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Kidnapped & Disciplined Re-Released!

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Here is the new cover art for my Regency spanking romance, Kidnapped & Disciplined.  It is romantically indulgent and lavish - a good representation of the novel.  I love it!

The novel will be re-released by Blushing Books on Saturday.  As soon as I get the purchase links I will post them.  In the meantime, check out the blurb and first chapter below.

In the next week or so, my medieval knight spanking romance, Kneeling Before Her Knight will be released by Stormy Night Publications.  In the coming days I will be posting the cover art, blurb and first chapter.









Kidnapped & Disciplined  

Chapter One

North of London, 5th December, 1812

Our pursuers were gaining on us. I feared for our lives as our carriage swayed from side to side. The coachman did his best to outrun them. I held on to the side and prayed we would be delivered from the danger of the highway robbers. I did not hold much hope for their civility with two women travelling alone in the afternoon as the winter sun was lowering in the sky. My companion Rosalind began to cry. She clutched at me, burying her head against my shoulder. I put my arm around her and held her tight, as much for my own comfort as for her own.

But we were not to escape. Hearing the gallop of a horse, I strained to look out of the carriage window. A young gentleman of birth rode past the window. I viewed him with reproof, but he smiled wickedly at me. My temper overwhelmed my fear and with good cause I may add.

I heard the sound of other horses, and the carriage slowed down. I could hear shouting, and then we came to an abrupt stop. Rosalind let out a sob. I urged her to be quiet and pressed myself back in my seat, setting my mind upon an escape should I be able to find the means. Perhaps the ruffians would steal our belongings and have nothing to do with us. But I was being foolish. I would just have to face the thieves with courage.

I heard the coachman and the boy who travelled on top with him do their best to protect us. They shouted and struggled with the men, but, when pistols were aimed at them, the coachman and boy were forced to halt their valiant fight and accept their defeat. Rosalind sobbed loudly, and none of my robust entreaties for her to stop snivelling bore any success. One of the men dismounted his horse. When I moved towards the door to alight and confront our pursuers, Rosalind pleaded with me to stay still. I decided not to distress her any further for fear she would be the cause of injury to herself with the ruffians. My heart pounded and ached as footsteps approached the carriage door.

A handsome face appeared at the window to command my attention.

"Lady Pamela Dashwood, I presume."

The young man who had passed the carriage earlier opened the door. I could not help feeling both surprise and concern that he already knew my name and title. I grew suspicious. He had more than highway robbery on his mind, and I was to be singled out for some crime. I had heard of young men capturing heiresses like myself and forcing them into marriage for their wealth. I was determined this would not happen to me.

"And who asks for me, sir?"

"Lord Peter Ramsay, at your service, Lady Dashwood."

I widened my eyes, watching him tilt his hat in mock service. He opened the carriage door without further haste and offered me his hand.

"Now, please allow me to help you from the carriage, madam."

"No, I will not, sir. What is the meaning of this? Why have you run down my carriage and frightened my companion? What do you want?"

Dismayed I had raised my voice with sudden trembling anger, I held Rosalind even tighter.

Lord Ramsay gave an impatient sigh.

"So many questions, Lady Dashwood. I will answer them all when you remove yourself from the carriage. Please take my hand and let me help you and your companion to alight."

The stranger possessed a soft, velvet voice, deep with firm masculine command. I felt his words subdue and counsel my urge to disobedience. Alarmed he should have such power over me, I fought back.


I made sure my tone was forceful, although it probably served me no good in the situation. Still, I am a stubborn girl, and I would not show him any fear.

"Madam." Lord Ramsay's voice rose an octave, but still he maintained an effort to be civil despite his threat. "If you do not alight, I will remove you myself and throw you over my knee and give you a good sound spanking on your bare bottom. Am I understood?"

"Really, I . . . ."

"Do as I instruct, or I will be forced to act."

His sternness left me in no doubt he meant to carry out his threat.

I simply stared at him, stunned he would dare speak his intention to inflict such a scandalous punishment upon me,  never mind employ it.

The stranger gave me a dark look. To my surprise, I could not stop myself from catching my breath. His threatening appearance was deeply attractive. Leaning into the carriage, he reached for my waist, circling it firmly in his grip. There was to be no escape. Forced to release the sobbing Rosalind, I quickly found myself outside the carriage. He towered above me in height, making my small stature a clear disadvantage, but I would not be deterred, and I continued to berate him for his actions. Lord Ramsay shook his head and was quick in bending his legs to pull me up over his strong, broad shoulder. I struggled, fiercely outraged at the vulnerable position in which he now placed me.

