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If you like your Mr Darcy strict with a need to spank his woman........

If you like your Mr Darcy strict with a need to spank his woman when she is naughty and puts herself in danger then my new Regency spanking romance, Kidnapped & Bound is for you!

It is now available on and and is published by Blushing Books Publishing.

Check out the blurb and chapter one for free below!

Kidnapped & Bound Blurb

Buckinghamshire, England, 1812


One moonlit night, Lady Eleanor Gerard finds herself bound, gagged, kidnapped and receiving a firm bare bottom spanking at the hand of her fiancé in his carriage, a week before their marriage.

Lord Grange means to sell her in payment for a large gambling debt to the formidable dangerous rake known as The Viscount.  He owns an exclusive club for rich Regency gentlemen where they can gamble, enjoy pleasurable time with one of the captured women in his harem or buy and sell a woman in a bride sale.

Eleanor is stripped and assessed by the Viscount and his friends without hopes of rescue.  But when the handsome dark eyed young man sitting next to the Viscount views her with an attracted and unexpected protective eye, Eleanor finds herself taking courage she might not be lost to the Viscount in a life of servitude after all.

Lord Drake is a rake but disproving of the Viscount and his ways.  When Lord Drake views the helpless yet feisty and obstinate Lady Gerard he experiences a strong attraction.  He wonders if she is not the woman to satisfy his need to dominate, protect and lovingly discipline within the confines of marriage itself.  It is clear her reckless stubborn nature causes her safety and well being to be comprised and he yearns to correct her with a series of much need firm bare bottom spankings and a turn with his riding crop.  Perhaps she is the woman to tame his restless spirit.

Kidnapped & Bound


Chapter One


Lyndon Forest, Buckinghamshire, England, 1812


I found myself taken from my bed and abducted by my fiancé Lord Marcus Grange.  He carried me away in his Landau carriage as the horses drove it fast along the moonlit forest, deep in to the Buckinghamshire countryside.  I struggled and kicked out at Lord Grange confused and hurt by his unexpected action and the sinister uncaring way he looked upon me.  He fought to keep me still and caught my ankle underneath my long white column dress to grip it tightly.  He raised it high up until I felt discomfort.  It immobilised any movement I made to free myself from his clutches.

“Kick me again, Eleanor and I will punish you,” he callously snapped.  His handsome turquoise eyes that had once captivated me so deeply along with his fair good looks, narrowed with fierce anger making me tremble.  “The Viscount likes a quiet obedient woman and I don’t intend to disappoint him.  My life depends on it.”

I stared at him wincing with pain as he strengthened his hold upon my ankle.  He stretched my leg up in to the air exposing my nakedness beneath the dress.  I felt my eyes turn glassy with tears as I looked up into the eyes of the man I would have called husband in just a week’s time.

Lord Grange pouted and wore a sad countenance, mimicking my forlorn expression.   But he appeared to find it hard to contain it when a grin broke through his false exterior.  As if to soothe his mistake he trailed the tip of his thumb from my ankle all the way up the soft milky white skin of my leg, lifting the dress as he did.

 Lord Grange’s fingers began to stroke my thigh in a gentle caressing manner making my skin tingle, arousing my confused senses.  He slid the silky material further until he bared the tight black curls of my sex unhindered by a covering as per the fashion of the time.  My cheeks flushed with the heat of embarrassment.  I had hoped and longed for such an unveiling of my body and his touch upon it on our wedding night but now he soiled on my reputation.

The action ensured I regretted not trying those new drawers some of my friends wore.  Yet they had seemed long, clumsy and ghastly.  The idea of them showing through my dress or out of the bottom of it when lifted to avoid mud and puddles would have caused too much embarrassment.  Now I could only lament that they might have afforded me some protection.

“I will miss taking you to my bed, my love, but it would never really have worked.  I have my gambling and I like women too much to be faithful to only one of them.  My family will have to wait forever for me to make a match in marriage.  You and your body are going to save my life tonight.  I have to pay the Viscount back my debt and unfortunately I haven’t got any money.  But I think you will be more than an adequate substitute.  He is a connoisseur of beautiful women.  You will be a welcome addition to the collection in his harem.”

I squealed with both fear and anger at his plan against my gag.  As if to silence my errant protest he slipped his fingers in to the curls and stroked between my pliant virginal pussy lips, nipping the tiny bud nestling there.  Confused by my feelings once again for the sudden turn of behaviour in Marcus yet still seduced by his previous love, my sex dampened unexpectedly, coating his invading fingers with my juice.  I wanted to cry.  It was the first time any man had touched me so intimately there and this was not the way I had dreamt and envisioned this precious moment occurring.  Lord Grange’s liberty was intolerable.  Hurt and angry I raised my tied hands and banged them hard against his face as he leaned over to kiss me.

He moved back quickly letting go of me, clearly shocked at my violent outburst.  He pointed an angry finger at me.  His handsome countenance flashed with dark anger rendering me still.

