Friday, 7 March 2014

New Steampunk Spanking Romance

I have written the first chapter of a new Steampunk Spanking Romance called Doctor Ashby's Medicine.  It is the first Steampunk adventure I have written and I hope to write many more.  I love the genre with its futuristic Victorian look! 

My handsome and dashing Steampunk hero Doctor Ashby likes to carry out sexual experiments with willing subjects for his research.  He is also a sky pirate ransacking airships for fun and spanking errant ladies who dare to hide their jewels from him.  When he finds a lady in distress and falling foul to a tyrannical father who is forcing her to marry Doctor Ashby's greatest enemy, he feels he must act to protect the vulnerable woman.  She refuses to accept his help out of misguided loyalty to her abusive father.  Horrified she has been starved and imprisoned by her father until she accepts his authority, Doctor Ashby kidnaps the ailing lady from the airship and introduces the reckless heiress to his own brand of medicine, a firm bare bottom spanking to make her see sense and surrender to his offer of assistance. 

Remember my first age-play and medical play spanking romance, Little Princess will be released on the 12th March by Blushing Books.  The moment I receive the cover I will post it.

Have a great weekend!

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