Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Just to let you know I am now waiting on a release day for my very naughty Regency spanking romance with some BDSM elements, Kidnapped & Bound.  I will let you know the moment I get one.

I have also just finished chapter one of a new contemporary age-play spanking romance.  This will be the first time I have ever written an age-play spanking romance and I am very excited about it.  I have had various title ideas but I am still not sure which one to go for yet.  It may possibly form part of the Kidnapped series.

In the meantime, here is the blurb for Kidnapped & Bound.  You can read chapter one in the free download offer of my book A Dangerous Man available until the 1st February on Blushing Books.

Kidnapped & Bound Blurb

Buckinghamshire, England, 1812


One moonlit night, Lady Eleanor Gerard finds herself bound, gagged, kidnapped and receiving a firm bare bottom spanking at the hand of her fiancé in his carriage, a week before their marriage.

Lord Grange means to sell her in payment for a large gambling debt to the formidable dangerous rake known as The Viscount.  He owns an exclusive club for rich Regency gentlemen where they can gamble, enjoy pleasurable time with one of the captured women in his harem or buy and sell a woman in a bride sale.

Eleanor is stripped and assessed by the Viscount and his friends without hopes of rescue.  But when the handsome dark eyed young man sitting next to the Viscount views her with an attracted and unexpected protective eye, Eleanor finds herself taking courage she might not be lost to the Viscount in a life of servitude after all.

Lord Drake is a rake but disproving of the Viscount and his ways.  When Lord Drake views the helpless yet feisty and obstinate Lady Gerard he experiences a strong attraction.  He wonders if she is not the woman to satisfy his need to dominate, protect and lovingly discipline within the confines of marriage itself.  It is clear her reckless stubborn nature causes her safety and well being to be comprised and he yearns to correct her with a series of much need firm bare bottom spankings and a turn with his riding crop.  Perhaps she is the woman to tame his restless spirit.


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