“You are going to regret doing that, Eleanor.  I am going to spank your bare bottom until it smarts.”

I gasped and whimpered against the muslin cloth forced in to my mouth as a gag.  Shaking my head at him I backed away along the red leather seat in fright.  With daring speed Lord Grange let go of my ankle and moved towards the window of the carriage.

 He opened the window and shouted up to the coachman.  “Stop the carriage,” he demanded.

The coachman obeyed him without question and the man immediately slowed the movement of the horses, bringing the carriage to a standstill.  A freezing February fog was creeping in to the air and all around the pine trees making their surroundings  mysterious and eerie making me all the more fearful.  I glanced outside wondering if I should attempt to run despite my fear of being alone in the woods at night but my tied hands made any attempt to fly from Marcus and the closed carriage impossible. 

Lord Grange was to prove true to his word.  I was to be bared and spanked soundly like an errant child for my act.  The moment the carriage was brought to a halt he roughly took hold of my waist and pulled my body across the seat pulling me over his lap.

Helpless as a babe, I lay draped and humiliated over Lord Grange’s knees.  My hands were still tied with rope and I was unable to scream for help for the gag in my mouth.  I felt my eyes widened with fear and outrage.  Using his free hand Marcus pressed down hard on my back to ensure I remained still and in position for the punishment he was about to inflict upon my poor bare and defenceless bottom.  Was there to be no end to the torment he wished to inflict upon me that night?

“The Viscount likes to see a woman’s bottom red from a healthy bare bottom spanking.  He is an expert at disciplining wayward young women.  And you deserve it,” Marcus’s voice was stern, dark and authoritative as though he were speaking to a child.  “It will make you worth more when I give you to him in payment for my debt.”

I was to be sold like cattle at the market in payment for a debt.  Had my poor parents been alive and my Aunt not old and infirm, I would have cause to believe in a rescue.  I struggled like a wild cat determined I would save myself from the cruel fate that was to be mine.

“I warrant he will marry a prize like you.  Your inheritance and dowry will be worth the slight inconvenience to him and his pursuit of luscious women,” Marcus chuckled.

 “I watched him whip the bottom of one his women quite recently.,” he continued.  “The man has a hard swing with a flogger, my love.  You better get used to it being applied to your gorgeous plump rump every day,” Lord Grange ended his callous speech by taking hold of the bottom of my dress and skimming it over the backs of my legs and thighs.  He pushed it up to my waist as I let out a sob of humiliation.  The back of my naked thigh was given  a sharp slap when I attempted to make it difficult for him.  I yelped with surprise at how the simple action could make my tender flesh sting so much.

The air was cool, resting on my bare bottom as if to conspire with Lord Grange and ensure my punishment was to be harsh.  I felt Marcus’s fingers stroke the flesh of my bared buttocks soothingly, lulling my fear for the briefest of moments.

My nerves had been rattled and sorely tested when Lord Grange woke me in the early hours of the morning by storming noisily in to my rooms.  The servants in their night clothes were scandalised, begging him to respect my privacy and reputation.  My stern Aunt, the dowager Duchess of Winborne, in who’s house I had been residing since the death of my parents when younger was roused from her slumber in an intolerable mood and temper.  She was at pains to protect me and have Lord Grange run from her home. But her efforts were soon put to pay when Lord Grange dragged her from my rooms and bade one of the three men who accompanied him to gag the woman and tie her to a chair.  Never had I witnessed such deplorable behaviour.

The other two servants in the employ of Lord Grange were heavy and thick set characters and more than a match for my Aunt’s two elderly footmen and the young kitchen boy.  I had remained in bed startled and afraid of the intrusion in to my private rooms.  Gathering up the bed clothes to my chin I had tried to protect my modesty.  Lord Grange was not to allow me this kindness.  He ripped away the bed clothes forcing a shriek from my lips and exposed me to all who stood around my bed.

Fear forced me to try and flee from the bed to hide but Marcus caught hold of my arm and forced me back to stand before the bed.  With excitement and a strange arousal swirling deep in his eyes he stood back tore at my white shift removing it from my body until I stood naked and vulnerable to the gaze of every man in the room.  Tears gather and spilled in my eyes as I sought to cover myself with my small delicate hands that were of little help.

Lord Grange laughed loudly and instructed both of his men to remove my hands and hold them out to my sides so that he may inspect me.  Heat flared through my body as his seductive gaze rested across my breasts and travelled the length of my small curved form with undisguised appreciation.

“Beautiful.  It will be a shame to give you up,” Lord Grange informed me with a heavy sigh trailing the tip of a purposeful digit around the nipple of one of my breasts.  Unexpected arousal stabbed painfully in my stomach at the warm touch of his finger and the light caress of his black velvet cuff against my breast.  Inside my mind annoyance I could even feel such a thing in manner in which I was being treated rose strongly.  He briefly ran a firm hand down my back raising a startled helpless gasp from my lips.  He grinned clearly enjoying my fearful yet aroused reaction.  As if to prolong it he allowed his hand to travel down to my bare rump and cup a buttock tightly.  He moved his body and eyes to the side to view the naked swell of my bottom.