"I will do as you ask. There is no need for violence. Put me down Lord Ramsay."

But he was to ignore me. He carried my struggling form around the carriage, much to the great amusement of the five men who accompanied him on horseback. Three of them remained on their horses, aiming pistols at the coachman and young boy. Lord Ramsay was to take me from the road into the woods. Afraid for my life and virtue, I begged him not to hurt me.

"Hush, little one. I mean no harm other than to discipline you with a spanking. You may even like it." He chuckled.

"No, I will not allow you to spank me, sir," I insisted, but I knew inwardly the man could scarcely be entreated to manners after stopping my carriage like a highwayman. Perhaps he was one.

Lord Ramsay suddenly stopped.

"Yes, this will do well."

I found myself lowered to the ground but still held firmly by the arm. I gave a startled gasp at the speed with which he sat down upon a tree stump and pulled my arm to force me bent over his knee. The man wasted no time in lifting my thin muslin dress up around my waist. His movements were gentle but methodical. He carefully pulled my drawers down to my knees to expose my bottom to the chilly early December air. I had not been spanked since I was a child and did not wish to experience it again. I was no longer an errant child, but Lord Ramsay appeared to think otherwise. I renewed my struggles with vigour when I felt his large male palm softly settle on one of my naked buttocks. His response was swift. He pushed his other palm into my back with enough strength to hold me still and keep me down whilst his leg trapped my own. I was held fast. His hand caressed my bottom tenderly.

"Such a beautiful, fleshy, and well-shaped bottom." His voice was a low, soft, velvet caress, easing my fear and lulling me into a false sense of security. "I have not seen one like it on a woman for a while. I am looking forward to watching it quiver and jump when I strike it. A healthy blush of pink from a good hard spanking will enhance its beauty."

I was about to open my mouth and protest, but out of the corner of my eye I saw him raise his hand high. Tensing with anticipation, I shut my eyes tight, awaiting the sting of his hand across my bare, vulnerable buttocks. He was not to disappoint me. I shrieked with the shock of such burning pain. I did indeed feel my bottom jump and quiver with each strike of his firm, disciplining hand. He struck each buttock harder and harder, one blow after another in quick succession until tears sprang forth hotly from my eyes and I sobbed like a babe. His hand then moved swiftly to the backs of my thighs and struck.

"Well, well, Lady Dashwood, I believe you are enjoying your punishment. You are wet," he told me softly, gentle amusement playing underneath his tone.

My attention drifted to the unexpected dampness between my thighs. I was a virgin but no stranger to feeling aroused by my own ministrations, and I felt a mixture of shock and surprise that Lord Ramsay’s beating of my bottom had induced it. The very notion sparked pleasure and a sudden heavy ache and need I had never felt the likes of before. My sex pulsed and throbbed. I began to move my pussy restlessly against his breeches in a vain attempt to still it, lifting my buttocks unawares to meet every strike. Breathing hard, I felt my pleasure build to a quickening, but it was soon to diminish when Lord Ramsay ceased my punishment. I heard him laugh and then felt him stroke my bottom tenderly again. The skin burned and stung. Not even the cool air could ease my soreness. His fingers caressed the red backs of my thighs.

"A sound spanking suits you, Lady Dashwood. I would dearly like to paddle your bottom. Perhaps in time."

I whimpered, feeling both pain and need grip me. I desperately required satisfaction and wished he would leave me to tend to myself, but Lord Ramsay was to take pity on me.

"Hush," he whispered, slipping his fingers between my thighs and into the overflowing wetness seeping from my sex. I had never been touched this way by a man before. Shamefully, I craved it. Lord Ramsay stroked the small bud hanging ripe from my pussy to soothe my painful ache, which throbbed in unison with my beaten buttocks.

"I will tend to your ache, Lady Dashwood. You have earned a little pleasure from taking your spanking so well."

Slowly he moved a finger inside me and thrust it deeply. I lifted my hips to accommodate his progress. For a moment, he halted his progress.

"You are a virgin, Lady Dashwood. I did not expect it. I will be gentle with you."

He began to thrust his finger in and out, stretching and opening me to the cool air and whoever might happen upon us to view the proceedings. I cared not. Skilfully, Lord Ramsay teased his thumb over my bud, stroking, moving it back and forth, and then slipped another finger inside me. I groaned loudly. No longer would I be able to contain myself.

"I want you to come now, Lady Dashwood, and don't be ashamed," my captor instructed huskily. "Take your pleasure. I will take great delight in watching you surrender and yield to it."

