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Rescuing Rebecca Cover Art & New Spanking Romance, Double Trouble

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I have now received the cover art for my deeply romantic thriller, Rescuing Rebecca.  I hope you like it.  The publication of this book through Blushing Books is a really big deal for me.  Although full of action there is a heavy romantic love story.  The ex Royal Marines hero moves heaven and earth to risk his life to find and protect his journalist ex girlfriend determined on bringing down a worldwide medical conspiracy in a war torn country.

Rescuing Rebecca is released under the pen name of Serena James and not Arabella Kingsley.  There is no spanking in this one but with a hero whose nickname is Captain Caveman, it definitely bears the hallmark of edgy power play with a very dominant masculine hero hell bent on throwing his injured and vulnerable girlfriend over his shoulder to carry her out of trouble.  Check out the blurb and excerpt below.

I have just finished a spanking romance with a paranormal theme and a ménage a trois with sword wielding vampire/human hybrids called the Taleian Knights.  The spankings are long and plentiful in this one.  I am just looking for a publisher at the moment but will keep you updated.  This is going to be the first in a new series of books which are spin offs to my nineteenth century English gothic vampire trilogy, The Knights Series, including Knight of Swords, Ace of Swords & the Hanged Man.  All of which are based on the tarot and which will be released by Blushing Books Publishing soon.

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Rescuing Rebecca    Blurb

Security expert Dominic Kane helps his journalist ex-lover uncover a medical conspiracy to commit mass murder and sell human organs to the highest bidder.

Award winning journalist Rebecca Eaton crosses the closed border of a troubled Asian country to interview a Human Rights activist and known terrorist.  Three days later, after her reported mysterious disappearance, she turns up at the border tortured, beaten, minus her memory and one kidney.  When an attempt is made on her life in hospital, her employer sends Eaton's estranged ex-lover and security expert Dominic Kane to bring her safely home.

Kane wants Rebecca back and jumps at the chance to make her realize she walked out on a good thing.  But before he can entice her into a reconciliation he has to help her retrieve her memory and assist her in exposing a worldwide medical conspiracy involving mass murder and the selling of human organs.

Kane has to protect Rebecca from the men sent to silence her and the terrorists who insist she bring the medical criminals to justice or they will detonate four suicide bombs in London.  As he helps her unravel her lost memories Kane finds the conspiracy reaches into Rebecca's family and the highest echelons of power.

Rescuing Rebecca   Excerpt

Rescuing Rebecca   Excerpt

He’d taken her to the coffee shop in Camp Bastion when they released her from the hospital.  He was as nervous as hell.  The loud cat calls and whistling from some of his men sitting near them didn’t help either.  She’d just done a special report for AHG News and had interviewed him for it.  It was going out on the ten o’clock news back in the UK.  She looked beautiful.  There was a softness about her since the day she’d been shot.  The hard edge she had treated himself and his men to was gone.  His men had made a fuss about her bravery.  She had been embarrassed but touched.  She had obviously judged it safe to let her guard down and she wasn’t objecting to him pulling out a chair for her. 

‘How are you feeling?’ he asked her, gesturing with his eyes to her arm in the sling.

‘Better.  They say I can take the sling off in a couple of days time.  How about you?’  She smiled nervously at him.  Her emerald eyes sparkled like jewels at him under her long dark lashes holding him spellbound.

‘Yes, I am doing fine thanks.  My injury wasn’t as bad as yours.  Have you spoken to the counsellor yet?’

She lowered her eyes immediately and stared at the table.  ‘No I haven’t.  I don’t really think they help.’

‘I want you to go,’ he said firmly.

‘Is that an order Major Kane?’  There was a challenge in her voice.

‘I am responsible for your safety and care while you are here.  I want you to receive the help you need.  I told you there is no shame in asking for help.  The counsellor is here for everyone.  I want you to go,’ he spoke softly but made sure his voice lost none of its firmness, leaving her in no doubt it was an order.  He was learning how to handle her fast.

She raised her head and nodded.  ‘I will go.  I promise.’

They’d chatted about home, family life.  He told her about his autistic sister and she talked of her brother.  She’d never mentioned her parents once and when he tried to enquire about them she changed the subject.  He’d guessed that there was a feud, some disagreement between them and had not mentioned them again.  He hadn’t wanted the evening to end but he was suddenly aware that she was looking tired and in pain.  He quickly said, ‘I should let you get some rest.  Maybe we should go out again and continue our conversation.’

He’d stood up expecting her to follow but she stayed still in her chair and stared down at the table.  Her eyes shifted to the sides.  She didn’t seem to want to make eye contact with him.  ‘I’m not tired.  I don’t want to go to bed yet.  Let’s have another coffee.’

He frowned down at her with concern.  She looked uncomfortable, nervous, suddenly very edgy.  Something was clearly wrong.  She tapped her finger on the table.  He said, ‘No, let’s do that tomorrow, you need to rest.’

‘Okay you go, I will have one on my own.’  He sat back down confused.  She still refused to look at him.

‘What’s wrong?’ he asked carefully.  ‘Why don’t you want to go to sleep?’

He heard her give a sigh and then tell him with frustration, ‘I can’t sleep.  I haven’t slept properly in days.  I keep seeing that man die, the man I killed.  And the nightmares... I can’t get any peace from them.  I woke up screaming last night.  That isn’t me.  I deal with things.  I have seen pain and death before as a journalist but this... it’s personal.  I caused the death.  I killed him.’  He heard the emotion threaten to crack through her words but she held it back tight.  ‘I just want to be here... where there are people.  I need company.  I just don’t want to be alone.’

He studied her for a moment.  She was clearly distressed.  He made a decision.  He stretched out his arm and covered his hand over hers and stopped her finger tapping on the table.  She looked up at him quickly.  He picked up her small slender hand and curled it neatly under his own.  He lowered his voice to a caressing whisper and gave her hand a gentle reassuring squeeze.   ‘You must get some rest but you don’t have to be alone.’

Comprehension startled her eyes, widened her pupils.  She paused and then nodded.  He let go of her hand and stood up.  This time she followed his lead and allowed him to guide her out of the coffee shop to her own private tented accommodation. 

He zipped the tent up and turned to look at her sitting on the camp bed.  She couldn’t meet his eyes again.  He sat down beside her and gently cupped the side of her face and lifted it up towards him.  Her cheek was damp with one solitary tear.  The pad of his thumb gently brushed it away halting it’s progress.  She stared up at him as he caressed the side of her face with his thumb.  She asked him, ‘Are you sure you want...’
‘Shhh, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to,’ he whispered before leaning in and brushing her lips with the soft inquisitive touch of his own. 

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