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Kidnapped & Disciplined Published Today!

My new erotic Regency novel, Kidnapped & Disciplined has been published by Noble Romance Publishing today.  It's theme is abuction and spanking!  I have included the blurb and an an excerpt below.  Enjoy.  You can buy it at and at Noble Romance .


Kidnapped & Disciplined  Blurb

Lady Dashwood is kidnapped on horseback by the wickedly handsome Lord Ramsay. Her kidnapper means to hold Pamela for ransom to force her brother into returning Ramsay’s infirm sister, whom he tricked into marriage.
If Andrew does not return Lord Ramsay’s sister, then Pamela will be given to the scandalous Lord Simon in a bride sale for revenge.
Unexpectedly,Lord Ramsay finds himself determined to possess the feisty, beautiful heiress.But Pamela is defiant and equally determined to quench her burning desire for her abductor.
Unaccustomed to not having his way, Lord Ramsay administers a healthy dose of bare-bottom spanking to his charge and discovers she is more than willing to submit to his mastery.


Chapter One


North of London, 5th December, 1812

Our pursuers were gaining on us. I feared for our lives as our carriage swayed from side to side. The coachman did his best to outrun them. I held on to the side and prayed we would be delivered from the danger of the highway robbers. I did not hold much hope for their civility with two women travelling alone in the afternoon as the winter sun was lowering in the sky. My companion Rosalind began to cry. She clutched at me, burying her head against my shoulder. I put my arm around her and held her tight, as much for my own comfort as for her own.

But we were not to escape. Hearing the gallop of a horse, I strained to look out of the carriage window. A young gentleman of birth rode past the window. I viewed him with reproof, but he smiled wickedly at me. My temper overwhelmed my fear and with good cause I may add.

I heard the sound of other horses, and the carriage slowed down. I could hear shouting, and then we came to an abrupt stop. Rosalind let out a sob. I urged her to be quiet and pressed myself back in my seat, setting my mind upon an escape should I be able to find the means. Perhaps the ruffians would steal our belongings and have nothing to do with us. But I was being foolish. I would just have to face the thieves with courage.

I heard the coachman and the boy who travelled on top with him do their best to protect us. They shouted and struggled with the men, but, when pistols were aimed at them, the coachman and boy were forced to halt their valiant fight and accept their defeat. Rosalind sobbed loudly, and none of my robust entreaties for her to stop snivelling bore any success. One of the men dismounted his horse. When I moved towards the door to alight and confront our pursuers, Rosalind pleaded with me to stay still. I decided not to distress her any further for fear she would be the cause of injury to herself with the ruffians. My heart pounded and ached as footsteps approached the carriage door.

A handsome face appeared at the window to command my attention.

"Lady Pamela Dashwood, I presume."

The young man who had passed the carriage earlier opened the door. I could not help feeling both surprise and concern that he already knew my name and title. I grew suspicious. He had more than highway robbery on his mind, and I was to be singled out for some crime. I had heard of young men capturing heiresses like myself and forcing them into marriage for their wealth. I was determined this would not happen to me.

"And who asks for me, sir?"

"Lord Peter Ramsay, at your service, Lady Dashwood."

I widened my eyes, watching him tilt his hat in mock service. He opened the carriage door without further haste and offered me his hand.

"Now, please allow me to help you from the carriage, madam."

"No, I will not, sir. What is the meaning of this? Why have you run down my carriage and frightened my companion? What do you want?"

Dismayed I had raised my voice with sudden trembling anger, I held Rosalind even tighter.

Lord Ramsay gave an impatient sigh.

"So many questions, Lady Dashwood. I will answer them all when you remove yourself from the carriage. Please take my hand and let me help you and your companion to alight."

The stranger possessed a soft, velvet voice, deep with firm masculine command. I felt his words subdue and counsel my urge to disobedience. Alarmed he should have such power over me, I fought back.


I made sure my tone was forceful, although it probably served me no good in the situation. Still, I am a stubborn girl, and I would not show him any fear.

"Madam." Lord Ramsay's voice rose an octave, but still he maintained an effort to be civil despite his threat. "If you do not alight, I will remove you myself and throw you over my knee and give you a good sound spanking on your bare bottom. Am I understood?"

"Really, I . . . ."

"Do as I instruct, or I will be forced to act."

His sternness left me in no doubt he meant to carry out his threat.

I simply stared at him, stunned he would dare speak his intention to inflict such a scandalous punishment upon me,  never mind employ it.

The stranger gave me a dark look. To my surprise, I could not stop myself from catching my breath. His threatening appearance was deeply attractive. Leaning into the carriage, he reached for my waist, circling it firmly in his grip. There was to be no escape. Forced to release the sobbing Rosalind, I quickly found myself outside the carriage. He towered above me in height, making my small stature a clear disadvantage, but I would not be deterred, and I continued to berate him for his actions. Lord Ramsay shook his head and was quick in bending his legs to pull me up over his strong, broad shoulder. I struggled, fiercely outraged at the vulnerable position in which he now placed me.

"I will do as you ask. There is no need for violence. Put me down Lord Ramsay."

But he was to ignore me. He carried my struggling form around the carriage, much to the great amusement of the five men who accompanied him on horseback. Three of them remained on their horses, aiming pistols at the coachman and young boy. Lord Ramsay was to take me from the road into the woods. Afraid for my life and virtue, I begged him not to hurt me.

"Hush, little one. I mean no harm other than to discipline you with a spanking. You may even like it." He chuckled.

"No, I will not allow you to spank me, sir," I insisted, but I knew inwardly the man could scarcely be entreated to manners after stopping my carriage like a highwayman. Perhaps he was one.

Lord Ramsay suddenly stopped.

"Yes, this will do well."

I found myself lowered to the ground but still held firmly by the arm. I gave a startled gasp at the speed with which he sat down upon a tree stump and pulled my arm to force me bent over his knee. The man wasted no time in lifting my thin muslin dress up around my waist. His movements were gentle but methodical. He carefully pulled my drawers down to my knees to expose my bottom to the chilly early December air. I had not been spanked since I was a child and did not wish to experience it again. I was no longer an errant child, but Lord Ramsay appeared to think otherwise. I renewed my struggles with vigour when I felt his large male palm softly settle on one of my naked buttocks. His response was swift. He pushed his other palm into my back with enough strength to hold me still and keep me down whilst his leg trapped my own. I was held fast. His hand caressed my bottom tenderly.

"Such a beautiful, fleshy, and well-shaped bottom." His voice was a low, soft, velvet caress, easing my fear and lulling me into a false sense of security. "I have not seen one like it on a woman for a while. I am looking forward to watching it quiver and jump when I strike it. A healthy blush of pink from a good hard spanking will enhance its beauty."
I was about to open my mouth and protest, but out of the corner of my eye I saw him raise his hand high. Tensing with anticipation, I shut my eyes tight, awaiting the sting of his hand across my bare, vulnerable buttocks. He was not to disappoint me. I shrieked with the shock of such burning pain. I did indeed feel my bottom jump and quiver with each strike of his firm, disciplining hand.

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