The very idea he would watch my body be consumed by the pleasure he created spurred me on. Wantonly, I obeyed his command and came as he took me firmly with his fingers, still careful not to rob me of my virginity. Writhing and bucking helplessly across his knee, I came on top of his devilish fingers.

Satiated, I fell limp over his knee. Lord Ramsay removed his fingers and slipped them into his mouth.

I stared up at him in disbelief. He savoured the taste of my creamy wetness against his palate.

"You have a beautiful taste, Lady Dashwood. I would dearly like to sample more and take your virginity for my own here and now, but the day is drawing in, and we must be on our way for the sake of your safety and care."

Lord Ramsay gave my bare bottom two gentle taps with his hand and sighed.

"It is a pity I cannot play with you a little more. However, I warrant you will find it difficult to sit comfortably for a while. It will serve to remind you not to question my authority again. When I ask you to do something, I expect to be obeyed with more servitude than you would give a husband. If you do not, I shall whip your fleshy, pert bottom until I am satisfied you are punished, madam. Do I have your word?"


I breathed, doing well to hold back my stubborn annoyance at his arrogance. I could not take another spanking or a whipping.


Lord Ramsay replaced my drawers and smoothed down my dress before he allowed me to stand. He frowned when he came to look down at me.

"You appear a little flushed and warm. Are you ill, Lady Dashwood? May I be of assistance?"

"No, I am fine, thank you," I lied.

I did indeed feel a sudden warmth and tiredness.

"Are you a highwayman, Lord Ramsay? I have heard of noblemen who take to the road. What do you intend to do with Rosalind and myself?"

"Abduct you both. And, no, I am not a highwayman."

I was about to protest, but Lord Ramsay suddenly bent and swept his arm under my legs to lift me into his arms and carry me quickly. He ignored my questions as to the reason for my abduction until we returned to the others.

An attractive, young, fair-headed man, who bore a family resemblance to Lord Ramsay, was taking hold of Rosalind as he handed her from the carriage. She began to squeal as he lifted her up around the waist and sat her on top of his horse. He quickly mounted and pulled her struggling form towards his chest.

I turned to Lord Ramsay, making no attempt to hide my displeasure.

"I demand you answer my questions now, sir. I will not be kept waiting any longer. When my brother hears of your treatment of us—"

"It is Lord Dashwood who causes your ill treatment."

A sudden fiery anger clouded Lord Ramsay's eyes as he carried me to his horse. I fought my fear to stand my ground, but I could not help being enthralled by his handsome features as he bent his head towards me. His refined pale features were complemented by lustrous, short, thick, dark brown hair and deep, tempestuous, coal black eyes.

"Your brother has taken my young sister for a fool, Lady Dashwood. He has filled her head with false flattery and induced her to elope with him. She is of a fragile mind, and he plans to ill use her, taking her fortune to pay his gambling debts. I have it on good authority that he plans to confine her in an asylum once he has taken all he can from her."

"But this cannot be true. You speak ill of my brother, yet I have only ever known kindness and love from him."

Those black eyes narrowed with menace.

"You have been sorely deceived. Did you not know he has squandered your family's wealth in his pursuit of leisure, vice, and women?"

"No, you lie. I will not believe, you, sir. Andrew has always been a high-spirited man, but he would never do such a thing."

I glanced up at Rosalind who still sobbed. Her captor held her tight against him, but, to my surprise, he did all he could to soothe her fear with whispers of reassurance she would come to no harm. He hushed her distress with a gentle kiss upon the crown of her head.

"You must, Lady Dashwood," Lord Ramsay continued in a raised voice. "He is on the verge of bankruptcy. He has designs on your own fortune that you are to receive from your late uncle when you attain the age of twenty-one in two years' time. I believe Andrew will use violence upon you until it is his own. There is no end to his villainy, I can assure you. He gives me no choice but to repay his act in kind and hold you to ransom for the safe return of my sister."

Tears sprang into my eyes to hear Andrew's character defiled. I struggled desperately, determined to free myself and find help. But Lord Ramsay tightened his grip on me fiercely until I was forced to cease all movement.

"There is no escape, Lady Dashwood. You would not last ten minutes in this forest unaccompanied. It is full of thieves and knaves who will want more than your wealth."

He deposited me sideways on top of his horse.

"Whilst under my care, you will be afforded my protection, and I will not allow you to be careless with your safety."

He quickly mounted behind me, sweeping his hand tightly around my waist before moving his horse off into the forest.

Stiffly, I tried to maintain a distance between myself and his body, but he was not to allow it. My sore, spanked bottom reminded me of the power my captor held over me as it moved and rubbed against the saddle. I turned my face up towards him.

