic frame, he was more than a match for Nigel.  He’d held his temper back far too long and now it was a heavy strain.  He wouldn’t listen to Nigel call Angelica filthy names any longer.

Nigel’s eyes were wild again and he seemed excited at the prospect of a fight.  He got in Marshal’s face, leaning across the table towards him.

“She is a whore and she is your whore now.”

Marshal put his hand against Nigel’s chest and pushed him backwards hard.

“Don’t call her a fucking whore,” he shouted not giving a damn that everyone in the restaurant was looking at them and making comment.

“Don’t fucking push me.  She is a whore with no money.  If she’d kept writing instead of concentrating on trying to get pregnant, we wouldn’t be in this mess.  She’s barren anyway.  Stupid bitch,” Nigel was full of anger and hate.  It was clear to Nigel that he blamed Angelica for everything wrong with his sordid little life.  He turned to Angelica, no doubt to insult her for the last time, and Marshal’s temper broke.

Before Nigel touched Angelica, Marshal hit him with a hard, well-aimed punch, knocking him flying over his chair and to the ground. 

God, that felt good.

Nigel got up quickly, nursing a bloody nose and mouth.  He stepped back and without a second look at his wife of twenty years, he left.

Marshal held out his hand to Angelica, who was staring after Nigel as the waiters came bustling around them.

“Come with me and I guarantee I will keep you safe and change your life for the better,” he told her calmly.

She hesitated.

“Or do you want me to throw you over my shoulder and carry you out of here?” There was menace in his tone, but he infused his voice with a persuasive caress.

A part of him wanted her to disobey him, give him the opportunity of carrying out his threat.  There was something primal being activated deep inside him, something deeply protective and possessive.  He wanted to carry her out and let her know he was now a dominant loving force in her life.  In short he wanted to let Angelica and the world know that she was now his to love and care for.

“I can’t.  I need to go . . .”

She prepared to leave but Marshal was moving around the table towards her.  He caught her arm and pulled her to him.

“Then you leave me no other option, honey.”

With lightning speed, he bent and pulled her neatly over his shoulder.  He placed his arm over her legs as she kicked and squealed, demanding he put her down.  He slapped her buttocks through the dress twice, to calm her, and for a moment she was stunned into silence.

Marshal grinned at the surprised waiters and informed them that his aide, who had quickly appeared by his side, would settle the bill and pay for any damage.

Without further obstacle, Marshal carried his sobbing charge, slung over his shoulder, out of the restaurant to safety.

Marshal didn’t take Angelica home and allow her to pack.  It wasn’t safe.  He’d had word from a couple of his men that Jake Elliot was staking out at the Walker home waiting for them to return and for Nigel to hand her over like sold chattel.  And if truth be known, he didn’t want her to bring any clothes from her old life with Walker.  For the first few days, he would be providing her clothing.  Marshal Blackwood planned to regress his pretty kidnapped princess back to her childhood to help her find her true self again and clear up the issues that had been stopping her from eating and allowing herself to be treated like shit.  In short, Marshal was going to introduce her to a new lifestyle, one he hoped would help her become whole again and not the poor defenceless woman he’d had no choice but to kidnap to save.

With care, he deposited her in to the long sleek black Audi and fastened her seatbelt.  She was still sobbing when he got in next to her.  He covered her hand resting on the seat with his, but she flinched and removed it, turning to bite her lip and look out of the window.  He said nothing and asked the chauffeur to drive off.

They were heading for the airport.  Marshal had planned his kidnap of Angelica Walker meticulously.  Until he could get Jake Elliot under control with the help of his own family connections, he was going to hide Angelica at his home and the family seat in the Highlands of Scotland at Glen Leith.  It was the perfect setting.  The estate’s isolation in the lavender hills would soothe and calm Angelica’s confused mind.

He’d discovered she was suffering from depression and anxiety.  She needed rest and to feel safe before she would eat again.  Lochabar Castle would be perfect for his little princess and her rehabilitation.  The castle, resting on a small Island on Loch Leith, might also inspire her to write again.  He’d been told once that most writers loved to be near water.  It helped them to create their stories.  But before he could get her to accept his help and nurse her back to full health he had a feeling he was in for one hell of a fight with her denial.  It was more than likely she was going to spend most of her time over his knees bare bottomed and being spanked until she accepted his control.

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