“Yes, very beautiful and well formed.  A prize for a man like the Viscount.”

He gave my buttock another squeeze and with a sigh let go.

 Lord Grange removed his finger ceasing his intoxicating devilish caress of my nipple to cup my chin and raise it.  “The Viscount will be pleased with you.  I would love to touch and explore your tender pert body for myself but he requires a virgin and you shall remain intact until I deliver you to him.”

Before I could utter a word of protest or indignation he stood back and ordered his men to gag me and the maid to dress me quickly.  Then my hands were tied behind my back with rope.  Without further ado Lord Grange dipped his tall frame and pulled me neatly over his shoulder kicking and screaming against my gag.  With a chuckle and a heavy slap to my buttocks he carried me from the house kidnapped and bound.

  Now Marcus was baring my fragile bare bottom, preparing to spank and chastise me like a child.  Tears of humiliation and fear for the pain about to come hotly brushed my eyes.  Lord Grange stroked his fingertips over my skin tracing the perfect outline of my tender buttocks.

“You have a beautiful rump.  I wonder how it behaves when I slap it hard?” he questioned himself with curiosity out loud.  “Time to receive your punishment, my love.”

I squealed against my gag and kicked but he pressed down hard on her back with his arm to steady me and delivered his first slap.  If I hadn’t been gagged I would have screamed loudly.  My bare buttocks jumped, quivered against the blow and flared with painful heat.  Lord Grange cruelly laughed.

Once or twice, maybe thrice, Marcus’s hand caught the vulnerable backs of my thighs much harder then when he had first hit her there.  My buttocks felt as though they were on fire.  Tears spilled from my eyes and I am ashamed to confess I sobbed against the gag like a babe in arms.  Eventually, I gave up struggling.  I hung limp and accepting of my heartless punishment spanking knowing there was nothing I could do to free herself from Lord Grange’s dominant male strength.

“I am sorry to interrupt, sir,” the coachman was tapping on the window.  Marcus leaned over to slide down the window.  I was exposed to the man, a stranger.  My hot flaring reddened bare buttocks were clearly displayed for his lustful viewing.   “Time is moving fast, m’lord and we need to be there soon or the Viscount will be in a terrible temper.  My she’s a bonnie lass.  There is nothing more juicy than seeing a woman with well spanked bottom and a deep red blush to it an’ all.”  There was an edge of arousal in the man’s voice giving me the impression he was thoroughly enjoying his viewing pleasure.

“What a shame, Eleanor.  I was really beginning to get in to my stride,” Marcus laughed.  “Just two more hard strikes for good measure and then we will be on our way,” he informed both the Coachman and myself with hearty amusement.

The last two blows to my bare bottom were indeed hard and punishing making her body jerk with the force.  They produced a fresh crop of tears and a loud laugh of approval from the Coachman. Lord Grange was to take pity on me and give my bottom a gentle pat and massage when he had finished my punishment.

“Good.  Your buttocks are blushing a gentle shade of red.  The Viscount of Blackney likes them crimson but we haven’t got time.  It is indeed  a pity,” he told me pulling down my dress to cover the evidence of my shame and punishment.  He lifted me up, forcing me to sit down on her seat with a thud. 

I closed my eyes tight smarting with pain when my freshly chastised bottom cheeks made contact with the leather seat.  Lord Grange grinned.

“Is it hurting, my love?” he teased.  “Now you know what happens when you are disobedient.  The Viscount  likes a challenge from his women.  He likes to break them in by applying a whip and riding crop to their bare bottoms.  Occasionally, he uses a birch when the girl is really difficult.”

Marcus stroked my cheek ignoring the way I strained away from him.  He wiped at my tears.

“Poor little one.  Although, I have to say watching you be birched on all fours, naked for all the world to see would be extremely desirable.”

“You will be needing this, sir,” the coachman was speaking again and holding out a blindfold.

Lord Grange reached over for it.  I panicked and struggled violently not wishing to be blinded to my fate when he put it on me.

“Sorry, little one but the Viscount doesn’t want too many people knowing where he holds the meeting of his pleasure club for the rich men of London.  Many men still seek to recover their wives and daughters from his harem and those sold as brides for profit.”

Marcus finished tying the blindfold at the back of my head.  I sobbed and fought to untie my hands, terrified by the darkness covering my  vision.  I was to feel helpless and very afraid.  How could the man I had loved for the last year treat me this way?  But as the Coach moved off towards our destination once more I knew there was no opportunity for escape.  What was evil was to befall me in the hands of the Viscount?  Was there no man who would come to my assistance?





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