Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Kidnapped & Bound & Age Play

Just to let you know, my very hot and sexy Regency spanking romance, Kidnapped and Bound will be released on Valentine's day by my publisher, Blushing Books.  I have included the blurb below and the cover image above.  I hope you like it.

I have also just finished my new  and very first contemporary age and medical play spanking romance, Little Princess and included the blurb below.  I will let you know a release date for that one when I get it.


Kidnapped & Bound Blurb

Buckinghamshire, England, 1812


One moonlit night, Lady Eleanor Gerard finds herself bound, gagged, kidnapped and receiving a firm bare bottom spanking at the hand of her fiancé in his carriage, a week before their marriage.

Lord Grange means to sell her in payment for a large gambling debt to the formidable dangerous rake known as The Viscount.  He owns an exclusive club for rich Regency gentlemen where they can gamble, enjoy pleasurable time with one of the captured women in his harem or buy and sell a woman in a bride sale.

Eleanor is stripped and assessed by the Viscount and his friends without hopes of rescue.  But when the handsome dark eyed young man sitting next to the Viscount views her with an attracted and unexpected protective eye, Eleanor finds herself taking courage she might not be lost to the Viscount in a life of servitude after all.

Lord Drake is a rake but disproving of the Viscount and his ways.  When Lord Drake views the helpless yet feisty and obstinate Lady Gerard he experiences a strong attraction.  He wonders if she is not the woman to satisfy his need to dominate, protect and lovingly discipline within the confines of marriage itself.  It is clear her reckless stubborn nature causes her safety and well being to be comprised and he yearns to correct her with a series of much need firm bare bottom spankings and a turn with his riding crop.  Perhaps she is the woman to tame his restless spirit.

Little Princess   Blurb
The young, handsome and wealthy present day Scottish 14th Duke of Macgrory, Marshal Blackwood falls in love with his European business manager’s fragile wife during a two month stay with the couple.  He discovers her husband beats her, gambles and is in severe debt.  In his last poker game he lost the house and his wife to a violent London crime gang leader as though she were a possession for sale.
The Duke finds himself fiercely protective of Angelica who naively does not believe what her husband has done and decides to stand by him.  Marshal takes matters in to his own hands by kidnapping Angelica and keeping her locked away for the sake of her safety in his family seat, Lochabar castle in Scotland.
Angelica finds her kidnapper to be very paternal and determined in regressing her back to being a child so he can ascertain  what it is in her past that keeps her loyal to her wife beating husband.  Referring to her as his little princess, Angelica finds herself having to call him Papa in an age-play role.  Angelica is confused when she finds herself taking a likening to the role she is made to play and the warm reassurance Marshal’s paternal protection affords her.
But when he probes deep in to her violent past she is at pains to hide it.  This prompts Marshal to administer a series of hard bare bottom spankings and then to diaper her sore bottom.  He also ensures she receives an intimate medical examination in front of him because she refuses to eat.
Angelica quickly learns the younger man she is helplessly falling for means to wield his sexy dominant aristocratic power over her to keep her safe from the crime gang leader who hunts her and her own destructive tendencies.  There is no choice but to surrender and become his little princess unconditionally.


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