"Am I to be given no choice in this matter? If my brother has done all you say he has, then why are Rosalind and I to be held accountable for his crime?"

Lord Ramsay met my eyes with intense curiosity. I blushed. He gave a mischievous smile of triumph at my reaction. It seemed he not only held my body captive but also my senses. I felt ashamed.

"I do not believe I have ever encountered a woman with spirit such as yourself. It is a shame we have not met under better circumstances. I believe I should have liked you for a wife," he said with flippant amusement.

I narrowed my eyes with displeasure.

"Then it is a blessing we have not. I should not like you for a husband, sir."

He laughed.

"I am sorry I must cause you some discomfort, but there is no other way." He widened his eyes and sighed. "Your brother does not respond very well to diplomacy. Only threats make him listen to sense. At least that is what I am told. Let us hope for your sake he does."

"What do you intend to do with me if he does not bring your sister home?"

"Then, my fair, beautiful, Lady Dashwood, I will have to sell you as a bride. I am sure there will be many bidders for your hand. Or I will give your hand in marriage to that rake Lord Simon who so desperately wants you for a wife."

"No. I won't allow it."

"You will have no say in the matter." He laughed. "Lord Simon is a brute of a man. You have done your best to reject his advances so far. I have heard of the way he has pursued your affections at social gatherings and balls to the point you have become distressed and afraid of the way he is so physical and inappropriate in his advances. He has never cared for propriety as his numerous female conquests can attest to. He loves a challenge and never takes no for an answer. Your defiance in refusing to accept him as a husband spurs his desire for you. Lord Simon considers the chase for your hand to be good sport. He will never give up until he has broken your will and captured you, body and soul. He will stop at nothing, even carrying you to the altar bound and gagged. I will simply end the game by handing you to him. It will spoil his hunter’s game, but he will not refuse my offer. It is a fitting retribution for your brother's cruel treatment of my sister."

"How can you be so malicious, so heartless—"

"It would vex your brother if you married, for he would no longer be able to find a way to take your inheritance for himself. Lord Simon is tired of waiting for you to accept his proposal. You have held out in your rejection of him longer than he anticipated. His patience has worn thin, and he is a man who always gets what he wants. He has been planning to kidnap you himself. The man will be mad I beat him to the task and spoiled his sport."

My temper flowed freely. Unable to bear sitting in Lord Ramsay's arms any longer, listening to his cruel sarcasm and contemptuous conversation, I struggled to free myself from his grip. I wanted to jump from the horse. His reaction was quick and punishing. Lord Ramsay tightened his hold upon my waist until I cried out with pain. Forcing me back against his chest, he crushed me against him until I ceased my fruitless struggle. I sat breathless in his arms.

"Remember what I said about the forest, Lady Dashwood. I would not want anything to happen to you," he whispered against my ear.

My skin tingled and warmed at the closeness of his lips and the caress of his breath. I wished with all my heart this cruel monster did not have such an effect upon me.

"After all, you must be kept safe for your brother, or he is unlikely to return my sister."

"You are not a gentleman, sir. You are misguided in deciding to involve me in your argument with Andrew."

"But I believe you are involved, Lady Dashwood. You must have known of your brother's gambling and his courting of my sister. I am told you are close and share everything."

"You are misinformed. I knew nothing. Andrew no longer talks to me. I rarely see him—"

"I wish I could believe you, Lady Dashwood, but it is not what I am told. You have had many meetings lately."

"Only because I have required his assistance in rejecting Lord Simon's persistent and offensive advances. Our meetings have been short and our conversation brief. I would not allow my brother to commit such a crime against your sister if I had known of his plans. Let me speak to him and resolve the matter to your convenience."

"No. You will remain my prisoner," Lord Ramsay insisted.

He tightened his grip further when I strained to lift my head and move away from him. Defeated, I allowed my head to relax and rest backwards against my captor. My head made contact with hard, firm muscle. Lord Ramsay's chest was broad and offered good support to my tiring body. I wanted desperately to resist the comfort, but Lord Ramsay would not afford me the luxury. Helpless in his powerful hold, I gave in and sank meekly into the safety of his arms.

I was enveloped in a heavenly, woody male scent of cedarwood and pine. It soothed and calmed my passion until I rested obediently. My eyes fluttered drowsily, a sudden headache befalling me. Lord Ramsay smiled down at me with approval.

"Your anger has tired you, Lady Dashwood. Take refuge in my arms and sleep," he whispered, surprising me as he brushed the top of my head with a gentle kiss. "We have a long journey ahead of us."


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